Sunday, April 21, 2013


It's not that this blog isn't a's just that it is not as high up on the list.

I DO have a lot going on. Some I can only vaguely refer to, at this point in time. I *has* been 2 weeks since my last entry. Not as good as I had hoped, but more frequent than what I was doing last year.

Today is my 3rd son's birthday. If you look in my archives, on or around April 21st, you can see stuff on him. OR, go to the search bar and search up *microtia.* 

Yep.....that's him.

My oldest son has inherited my Type-A tendencies. Let me go ahead and extend my apologies to his future wife, now. :-/

I need to start working on some Christmas stuff....NOW......

For a few reasons....

The least of which is that I'm probably about to go to work. 


Not sure how I feel about it. I could be a total *you-know-what* about it all. But, the fact is, we need the money. 

We need to get some debt paid off.

We need a new roof.

And a new garage door.

And new vehicles.

A new house.

Things that are possible to going even deeper into debt.

So, here's the thing....if you are living on what you have, and you need quite a bit of money rather quickly....well, doesn't it make sense to go into your career-field?'s an obvious answer. 

It isn't a surprise to us, by any means....I just love staying home. 

Truly, I do. 

I love being room-mom to everyone I can.

I love going on impromptu Chipotle and Lobby Therapy runs with my friends.

I love spending 2 days each week, from September - January baking breads and other yummies.

I love my *work clothes* being capris and flip-flops.

I love being able to go to the grocery store on Monday morning.

That is all going to go away, unless of course, I do NOT get a job.

I will get a job. 

I feel it.

SO....that being said....I DO look forward to going back to teaching. I DO love teaching. And, it will be OK. It will be good for everyone.....except the pantry.

I shudder to think the kind of blech we will be eating because I will be grading papers instead of cooking something fabulous.

And, that is totally something I know how to do.

Cook something fabulous.

Sunday, April 07, 2013


This is the 2nd blog that I said I needed to write.....only I can't dump it like I really want. 


Well, some of the readers would be sensitive. (I know.....I can't believe it either. It seems weird that I would temper the delivery, huh?) order to unload, but still not so blunt?  I will do this "bullet style."  Some of you will understand a LOT more than others.

  • Hubby and I went to a funeral the other day.
  • I haven't spoken to the brother of the one who died, in years. 
  • I was supposed to be there.
  • I am glad I went.
  • My SIL, a niece, and a nephew were there.
  • Do you remember a few years ago my telling about my family?
  • Hang on.....let me find it.
  • this: CLEAN-UP
  • Come to find out, the guy who died, had a daughter.
  • The daughter's mother is THE OTHER SISTER!
  • Who?
  • The OTHER half-sister. 
  • My brother, T, has another sister. 
  • I have a brother from another mother.
  • He has a sister from a different mister.
  • WELLLLLL......
  • This is where it gets bat-poop crazy:
  • The daddy (the man who died) was treated like MY dad was. 
  • THEY (the same women that shafted me out of a brother, shafted this little girl out of her daddy.
  • I wonder what God has to say about that?
  • I mean..... really! HOW jacked up is THAT?
  • SO, at the funeral, my SIL, niece, and nephew come up and see the *black-listed member of the family......
  • Me
  • As we are talking, the OTHER aunt and cousin (the one whose daddy just died) approach.
  • My niece decided to introduce us.
  • You can imagine the awkwardness.
  • "This is ~LL~. She.....uh...."
  • And, here I go, being the quintessential ~LL~
  • "HI! I'm the OTHER sister."
  • heh
  • And, there you go.