Thursday, March 22, 2012


I picked up a stray today. I feel badly that we won't be able to keep him. He is so cute, but already Moose (our Alpha) is not happy with our *guest.*

I have a soft spot in my heart for critters. Actually, not critters.... dogs. I have a soft spot in my heart for dogs.

We never buy puppies from a breeder. We always take in dogs from the animal shelter, or from people who can no longer house them. Not that we have, or keep, a lot of dogs. We only have 2. At the most, we had 3.

Anyway, I was at the gym and I saw a pooch hanging out by the door. People kept going past the poor little dog. I knew I would be at the gym a bit over an hour. I decided to act if he was still around when I went out. I figured it would give him time for his owner to walk out the door.... OR for him to decide to go on home.

Well, he didn't. :-( I walked out and he looked happy to see someone. Then I spoke to him. He followed me immediately.

I opened the door to the FTU to see what he would do. He climbed right in, sat on the back seat, and happily let me drive him home. (I DID call and let DH know.)

DH did warn me to not get attached (something I easily do) because we don't need a 3rd dog.

Part of me wanted to feed him, keep him, let hubby see him and then, hopefully, between the kids, and my making doe-eyes at him, he would let the pup stay.

But then....

I got him in the backyard. Well, I was GETTING him in the backyard when my 2 started to barge in. :-( I grabbed Moose, the little one, lest he get himself seriously injured. However, Buster, my golden, came barging in. He bared his teeth and had "guest pooch" cowering in a corner. I really thought it was going to get ugly, but after harshly speaking to Buster, I got the stand-off stopped.

I put the 2 big dogs outside where they commenced circling each other, trying to sniff and "find out what the other was about." Well, "guest pooch" was a confused as to the working of things. He kept trying to pile on Buster, who is um...... *less* than a :-)

When I sat down outside to watch them, "guest pooch" kept trying to come to me, but Buster would have none of it. He (Buster) kept getting between me and "guest pooch." Jealous much? Meanwhile, Moose was in his boy's room vocalizing his unhappiness with the whole set up.

Well, while outside, I was able to really watch "guest pooch." He is really skinny.... you can see his hip bones. He drinks a lot of water, but he would not eat. :-( That makes me sad. I think he might be sick. He has an infection in his eye. It is really goopy and the eye is really red. I've never heard of doggy-pinkeye, but I wonder.

I decided to separate my dogs from "guest pooch." I don't know if he is sick with something that is contagious, or just sick. Is he dying sick? Or just malnourished? My heart aches for this pooch.

THEN, I think about DS #3. He wants his own dog SO badly. Moose is DS #1's. Buster, is more DS #2's. DS #3 wants a dog to sleep in his bed, and to run to him first. :-( I can't put him in a position of getting excited, loving a dog, only to have him taken away.

SO, I called the SPCA. Only to find out that it will cost $40 to drop him off, or have him picked up. :-( Um..... I don't think so.

I called Animal Control. They will send someone.....sometime today. SO, instead of doing all that I was going to do, I sit, and I wait for the Sheriff's Dept. to come by and pick up this poor animal. I just pray it is in time for me to volunteer at the school. I need to be there by 2. If not.... at least in time for me to go get the kids from school and DS #3 to NOT get to know *guest pooch.*

ETA: *Guest pooch* WILL eat Momma's homemade chicken noodle soup.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


No.... I don't think so. I just.....forget to blog sometimes.

Back in the day, when blogs seemed to be REALLY popular, I blogged every day.

Every. Single. Day.

Now? Well, sometimes I think to blog something....then decide that you, my reader, won't care.

Sometimes, I can't think of anything to blog.

Sometimes, I don't want to.

Sometimes, I just don't have time.

In almost all instances, more time goes by between each post. It is not intentional..... time..... just gets away from me.

