Sunday, October 11, 2015

Five Minutes

I did this a coon's age ago.....kind of interesting. 

I'm going to type out everything that comes into my mind in the next 5 minutes. I will only elaborate if my thought process goes further. 


Get set.


Right now I am listening to Shane and Shane "I Need You."
Such an appropriate song for me right now. 
I have had a cruddy last couple of weeks. 
UGH! Still upset about all that mess.
I just need adults to play by the rules and act nicely.
It is still stinkin' hot outside.
It's the middle of October. 
It won't be long before I need to....
First I need to clear the coat rack.
I just donated a lot of coats, but I need to sort through them.
I need to move the *overflow* to my son's closet.
I share a closet with my hubby. 
It's tiny.
Who does that? I need more space.
It wouldn't be nice to just move him to my son's closet.
Pretty soon, space won't be so tight.
I'm sad.
My oldest is getting college letters daily.
He just ordered his class ring.
He still asks some crazy questions.
I'm glad he is still home.
Still so much to do with him.
I love the fall flowers on my table. 
And the sparkly corns. 
I cut up a watermelon for small group.
Its all mealy.
We only have 5 extra kiddos tonight.
Phone call, people.
My youngest is feeling the sadness of not being included.
I love the wind. 
A hot wind is better than nothing.
Laundry needs to be done.
Tomorrow is our day off for The Great State Fair of Texas.
Thank goodness! 
I need the day. 
I have a lot of clutter to go through.
I am always distracted from things that I need to do.
My dog is wet.
And under the table.
He is always wet.
He is always under the table. 
I need to replace the sliders on the chair legs.
They are hairy.
From the wet dog under the table.
I need to do it before Thanksgiving.
I need to take my personal day for my Thanksgiving shopping.
And my Christmas candy making.
I should put that into the computer this weekend.
Get it marked off my

THAT'S ALL! Peace out!


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