Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So, Erica commented on my photo noting that my #4 was no longer wearing his soccer jersey. Funny thing....this was actually going to be my next post, THIS post.

So after Halloween we thought (hoped) that the jersey would be forgotten. It wasn't. It was not forgotten until about 2 weeks ago. (note the date on the photo) He wore the jersey for seven weeks and 3 days. He got it wet (while the other was in the laundry) and HAD to take it off.

It was during the laundry time that he discovered another article of clothing to fixate on.....the "Scooby Doo Swim SOUP!" He wore it until 3 days ago.

What happened 3 days ago? The "soup" got wet and needed immediate laundering. What did he find to wear?

You guessed it!



LRFK said...

What are you talking about on my blog??? I don't see?? Cute pics!

Miss Paula said...

I am loving these funny jersey posts!!! Maybe he can go for a World's Record??? NOT!!!