Thursday, January 03, 2013


So, I go and read other people's blogs....see their *aspirations* and their *resolutions.* It makes me....a tad bit anxious.

I feel a bit envious at the obvious thought they have put into such wonderful plans. I also feel like I'm about to I have to do the same thing. 

If you go back to each *beginning of January,* for the past several years, you will see that I have problems with New Year's resolutions. I always have. Yet, there is something that makes me, makes me NEED to make them.

And, I do....every year.

And, I gripe about it....every year.

And, I mentally tell myself, "NO MORE!"....

Every year.

So, where does that leave us? 

Yep....time for a new list. 

I think my problem is with the word "resolution." It seems so official. So adult. And, it seems the ONLY connotations are negative. It seems resolutions are always failed, abandoned, incomplete. 

MY LIST is going to be better. :-) It is my project wish list. 

It aggravates me when so many wait until January 1 to start a newer and better and more healthy habit. I mean shouldn't it be done ASAP? 

(As I type this, my sweet DH has reminded me that I started one of my new things just today....BUT, the reason is: I couldn't start during the'll understand why, in a bit.)

SO....without further ado, I will just list a bunch of projects that I want to accomplish. Some are habits that I want to develop. Some are just 1 time things that I keep pushing off because something more fun comes along.  Whatever the reason, no matter the methods, here is my:


I will send a gift (of my choosing) to a friend, once a month. (Not the same friend....different friends.)

I will call my grandmother once a month. (Don't judge.)

I will clean out my FTU at least every other week. (We're talking vacuuming, wiping down, emptying the buffet line in the back.....again....don't judge.)

WE (dragging in DH) will get the garage cleaned out. (That, right there, could be my entire list....and I would feel accomplished by doing it.)

I will donate my teacher stuff to some teacher friends. (I can't begin to tell you the number of brand new wooden pencils I just came across.....not to mention, the books! And colored paper. And chalk....well....who uses chalk anymore, but get the idea.)

I will start going on will take the kids on a walk a few times, over the next year.

I will take each son on a 1-on-1 date, quarterly.

I will go to the dentist.....well...I will at least take my kids.

I will have my family on a gluten-free lifestyle

I will have my family mostly organic.

I will paint my soon as DH has recovered from his surgery....because....I. Don't paint. 

I will make my Christmas cards....much to my DH's chagrin. 

I will complete the Christmas crafts that I bought stuff for....last, 2011. 

I will host a full luncheon, at the school, for 2nd grade teachers, 3rd grade teachers, and 6th grade teachers. 

I will help my hubby take the boys camping.....(I will make sure the first aid kit is well-stocked and that they have a new can of mosquito repellant.) 

I will conquer the closet(s).

All of them. 


I will re-task the night stand (that is ugly), and relocate it (to the garage, or fireplace) and move the other, PRETTY night stand out from under the printer and put it by it's proper station. 

I will learn to crochet. 

I will do, at least 3 loads of laundry, every 2 days.....perpetually. *sigh*

I will blog at least once, hopefully twice, a week. 

I will read with my children, The Chronicles of Narnia. (I just love that series.)

I will earn my Master Seal in JBQ.

I will earn my 101 Award in JBQ.

I will try at least 1 new recipe a week.

I (we) will eat out less.

I will *sniff* try to cut back on CFAST.


I will reprint the boys' chore charts.

I will sort through ALL the boys' clothes, and get some things sorted, tossed, or donated. 

I will have a garden.

I will certify my 2 oldest boys in first aid and CPR. 

(Maybe there is more....) reading list (I hope)

The Bible (always)
Wheat Belly
The Chronicles of Narnia (again)
The Other Queen
The Red Queen
The White Queen 
The Constant Princess
The Queen's Fool
The Other Queen
Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths
The Hobbit (again)
The Annals of the World
To Kill a Mockingbird (again)
Little Women (again)
Pride and Prejudice (again)
Decision Points
Nicholas Nickleby
Bleak House
Anna Karenina

and, that is all.....for now.

If you still read, please leave me a comment (on my blog)

See you SOON!

P.S. I am not proofing this tonight. Please forgive the grammatical and spelling errors.


Laurel Santiago said...

THAT is a pretty tall order. My New Year's commitment for the past few years has just been to drink more water. LOL! Well, I wasn't sure what to post on my blog today, but now I want to post my project wish list. You are always so inspiring.

DeeDee said...

Girl you are going to have a busy year! But I believe you can do what you set your mind to. :)

~LL~ said...

DRINK WATER! Yes.... I need to do that, too!

I know it seems like a lot, but so much is not's a one-time thing.

The books? Won't happen. Not all of them during the year. BUT, I have to keep a list. I know there are some books I wanted to read, but forgot about. Well, NO MORE!

still going said...

Go LL.. yeah I'm one of those resolving to eat better this year but I started in December after Christmas. ;-)