I have, for the most part, been in a good place. I am OK doing laundry. (Meaning it doesn't bother me NEAR what it used to.) Yes, I still get behind in my laundry, but I don't mind schleppin' in 15 loads to fold, hang, and put away in a day.... or two..... which is where I am now. :-) I have spent the last day taking care of the clean clothes. Now, I need to hang a few more....AND..... start over....with about 10 loads that need to be washed. LOL! It never ends.

I have started going to the gym.... again. I don't mind lifting weights, but all else, I truly dislike. I am jealous of the folks who actually enjoy working out. But, I do it because it makes me feel like I've accomplished something positive.

I haven't been cooking/baking like I like. :-( One of my personal failures, I guess. It is a time thing, though. It is therapy for me..... I need to get back into it.

I haven't been reading like I used to, or want to. A few years ago, I read about 45 books, I think. Last year? Maybe 15? This year? I have read.... hmmmm.... 2, so far? Sad. Just sad.

I have been reading that blog that I probably shouldn't be reading. Why? Remember? I told you it was like a train wreck. It is hard to turn away. Yes, I will DOES make me think about some things. And, if you don't know me that well, you probably don't realize that I can go from zero to "scariest environment imaginable" in about 4 seconds - flat.

I have been feeling extremely disappointed in people. I like things "just so." I'm sure that is no fat surprise. But, I really get worked up when things don't happen the way they should.

Yes, I understand that that is a somewhat subjective statement. But, some things are understood, as a sense of courtesy. I guess that is what I'm missing. COMMON COURTESY! (That is why my hubby doesn't let me out of the house unsupervised. LOL!)

I need to learn to not be a perfectionist. Believe me.... I am NOT a perfectionist in all things, nor am I OCD. But, as stated above, there are some things I like "just so." And, it is in ridiculous stuff. Maddening things! For example....I love "The Little House on the Prairie." I record them. I have seen most of them. I MUST watch them in order. BUT, I won't watch the other stuff I record until I have watched a certain amount of LHOTP.


Are you tired of my belly-achin'?

I am.

Sorry.... just feelin' a bit melancholy.

I think.

Let me go look it up real quick.

OK.... so maybe not quite so severe, but it's close.

I feel like Eeyore.

Sunday, March 04, 2012


....a blog post, I mean. But, I forgot what all I was going to say. I know I was going to talk about the year 2011. (I know, it is a bit late.) I was also going to discuss "Me time."

Since I don't remember the points I was going to discuss....well, I will just try to put together some stuff. :-/

Let's see.... "me time."

Yeah.... right now, I pretty much don't. I don't say that to have someone feel sorry for me. I don't want someone to try to convince me that I need time to myself. I know that my thoughts are probably not shared by many. I just think that with the boys at the ages they are... well, my time is with them.

I have put my stuff on hold for years. And, I did/do it happily. Sure, there were things that I wanted to do....and didn't....for the sake of the boys. And, I didn't/don't do it begrudgingly. I have started to pick up things, as they boys have gotten older.

In a few short years, I will have nothing but "me time." It is hard being a tired mother. I think so many become... well, short-sighted. It is hard to see how quickly time flies, when you are so tired. I don't want to ever NOT be around for my boys. Soon, they will be doing their own thing.... I will not be needed, and in some cases, wanted around for things.

And, that's all I have to say about that. :-)

Last year:

Last year was a tough year. In fact, several times, I referred to it has our toughest year....but, I was convicted. Yes, last year was one of the toughest years, but last year also brought many, MANY blessings....miraculous blessings. Some of the blessings, we didn't even know to pray for. We would pray for big things, or so we thought. Now, looking back, and seeing what God did for us.... well, our prayers were small potatoes!

For example, our house. You can read about it here.

Another miracle. This post has several great things that happened to us.

Those are just a few things.... the sell of the house, insurance covering one of the surgeries, the surgeries themselves (well, 2 out of 3, anyway), new carpet, new air-conditioning, wonderful trips, celebrating 20 years of marriage..... all of this made even sweeter by the difficulties we went through.

So, 2011? It was a great year! A year filled with many, MANY blessings. The beautiful thing is that God's hand can be seen in every bit of it!

Have a great day, y'all!