Tuesday, January 01, 2008


OK....so I did this once before...about a year ago to be exact. You can read the entry here.

I always wonder about the resolutions. My question remains: why is it that we wait until January 1st to RESOLVE to make a positive change? It seems to me that most would be willing to change during the year if they felt they would have support. And I would hazard a guess that support would be there...if needed.

However, pride, fear of failure, laziness...whatever...keeps us holding on to these bad habits for as long as we can (without being criticized.) January 1st just seems like the time when it is accepted to stop, midstream, and totally change.

If I were to suddenly become vegetarian...say on...July 24...people would wonder why. I'm sure it would be met with a fair amount of criticism. But, if I were to tell people that, come January 1st, I am going to practice vegetarianism (is that even a word?) then I am sure I would be supported. Oh well...now I'm babbling.

So, without further ado, here are my resolutions.

First off, upon review of my previous resolutions..well, I think they are pretty darn good. So, those stay the same (since I didn't seem to be too successful in them.) I think the secret maybe to IMPROVE, not make a total change. LOL! (on a side note...I HAVE lost 10 pounds...just once. that means that I will be down to my goal by 2011 :0 )

So, reread last year's resolutions and then add these:

Cut out a majority of white sugar and white flour.

Cut down on my Dr Pepper obsession. (eventually I would like to give them up...so sad)

Read through the Bible this year. (Our church is trying to do this...won't you join us?)

Ummmm....I am already tired. With the 11 or so from last year, and the 3 new one's this year...I'm gonna be busy.

Y'all have a Happy New Year. May God richly bless you!


Mommy Spice said...

Well, I guess I have to say I started my resolution in August. I've lost 24 pounds, and I'm striving to be healthier all the way around.

Happy New Year!!

Resa said...

Good luck! I never do resolutions, because they never work for me, but I am trying loose weight again! I just think of it as a constant battle, not just for the new year!

Happy New Year!