Thursday, February 16, 2012


My dear friend Catey, tagged me in a meme. Here is what it is, and what I have to do.

This round is the tag of 11's.
The deal is that I have to
1. Post the rules
2. Share 11 random things about myself
3. Answer the 11 questions from the post in which I was tagged
4. Create 11 new questions for my tagees to answer
5. Tag 11 people-legitly

Methinks this is going to be difficult.... I don't know that many people, I don't think. Well, I DO, but some were already tagged. Also, there are some blogs I read that I will NOT be sending traffic. (Don't ask.)

SO, here we go:

(if you have read my blog since its beginning, you already know some of this)

1. I do not understand tax forms. Honestly. Hmmmm..... I don't understand insurance forms, either. Like when you are applying.... is that what you do? Apply? for insurance, I always have to bring it home for my hubby. Every job I ever had, when all the "new people" are filling out all their paperwork, I have to bring home the 2 pages dealing with taxes and insurance. Now, we solely use hubby's insurance. But, if I do ANYthing where I have to fill out one of those W-things, I need hubby's help. Now, he just tells me the final number that needs to be printed on the bottom line.

2. Pinterest causes me anxiety. Serious. Anxiety. SO MANY of my friends are in love with Pinterest. So, I pop on over to see....HO-muh-GAWSH! How in..... really? So, I give it a few days, ask questions, and go back in. It's not 3 minutes and my palms are sweaty, I feel clammy, and my heart is racing....I'm not EVEN joking.

3. I am a room mom nazi. OK.... that might be a bit offensive. What I MEAN is that I AM the room mom.....for every kid. It is understood, (except to the newer teachers), but to everyone who knows me.... or knows of me.... I AM the room mom. For the past, um....4 years, I guess, I go into my boys' classrooms and introduce myself as "so-n-so's mom" and "Your room mom." Those who don't know me give me "THE SMILE" that says, "Whatever, Honey," and try to brush me off to see their other options. Those who DO know me, know there are no other options. In fact, it is just crazy enough that the other parents, tell the teacher that I am the room mom. Why? Because, I AM. The room mom! I do get folks to help. I'm not a control freak.... well, not in this, anyway, but I know what I'm going to do, for what grade, for which party, and who needs to do what. Why? I already told you.... I AM THE ROOM MOM!

4. I did not always know how to cook. My job, when I was growing up, was to set the table and to cut up the salad. We ALWAYS had salad.....and it wasn't a fancy salad. It was iceberg lettuce and tomatoes. Sometimes, there might be a bit of green onion in it. If I didn't get the tomatoes diced just so, my mother got MAD-mad, would snatch the bowl up, chop up the 'maters and return it to the table. The first few years of marriage..... I would say from 1991 - 1998, I couldn't cook. Now, let me clarify: yes, I could brown ground beef. Yes, I could put a meal together. And, yes, we enjoyed Hamburger Helper. BUT, when we lived in Florida, we missed Mexican food. SERIOUSLY missed Mexican food. Plus, we were so poor that Hamburger Helper was getting a bit too steep for our budget. So, I studied. I had a cookbook.... a Better Homes and Garden cookbook (the red and white cover? right?) AND I read it like a book. From cover to cover, I read it. On Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays, I would go to the beach with my cookbook and choose 1 recipe and read up on it. Then, on Thursdays, my day off, I would cook that new recipe. Then, I would interrogate DH to see if he liked it, wished for change, and would ever want it again. I got to where I really enjoyed reading cookbooks (which is a current problem of mine.) Cooking became a hobby, before I really began cooking. And now.... well, I'm pretty good, if I do say so myself. And for the record, Hamburger Helper hasn't been in my house for over 10 years, and I am appalled at the thought of Stove Top Stuffing.

