Monday, November 03, 2008


Hey, y'all. Sorry I'm late (Les) LOL! I wasn't able to work on this until this morning.

Before I continue, if you are a friend of mine, or my hubby's, on Facebook, there is a video with an embedded virus...DO NOT OPEN IT! I really think my system is hubby got the video from a friend and when he looked at it, his system locked up and the video went out to all his friends. We soon got a notice from Facebook saying that it was a "phishing" site that looks like Facebook. Just beware and do a virus scan often.


I hope you will all join me for Making A Happy Home Monday. As the holidays are RIGHT ON TOP OF US, it is time to get in control of your household. You might have company, or it might just be yourself, your spouse and your kids...either way, make it happy.

The premise behind Making a Happy Home Monday is to do something, just one thing during the week, to make your home happier. You can wipe down your baseboards, sweep your porch or dust the cobwebs out of your ceiling fan. (No, I don't have cobwebs in my ceiling fan *cough*.)

My hope is to encourage and inspire others to do something to make their homes a happy home.

I hope you will join me. Just link up on Mr. Linky so others can show some love and see what you are doing. Post pictures if you can. If you can't, just tell us what you did.

Have a blessed week!

For my segment on Making a Happy Home Monday I had to work in my kitchen. I'm about to start some BIG TIME cooking, baking and candy making. I need to know what I have, what needs to be replenished, and what is no longer fresh. My spice/herb cabinet had so much stuff that as I would look for something, other things would fall out or fall over...pain in the tush.

SO, I decided to take everything out, wipe down the shelves and go through everything. (Did you know that I discovered 12 tubes, 3 boxes and 2 jars of food coloring?) Important information, my friends.


PS...I hate to bring this up. (I have seen this little bit on others' blogs and thought it sad.) If you DO link to this, PLEASE add a link from your post back to this. Otherwise, I will delete your link. Thanks.


LRFK said...

Yes, I was hacked by her hubby and now my computer is locked up! I am boycotting LL's hubby!!! ;-)

Mom2my9 said...

Hi! I love this new blog carnival and I will be adding you to my list of carnivals on my sidebar. Your spice cabinet looks awesome! I need to do the same. Also, I would like to cordially invite you to my "Homemaker Mondays" carnival each Monday. Have a great day!

Alicia said...

Looks good LL!! I need to probably do this soon too!! Today I made blueberry bread, but didnt take any pics.....

Christina said...

I completely forgot about this yesterday! Does getting firewood count? ;) I seem to be doing that a lot lately.