Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I need to belly- ache for a bit. I'm just very irritated today. Nothing has really happened. Just a bunch of crap....that's all...crap. And I want to get it off my mind. Not that this will clear my mind of it all, but it does help to put into words my issues. I try not to do this too often, as I know y'all don't care. And I usually care what you think (despite the fact that I don't want to care.) But today? I don't really care....is it the weather? Is it "THAT TIME?" I don't know, but sometimes....you just need to belly-ache.

I'm sure this will be random. There are probably some things that won't make sense to anyone, but my hubby, who, bless his heart, doesn't fly out until tomorrow, so he has had to take the brunt of my insanity.

This wasn't even an issue until about 3 minutes ago. I just sat down to watch the recorded episode of "my" Martha. She had some Sesame Street puppets. What is up with that? Martha doesn't do as well with a studio audience, or celebrity guests, for that matter...but puppets? Ugh...that just ticks me off. Thankfully, it is recorded (and yes, I know I'm behind about a week, but please) I was able to forward through that few minutes of torture.

I'm bothered that my goals for "Making A Happy Home" seem to be flopping on various fronts. Did you see how many people signed up this last Monday? Go ahead...scroll down. Yep. I know. Also, you know the before and after pictures I've posted? Well, my table, buffet and counter look like the before picture AGAIN. I feel like a big flop. (and the thing that even ticks me off more is that there are a few people who might read this blog and enjoy my UNsuccess...whatEVer...they can kiss my big toe!)

And speaking of people....I find it bothersome that some only seek you out to gain something (info or whatever) and when you try to reach out to them, they offer their own big toe...or worse, nothing. *sigh* Why do I try? Why do I care? It bugs me that I try AND care. GRRRRR. On a lighter note, there seems to be one reader whom I seem to be reconnecting with...and I'm happy about that.

I did really well with couponing and such for about 4 months. Now I suddenly have trouble with them....am I lazy? Probably. Do I care? Yup. Do I feel powerless to change? Uh-huh! And that bothers me, because you know, I don't work....please...I know that SAHMs do stuff, but you know what I mean. I don't earn cash WHICH is what is needed more and more these days.

I have started stocking on staples as a "just-in-case." I would explain further, but there are some (yes, you know who you are) who think that I should not put my beliefs out on MY blog and tell you why I think stocking is important...and it's not because I think the local grocery store is going to explode. Thankfully, there are OTHER readers who, if you consider your faith, and my faith, know exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm mildly freaked out about the quickly approaching holidays. I have been working on my holiday binder...and I'm behind by about 8 weeks. Yep...you read right. EIGHT WEEKS! So much to do, so little time. Am I the only one?

I'm greatly bothered by the election crap. I know some folk just aren't thinking that clearly and will vote for the wrong man (in my opinion.) *Please note that it is my OPINION and I didn't d@m* anyone to hades or anything. Putting aside who is running against whom, I am bugged by crap, smear, mud-slinging. "Is Sarah qualified to lead?" Honestly, I haven't seen as many polls asking about Barry.....double standard? (There again....just stating my opinion....I haven't said that someone is going to hades.)

I'm very nervous about Saturday. I'll be going to the first JBQ match of the season and it will be my very first as a coach. I'm sad that I won't get to be there to support my oldest son as I will be with my younger son....I'm his team's coach. Also, the match is 1 hour away in a place I've never been....don't like going into the unknown at such an early hour. I see a Dr Pepper or 3 in my Saturday forecast.

Well, that wraps it up......

One more thing. My hubby just "lovingly" told me not to slip back into my DP habit. He is about to be offered my OTHER big toe. I love him, but I need me some DP!

Anyway, that about wraps it up. I will be back tomorrow with some other things. Things that are probably boring, but won't make you mad, as I'm sure some are upset about this. I guess you do care, huh?

oh....btw...that is NOT my big toe. I have much better looking feet!


everydaygrace said...

well, that is quite a rant :) hopefully you feel better now. I must say that I think you should give in and have a dp. I had a coke today and it made me very happy!

Lisa said...


How many big toes DO you have? I think that I've heard you say before..."this too shall pass."

~LL~ said...

A - yep...I'm sure I'll succumb to a DP

Lisa...you think correctly ;) LOL!!!!

R & R Stacy said...

I hope that you have a better day today. I've had these days before, Sonic cokes always seem to work.

tollesons4him said...

LL I am hugging you right now. I know when I vent I feel so much better, I hope this helped. And just like Lisa said "this too shall pass". Love ya!!

hopeful said...

LL ~ you can talk about whatever you want to on your blog. It's yours! Granted, you may be criticized for it . . . .

I can understand your disappointment over so little interest in Making a Happy Home Monday. I think it's a GREAT idea. I wonder every Monday whether I could possibly work it into my schedule. I think blogging about what I did would take the most time! Hang in there. It may eventually catch on.

Just do the table, buffet, and counter all over again (and post about it). Someone may need the encouragement to just keep trying rather than give up because what they did didn't seem to last.


~ Tina

Miss Paula said...

1. I was away for the weekend and will get to the Monday thing!

2. I started a reading thing once and no one signed up.

3. I stopped diet drinks because of your words of wisdom and drink DP and others when I go out and not at home! So you've been a help to me

4. What is a holiday notebook

5. You need a pedicure to do the toe stickin' in style!

6 It is ok to share your faith. I have commented on some and they didn't like my opinion because it wasn't their's. Then after people had discussion she stopped her blog. Running???? Share your faith that is what Jesus would want you to do!

7. I have 4 kids, someone is going to be left out at one time or another!

8 I am so mad at Obama followers who can't see that this man is scary and it going to socialize all of us in a free U.S!

9 I like the soccer mom! I like that she is normal when everyone else in DC is corrupt

10. When your ranting is over, breathe deeply and know that you ARE a PRINCESS in God's eyes!!


Steve's Girl said...

I've got a million different comments for you but I'm too lazy (shameful, isn't it) to comment on all the points.

Quickly though, if anyone just wants to see you suffer and fail - they simply aren't worth your consideration. Bounce them from your mind when the negatives start creeping in.

Secondly, I'm stocking. I've been stocking food and other stuff. I'd love to hear all your reasons why and how and all that. Maybe you would have thought of something I haven't. How about this - we stock up and prepare because we love our families - because God gave us a desire to nurture and care for our family. I am stocking up and preparing for "what ifs" because my heart is pricked to do so. It's okay that my husband isn't as passionate about it. What is "it" happens, how good of a help meet will I be able to be if I've gotten us ready when no one else was working towards it. I've even thought of making 10 day survival kits for my mom for Christmas. I however have a goal of a 2 year food store and many other things. We should chat it up sometime :)

Cheer up - paint those toes and think on Christmas :)

~LL~ said...

Miss Paula...a much needed (and appreciated) invitation to get off my pity pot! Thanks!

Steve's Girl...maybe I'll do another stockpile post with just some reason that I find it important. Tune in....I'll try to do it in the next few. Thanks!

~LL~ said...

Oh yeah, Miss Paula...the holiday notebook is just that. It is a planning notebook. i am using organizedchristmas.com to develop it. It starts 18 weeks out....I'm behind. BUT, will get there eventually :D Maybe next year.

justdawn said...

I am fairly certain that one of those comments was directed towards me. I will admit to being pretty bad at keeping in touch with people...but I refuse to put your big toe anywhere near my mouth because I apparently offended you;)

~LL~ said...