Sunday, November 09, 2008


This is the first, of MANY posts about Christmas. Well, I guess it's not technically the first...not even for this year.

Anyway, two things I wanted to tell you about.

First, if you haven't noticed, I have added a playlist....I have a few of my favorite Christmas songs. This isn't, by any means, a complete list. But these are songs I often find myself singing throughout the year.

Also, for a bit of Christmas fun, go here. Now, if you are much more versed in Christmas trivia than I, please don't brag to me.....I haven't completed the stinkin' thing yet. If YOU complete it...and do so within about 6 tries, I will accuse you of cheating until the day I die. :)

So anyway...have fun. And stay aware of the calendar. We are SLAP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HOLIDAYS!

I'm fairly alarmed here. (Heh...that's another line we use....from Jurassic Park.)


I finally completed (successfully) the Christmas Quiz. I am now in their Hall of Fame. I won't tell you how many attempts (or how many times I missed it in the last question), but it was fewer than you ;) LOL!


Alicia said...

The other day I made my christmas shopping list of people! I usually have all my shopping done by now, but other things have been priority for spending...but soon I will be done shopping!! I dont like being out with all those crazy people who wait till the last minute!! :-)

Lisa said...

You are TOO funny...we DO have all the shopping done for the kids...have you decorated yet?

Anonymous said...

That was fun, I made a few mistakes and had to start over but finally got it.

erica said...

I laughed out loud when i read first Christmas post..... :)