Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Do you see the shirt that my youngest is wearing? Scroll down to my "Wordless Wednesday" post and look again. It is a blue and yellow striped soccer jersey. My dad got all the boys "pro" soccer jerseys when he went to Turkey.

Thankfully, he got the 2 younger boys identical jerseys, as the youngest hasn't taken it off in WEEKS!

I kid you not. This past Sunday made 3 weeks that this shirt has been worn. I switch them out so I can wash one while the other is worn. *sigh* I'm a bit tired of seeing it, quite frankly, but doesn't bother me that he wants to wear it....ALL THE TIME.

It seems like all my kiddos have gone through a phase of loving something and keeping it with them at all times. Granted, even the Superman cape lost its appeal after about 10 days.

This Jersey is called "Soccer Monster." It comes for the Backyardigans, "

Here is Pablo from the Backyardigans as "Soccer Monster"

AND THIS...because it is SO FREAKIN' FUNNY!!!

If you haven't discovered the Backyardigans, I suggest you check them out. They are great. The voices (as they sing) are really great. I.....I mean my kids, LOVE them!


Kaira said...

Many years ago I nannied for a little boy. Robbie was about 8 when he fell in love for the first time - with his cargo pants and his Old Navy tech vest. He literally wore those pants to school 4 days a week. He lived in them. I've heard that his mama didn't save those items and it makes me a little sad. They are nostalgic, even to me.

Our Mattie, age 5, has a "leather" coat he got for Christmas from his Nana 2 years ago. We've finally talked him into retiring the poor coat but it didn't come easily. The coat is tattered and much too small - but he'd happily wear it on a 90 degree summer day.

He's our most fashion conscious. When he was a wee babe he wore his "monster boots" everywhere.

momto3_jjj said...

You know I love the Backyardigans almost as much as the kids...remember Joshie's 4th b-day cake?

Claudia said...

Backyardagains RAWK.

Lisa said...

Silas was like that with his Panther got so bad that I had to finally trash it (pulling a bag down over my head).

Mommy Spice said...

OH yeah, we know the Soccer Monster. S.G. doesn't watch The Backyardigans as much as she used to, but they were big in our house for a while. I think they are so cute!

tollesons4him said...

Er won't watch them and Em says she doesn't like them but it's funny because I sometimes catch her watching it.

Alicia said...

I have heard about Backyardigans and have heard lots of good things!!! That is cute about that jersey, it really is sweet if you think about it! He treasures that jersey from your dad, very precious!