Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Potty training

All Aboard! We are all on board the potty train. I hate this train....but I like the destination.

I have 4 boys. Two are totally in tightie-whities and my baby is still in diapers. My third is on the train. And let's just say it took FOREVER to get the train into the station, much less loaded up and down the track.

My older two were trained by 30 months. I don't know what I did that was so special, to be honest. I got flashcards and books and sat, for what seemed liked hours, and reviewed colors, shapes, letters and numbers. It helped to pass the time, especially for my oldest. He was always content to just sit for hours, his little legs going numb. He would sit long enough to tee-tee at least twice. We never really had any poop accidents. Hmmmm, I guess that happens when one sits on the potty for hours a day. It's bound to just work out, huh?

My second trained fairly easily, as well. He didn't like to sit as long as my first. He already knew a lot of the letters and such. It was just a boring chore. But, he knew if he just got down to business then he would get his skittles and be able to go play. (Hey, don't knock bribery. Skittles, doled out a few at a time is a small price to pay in exchange for NOT buying diapers.)

Well, I must have gotten a bit over-confident. Maybe some kids are wired differently, Maybe I was lazy. Maybe he was stubborn. But, number three....OH MY GOSH!!!!! I really began to worry about kindergarten and pull-ups.

He was not interested. He would rather sit in poop than on a potty. He would tell me, flat out, "No potty, Momma. DIAPER!" Hello?! I would go change his little brother and he would come with a diaper for himself. He would take off his pull-up and lie down. If he was poopy, he would go ahead and lift his legs for me. He is such a considerate child.

Monday, I finally got tired of it all. I was able to adjust my attitude to get him on the potty. We had a boot-camp of sorts. I set the timer for every 20 minutes. I had pulled out dozens of little undies. I had two different potty seats, books, candy....I was armed and ready for the battle.

The little stinker....he went through 3 pair on Monday, 3 pair yesterday and is on his 2nd pair today. I don't know if it's because he is ready, or if it's all me. Whatever the case. It is finally happening. I will have this kid out of diapers SOON!!!!!