5. I am still just arrogant? Immature? Stupid? Misguided enough to think that when I decide that I will lose weight, that I will suddenly have by 25 year old body. And then, I try on clothes. :-(

6. Speaking of clothes. I have no fashion sense..... zero. Zip. Nada. Zilch. My only saving grace in this area is in my shoe-choices. I have some truly fabulous shoes...some I have no idea what to wear them with. Hubby would be happy for me to...... well, we won't go there. ;-) No, I could be a really great subject on TLC's "What Not to Wear." One of my problems is that I am too cheap. Really. I see a dress I like, and I won't consider it because it costs x-amount of dollars and I need to buy shoes for my kids.... or for me. :-) Another reason for my clothing issue? I don't know what style is for me. And, if I see something that I like, well it doesn't fit correctly. Of course, if I would suck it up and try to find good quality clothes, instead of shopping at WM.... well, that would help.

7. I am an OK musician....used to be awesome. It is only my lack of practice that has changed it. I played the piano, actively, from the age 5 until 18. I. Was. Good. I am still good enough to sit and read music.... practice it to play it. And, I can read it to help my kids with their piano practices. Flute...... I played the flute and piccolo for years..... sat first chair for years. I played in church. In 7th grade, I was selected "Outstanding Woodwind Soloist" at a contest with several participants. There were probably over 100 other woodwinds. Kinda cool. I can sing. Not being arrogant or proud. I can sing. I love to sing. I never wanted to do anything with music, career-wise, so I never pursued more training. And, as far as piano, I do NOT like performing for people. I play for myself. has been a few years since I have played in front of folks, but if I am asked, and they need a soloist, I pull out my flute, practice up, and play. Singing.... I currently sing on our worship team, and I am in our choir during other weeks. When I am not singing on backup vocals or in the choir, but just singing in church, I often have someone comment and say, "You should be up there with the worship team!" To which I say, "I am.... I just wasn't scheduled this week."

8. I flunked out of college my 3rd semester of school. Really. That was after the fall of 1990. Then, in 1998, after 2 years back in school I earned a full-scholarship for my next 2 years of college..... based on....... academics.

9. Yeast breads scare me. Not the actual bread. I LOVE yeast breads. But, baking yeast breads..... I make 2 loaves of sourdough each week. I turn them into various delectable delights. I can bake great. I can cook even better. I really can. I read cookbooks like novels. I love cooking magazines. I read the recipes, but then do my own thing. I know techniques, flavor profiles, how to fix some "different" stuff. Heck, last weekend, I made a dessert (a triple chocolate mousse cake) that took me about 4 hours, total, to complete. When I make lasagna, my sauce is homemade. But, yeast bread? About three times a year, I buy yeast..... determined to conquer. About three times a year, I throw out inactive/dead yeast.

10. Expiration dates. These things should be honored and respected! My hubby and I used to have arguments about the dates. Now, he just tolerates me. Our discussions often revolve around milk. THE DATE. He says it' s a "sell by" date. I say it's a "Get it out of the fridge right away or it will get crusty, swell the gallon jug, pop the top, and ooze over everything contaminating anything that is not hermitically sealed" date. I look at the dates on EVERYTHING! Toothpaste. Canned goods. Dairy products. My problem comes in things that I have put in the deep-freeze. Yes, I have "bought time" for it, but when I thaw it, and I see the date.... oooooooooh, I itch to toss it.

11. I cannot sharpen knives. Nor can I be in the room..... shoot, I can't even be in that part of the house when the knives are being sharpened. I get DH to sharpen my knives from time to time. I have to leave that part of the house and either listen to loud music, or close my ears. The sharpener makes my teeth hurt? How? I don't know. But, that is the only way I can explain it. It makes my teeth hurt.

These are the questions my friend posted.

- What is your most embarrassing moment?

I have posted about my most embarrassing moment before.... so, I will just refer you to my MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT!

- Biggest pet peeve?

