Sunday, July 19, 2015


It has been a difficult week for me on the whole eating front. 

I have been strong for a long time, but the last few days, I've been cooking for my boys. 

Remember last time? All that food I have to get rid of? Yeah....that. 

I have been allowing myself small portions of stuff. And, have been feeling guilty. 

I've gotta get over that. 

I have until Wednesday. Wednesday evening we are having a dinner party. I'm cooking Mexican food. I LOVE me some Mexican food. I will try to do my best.....choose corn tortillas, or lettuce to wrap. The beef will be lean. I will also have a chicken option.

But, y'all. I'm making my queso, salsa, and guacamole. Y'ALL!!!! It's the perfect trio in any house. I'm not gonna lie. I make some pretty delish salsa. 

I know.....I should have a salad.

But, then.......

THEN, I'm making strawberry shortcake, peach shortcake, and an Oreo ice cream cake.

I think I'll weigh Wednesday morning. :-)


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