Thursday, November 20, 2008



It's that time, guys. We are ONE WEEK OUT! So much to do! Are you ready?

Here are some things that can be taken care of between now and Sunday. Starting Monday, I will give a daily "to-do" Thanksgiving preparation list.

Your menu should be settled, but if it's not, go ahead and do that. Also assign foods to whomever might want to help out. Good "travelling" dishes include desserts, side dishes and breads.

Make sure you have your seating you need to bring in some extra tables and chairs? Also, make sure you have a roasting pan that is big enough for your bird. Double check silverware, glassware, dishes and any serving items you might need.*

*Now, Martha would NEVER approve, but I will throw it out there anyway. Paper is OK. Really, it is. If you don't have enough plates, or you are with family or friends whom you just don't see enough, then pass up on all the will have tons to deal with from the meal preparation alone. If you DO use paper/plastic, please throw away when they are used. (You laugh, but years ago, a Thanksgiving feast for my family saw us all reminding the new family members to break the plastic ware, poke holes in the plates and take a bite out of the styrofoam cups.)

There are a few things you can prep now: a relish and your gravy will freeze well. Personally, I do my cranberry stuff the day before or the day of. The gravy will be prepped on the day of, in my house.

Make your final grocery list...don't forget things like coffee, creamer, ice and snack stuff (nuts, cheese platter). Keep in mind that there may be a few things you need to buy the day before. However, your turkey needs to be purchased now. :D

TURKEY.....To thaw your turkey, you need 24 hours per 5 pounds. A 15 pound turkey? Put it in the fridge on Monday morning. 20 pounds, Sunday morning...count up from there, depending on the size of your bird. Haven't gotten your turkey yet? ACK!! OK...don't panic....that is your assignment for tomorrow.

Housekeeping: go ahead and do your major cleaning (deep cleaning) paying special attention to the areas where guests will be. Yes, I know you will be busy running around and cleaning up the day before guests arrive, BUT you want the hard stuff done so you only have to spot clean the high traffic areas.

I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow or the next day. And, I'll certainly post my Making a Happy Home Monday. Monday is when I will start with some daily reminders/tips. Use what you can.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Stopping by way of SITS to say hello!!!

Alicia said...

What a great list LL!!! Very thorough!! I will be making the apple pie..this is always my job every year and I love to do it! I make it on Wed, the day before. I know my mom already ordered the turkey, a big 27 pounder for everyone!! I am so looking forward to all the yumminess (is that a word? it now! haha) My mom always gets out her nice china, its always nice to eat on those. Thanks again for this great list!!

Anonymous said...

Here is my week.....
Monday work
Tuesday work/leave for AR
Wednesday nothing sleep in visit with family
Thursday get up watch Macy's parade, head to my parents for lunch, visit with my family: Head to C G'mas for dinner visit with them for a while oh, unbutton my pants because i have been eating all day and well you know....

Ashley said...

You motivate me to get busy. Too bad I'm at work and not at home! ;)

R & R Stacy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!
We are going to see my family this year. I can't wait!
Missed ya too!

LRFK said...

I am happy to report that I just decided my menu 15 mins. ago and I made the grocery list as I went. I am now off to grocery shop!

~LL~ said...


I had to purchase another bag of broccoli for my casserole. DH fed it to the boys the other night ;) LOL!!!!

Share your list online. I can't wait to see it.