Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hey, y'all. It's that time of the week again. Time for me to do something, 3 of you to join me and the rest to read, criticize or whatever. LOL! (I'm not bitter, really. I am TOTALLY thankful for the 3 who do join me. Thanks!)

So I started this *little* blog carnival called "Making a Happy Home Monday." The idea is take one area of your home and make it better. How? You make it more functional or just prettier. In doing this, you do make your home a happier home. The goal is to have women come together and link up down below (on Mr. Linky) and take us into your home, via your blog. You can either tell us the details or you can put up pictures. The purpose of all this is two-fold: 1) it gets you into doing something positive around the house and 2) it encourages and inspires others to accomplish #1. :D Please join me.

This post is about my cards. I sat down to make my Christmas cards. I have some before and after pics. If you will scroll down, you will see the disaster!

OK. Yes...I do know that these are not Christmas cards. However, it totally gives you a glimpse into my mind. Heh...I DID sit to do Christmas cards. I had to go to one of THREE....that's right THREE junk drawers in my kitchen to look for something. Well, during that search I got mad at the thought of having three junk drawers when one of my utensil drawers was always getting stuck. Which reminded me that another NON-junk drawer had a lot of crap in it....which reminded me that the cabinet above my stove (housing my hot pads and aprons) always dropped things when I grabbed an oven mitt. (I never said this would make sense...only that it is how I think. Sadly, this is not an isolated event. I have priorities, they just fight each other for first place and I don't know who to listen to. :D )
This time, I listened to the drawers.

Don't they look better? I emptied them completely. I wiped them out with bleach wipes. I had to re-line a few. In the above photo the 2 outer drawers were junk drawers. The other is by my sink. While I still maintain 2 junk drawers, I have promoted one to begin holding my utensils.
Next Monday? CARDS.........maybe!
OK. Your turn. Link up on Mr. Linky so we can all pop over and show some blogger love and see wha'cha got goin' on.


Lisa said...

Looks great!
Love the new BLOG layout too!

Mom2my9 said...

Wow! Those drawers look awesome! I have some drawers that I could make over like that! Thank you for linking up and hope to see you next week!

justdawn said...

WOW! Your Christmas cards look GREAT!!! heh

Seriosuly...I have contemplated joining this little blog thingy you do...but my own laziness gets in the way:)

~LL~ said...

Lisa, thanks. It is a Christmas gift from da hub. :D

Justdawn...YOU CAN DO IT! You are talking to the queen of laziness and procrastination. Only 15 minutes a week! WOOHOO. I'll look for you next week ;)

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

I call it the domino effect. I start out to do "Z", but somehow end up doing "A-Y" first in preparation of doing "Z"! LOL The organization all looks great!

Nicole said...

Sound you on SITS :)

LOVIN' this idea! Good for you! (although I prefer to call my junk drawer the "miscellaneous" drawer. Sounds WAY nicer :)

Have a good day!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Good cleaning and organizing. I hope my poem will be okay. Since the house is on the market, I actually keep everything BEYOND neat and tidy. It wears me out having to keep everything so nice (especially with a 1 1/2 yr old). So, since everything is staying straight and in it's place, etc, I thought this would do.

BTW, I LOVE the Christmas music. That made me happy! I promise to email you, soon, about the latest on the move and everything.
Have a good day!

Carla said...

I would love to show some progress round here, BUT I can't find the camera cord.

I should listen to my junk too! Your drawers and cabinets look tidy! And tidy=happy!

LRFK said...

Good job!

Grammy said...

Great job I wish I was so organized

High-Heels And A Sippy-Cup said...

There's almost nothing better than feeling of making something messy organized, eh? Great job!