Sadly, I have so many pet peeves. But, probably my biggest has to deal with grammar and spelling. And, out of those two, probably grammar. In the age of facebook, it is coming out how really.... um..... uneducated people sound. I will give them the benefit of the doubt... that they KNOW the words to use. Perhaps they got in a hurry. Either way, PLEASE! PEOPLE! Learn the difference between: there, their, and they're; between who's and whose; between to, too, and two. Learn when to use choose and chose, lose and loose. JUST because they *look* the same does not mean they sound the same. LOSE rhymes with CHOOSE. CHOSE has a long "o" sound. And loose rhymes with noose... as in YOU'RE KILLING ME! There is another one..... your and you're. SO MANY GRAMMATICAL ISSUES! There is NO such thing as a spose. Yes, it SOUNDS like you are saying it, but you are really not. What you are saying is "SUPPOSE." You are never, evereverevereverever SUPPOSED TO say spose to. *stepping down*

- Are you OCD about anything? If so, what?

Um, yeah. I just wish I was OCD about housekeeping. :-) I am a bit OCD about my FTU keys, door locks, and the alarm clock. As I get out of the FTU, before I lock it, I must SEE the keys in my hand. Yes, I feel them, but I have to SEE them. Door locks: as in front door and back door.... well, I always lock the doors behind me. Yet, when I go to bed, I turn on the lights, and look at each door, just to be sure that the locks (including deadbolt) are locked. Alarm clock.... I am always worried that I will sleep through something. If I have to get up earlier than normal, I really worry. I also worry that I will set something incorrectly, like a.m. vs. p.m. SO, despite the fact that I don't CHANGE the times, I check every night..... my clock, with 2 alarms, AND my phone, with 2 alarms.

- Celebrity Crush?

I don't know that I ever really had one. There are certain celebrities that I have found very nice looking, but to call it a crush? Well, that is a bit extreme. BUT, the celebrities I have looked at a few extra times are: Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, and Orlando Bloom. BUT, Orlando ONLY if he has the long blond hair and the pointy ears..... yummy.

- What was the best vacation you've ever taken?

Our family vacation to Disney World, a few years ago, was certainly wonderful. I can't wait to go back. But, our 20th anniversary trip to Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and Boston.... wow. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. I pray that I am able to revisit those destinations. PEI was a place I have always wanted to visit. It is absolutely beautiful. Pictures do not do it justice. Then, the drive down through Maine and into Boston. Lovely. Just lovely. This Texas girl wants to relocate and live in Maine. That won't happen, but if possible, I will return often.

- If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Who says I don't have superpowers? I feel I must have something, in order to accomplish what I do. However, if I had to choose *another* superpower, I would probably want to be able to get places faster.....super-speed. I spend a lot of time driving to places. If I could just be there, that would help SO much.

- Biggest Fear?

Well, of course, every mother's fear is that something will happen to her family. So, I won't list that as an answer. That is too...well, that is just a fear of everyone. I certainly creep out around spiders, scorpions, and snakes. But, my biggest fear is probably tornados. They fascinate me. And, I love a good storm - the more thunder and lightning, the better. Tornado warnings? There is a certain amount of excitement that comes with each siren and green sky. My fear is in the fact that, if hubby is gone, and there is a storm at night, that I won't be able to get my kids to shelter in time. Hmmmm....I guess that ties into the greatest fear of every mother, huh? I am also quite claustrophobic. Even seeing someone in a tight space, on TV, makes my heart race, my breathing shallows, and I have trouble watching. *shudder*

- What was the last thing you ate?

Homemade chicken tortilla soup with a slice of homemade sourdough bread. It was delicious.

- You have 24 hours to do whatever you want. What do you do?

Ooooo......a free day! Yea, me! Of course, there is a babysitter thrown into this mix, too, right? Let's take care of the food, first: I will eat breakfast at my favorite Mexican dive. Then, lunch at Chipotle....or maybe a sushi place. Then, supper will be... I think supper will be Greek food. Around that, I will go to The Lobby for a bit. I will cook for awhile. Maybe I will take a nap, what a little TV, read some recipe books, roam around a library, go to a Christmas store, then maybe design some Christmas cards. Yeah....that sounds like a GREAT DAY!

- What is your favorite blog to read?

