Thursday, June 22, 2006

Am I Crazy?

OK. I have a problem. Not a problem that one would go to an advisor for some counsel. But, a true problem that I don't know how to fix. I can't even pinpoint the problem. I'll just explain it. Maybe there is some sage wisdom out there for me.

So here goes....I'm walking through Walmart today doing a bit of shopping. If you remember, we were having company tonight. I (we) fixed a GOOD dinner: barbecue chicken, broccoli and rice casserole, grilled squash and zucchini, cucumber and tomato salad with fresh basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and garlic TX toast. YUMMY! We had key lime pie and chocolate silk pie for dessert. I digress.....I'm walking through Walmart getting groceries for the aforementioned meal. We (my hubby and I) are in a bit of a hurry. We had been to workout at the Y, gone to the library and other errands. We knew that we needed to get the shopping done and get home. My dh needed to mow part of the yard and he needed at least an hour. Our house was a disaster (still is, but not in "company areas") and I needed to prepare meal things on top of it all.

SO, what do I find myself doing? LOOKING FOR A BOOK ON QUILTING!!!! HELLOOOOO!!! I don't quilt. I only OWN quilts. I don't know how to piece together anything, much less stitch it, stuff it and quilt it! But, NO, I was determined that I wanted to learn how to quilt, and by golly, I needed to do it TODAY!

The good thing was that I couldn't locate a "how-to" book. I know they are out there, I just couldn't find it. So, as I go across the store to the grocery section, I wander through the appliances area just in case they have a sewing machine. I'd like to make curtains and pillow shams and such, but....You guessed it...I DON'T SEW!!!!

UGH! See?????? I have a serious problem! I have about 25 loads of laundry to do something with. (That is sadly not an exaggeration.) I have floors to mop, diapers to change, babies to bath, kids to read to, children to sing with, meals to prepare, swimming lessons to attend, books to read.....So many things. Now I want to sew and quilt? Oh my gosh....I'm losing it!


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Lesli said...
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Lesli said...
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