Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This, too, shall pass....it'll only take 4 years.

BUT, God is still in control and sits on the throne.

Remember, we are to pray for those in authority, even if it's an authority figure we don't agree with.

A good friend of mine shared this: she said that during her prayer time, she suddenly felt a peace about the election. She felt that God was saying, "What is the bigger miracle? That McCain get into office? Or that I change Obama to influence nations for Me?"

Wow! Isn't that something?

Remember, good things come to those who diligently seek Him. As Christians, we have nothing to fear. We all know how it will end. We, as a nation/world, have to go through tribulation of some kind. God never said, "Easy." He said, "I AM."

"I AM your healer."
"I AM your provider."
"I AM living water."
"I AM the author and the finisher."
"I AM the alpha and the omega."
"I AM the beginning and the end."

SO much more that HE IS.....ALWAYS!

Isn't that comforting? It is to me, anyway....and that is what I am reminding myself, because I am quite disappointed in the results. (to the point that a great friend called me to make sure I wasn't laid out on the ground having a fit and my hubby asked if I was going to be in a funk for the next few days.)

Like I said, I am disappointed, but at the same time, I think He is telling all Christians to lean NOT unto our own understanding, but to lean on Him.


Ashley said...

I agree. It's heart-wrenching, but true. We as Believers must look beyond the temporal and focus on His plan. Come on, Jesus! ;)

Anonymous said...


Mommy Spice said...

This I know...God is in control. You are right, we know how it all ends. Excellent video to post.

Alicia said...

Great post LL! I am not surprised by this outcome. We must remember that we still serve a God who forgives, who saves the lost, who redeems, who loves. This will never change!

Love this song by the way!

Anonymous said...

It just makes me think of our Sunday School lesson has been on 1 Samuel and how Isreal turned away from God and demanded a new king because they wanted change......

Angi said...

You said it all!

momto3_jjj said...

Very well said. I will be praying for sure and it started this morning! Thanks for those words because I've been at a loss for ones that make sense....I'll be using them if you don't mind!

Love the video too!

Love you!

Panda-Mom said...

First, your title made me laugh OUTLOUD! My first post about this whole shebang was not nice and I deleted a couple of hours later. You're funny. ; )

Second, your Amish vampire line was very funny. Why not Amish?--,the ones in the book are Mormon. Not really! HA!