Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coming up

I have done one of these before...kind of a teaser as to what I plan to blog. I don't know if I kept up with it properly. Hmmmm, maybe I should find it and blog on what I promised to blog on...because you might (or might not) want to read my thoughts. :D HA!

No...I had, what I think, is a great idea. I have already discussed this with my BF, so she won't be offended by this, I'm sure.

When she and I met, she soon discovered my love of cooking/baking and TRYING to be a Proverbs 31 woman. She also shared some of her concerns in some of those same areas. Like MANY women of my generation, she wasn't taught: housekeeping and cooking skills. (I wasn't really taught them either. No offense to my own mother. It just wasn't done, growing up in a microwave society with the mother earning a much-needed second income.) Now that I am staying home, I have tried to teach myself (some areas, more successfully, than other.)

Anyway, so close is our relationship that she knows she can (and she has) called me at the last minute to help with a recipe, offer a substitution or make a suggestion when it comes to a menu.

SO....all that to say this. SOME people who might read this, may not have developed cooking skills. (And no, I don't consider Hamburger Helper to be a home-cooked meal....sorry.) Some of you have 1 or 2 tried and true recipes, but don't think outside the card, so to speak. Some won't experiment or learn new things. And some are lacking in the basics.

I thought that it would be fun to share my menu for Thanksgiving and some of my Christmas goodies (selfishly keeping a few surprises for a few more years) during the next Temp My Tummy Tuesday. I would then start to break it recipes/directions for what I would think would have the most interest. Then, if there is something you have a question about, or want to know, you can leave me a comment and I'll answer ASAP. Sounds like fun to me, anyway. :)

I also want to blog on my stockpiling again. It is not near as impressive as it was about 3 months ago, but there are some things that I am NOT allowed to buy for awhile....body wash, toothpaste, detergent, febreeze, Windex wipes, deoderant, shampoo, tooth brushes.....)

I have other ideas, but I really wanted to tease the food thing.

Tell me what you think.

AND....if you deem it lovely, PLEASE join me on Making a Happy Home Monday. Yes...I am begging now. LOL!


tollesons4him said...

Oh, yes I like the food thing. Just thinking about Thanksgiving makes my mouth water. My signature dish for Thanksgiving that I make is broccli and rice casserole.

alice said...

I love the food idea! I feel about you as I do Rachael Ray- "not one bad recipie in the bunch" Also the Happy home thing....Pretty much think its great too. We made the glitter punkins her and it has been great to have more motivation to keep things clean. :)

Steve's Girl said...

haha - I'll join you - will you send out reminders? just kidding - I'll really try to remember! i always want to make a happy home.

Miss Paula said...

Yes I like the food idea too! I am always looking for new recipes and ideas. Just like the casserole I made from your post! Mmmm!!

Keep on keeping on ~LL~ i need motivation in the decor dept!

Alicia said...

I love the food idea!! I am always looking for new yummy things to make and I did make that Chicken Spaghetti that was so good too!! I am with you on hamburger helper NOT being a homecooked meal! My friend, bless her heart, doesnt really know how to cook. And now that she is married, well, her DH is always sayin can we make something more fresh?!!! Oh gosh, for her its nearly always out of the box and I kind of feel bad when they come over to our place for a homecooked "real" meal...LOL

Anyways...the thought of holiday recipe sharing is great!!! And of course there are some you just have to keep to yourself!!