I have been so behind in blogging, both reading and posting. There are a few I like, because they are my friends. There are a few I like, because they are train wrecks. I don't go looking for other blogs, because frankly, I just don't have the time. Another reason I don't "blog-hop" is this: if I DO find a blog that I kind of like, then I feel I have to read the whole thing. That causes a bit of anxiety. BUT, I guess Catey is probably one of my faves. :-) I won't connect you to the train wreck. Quite honestly, it's a bit embarrassing AND I do not want to be responsible for what you may take from her blog. She is vile. I haven't read her in awhile......

- Greatest accomplishment last year? Biggest goal this year?

I don't know what my biggest accomplishment was last year. :-? I did a lot of stuff. Most of what I did was to help my children accomplish things. I guess getting to where I feel I am OK with my personal performance as a housekeeper. For years, I always felt like I was a really bad housekeeper. was seeing other people's levels of housekeeping to know that I am either on the same level as, or even better than they were. LOL! I know that seems judgmental. It doesn't make me feel badly toward these others. But, it sure helped me. :-) Now, I don't beat myself down for not getting laundry done, or if the kitchen isn't spotless. I am allowing myself to focus on the boys more than the clean house.

Next year? Wait.... THIS year?

Well, I have lots of projects that I want to accomplish. A lot of the normal type things. Probably the biggest undertaking is to scan all of our photos: wedding, baby, family, and get them saved. I also want to start tracing our families.

NOW, I have some questions for you!

1. What is one of your earliest memories?
2. What is a hidden talent that you have?
3. If you had to choose only 1 food to eat for a week....ONLY ONE....what would it be? Any cooking and "free" stuff (seasonings) is OK. It can't be a type of food, or a mixed dish.... but one food.... like chicken.
4. If you could change your ethnicity, what would you choose to become?
5. Money and time being no object, what career do you wish you had?
6. You have to move. But, you are given your choice of location. The thing is, you have to stay there for the rest of your life. Where are you moving?
7. You get a "walk on" for a TV show. What show? What do you do?
8. What is your guilty indulgence?
9. In what subject, in school, were you just HORRIBLE?
10.What is your favorite household chore? Why?
11. What is the one thing, in your home, that you absolutely refuse to do? And who has to do it?

And, now to tag 11 people.

Mommy Spice (if she is still blogging)

If I have you on FB, I will try to tag you, but if not, and your in my list.... PLEASE do this. Leave me a comment when you have. I would love to pop over and read!

Friday, February 03, 2012


Sometimes, I think I know what I want to write.

Sometime, not.

I can't say that it is writer's block. I just feel that what I have to say is dull. I NEVER want to be accused of being dull.

For awhile, I just wrote stories of what was going on with the little boys. Since they are getting older, I don't have a lot of stories..... sure, the boys say funny things, and I share those, but there is usually not a story to go with it.

Some things, I am not at liberty to share because.... well, there are just too many people involved, and I am *sometimes* smart enough to NOT burn a bridge that I may need later.

I don't often have things to say that are inspirational. They are not profound. And, I doubt their entertainment value.

I used to obsess over how many hits I got on my many comments. Then, I got busy. Now, I don't worry so much. My numbers are OK, I guess. I don't know how much I average per day. I could check on my site meter, but every time I get the update, I delete it.

I read one blog where she does some housekeeping type stuff; lists and such, that I have really enjoyed..... she has an easy writing style....but, quite honestly, I'm getting a bit tired of it. She says a LOT of the same thing. I have read her for a few years now....and I haven't read anything new, in awhile. She does write quite a bit on religious issues. I don't necessarily disagree with her too much, BUT she is very legalistic....I think fundamental baptist.

I just don't know what direction to take this. It is hard for me to not have a scope.

What to do....what to do.....

Thursday, February 02, 2012



I am..... 41.

I don't feel 41. I always thought 41 should feel.... older? More reserved, more mature.

Ha, I am neither!

What am I doing today?

Laundry still needs washing/drying/folding/hanging/put away.

Meals still needs to be provided.

The kitchen still needs to be cleaned.

Volunteer work still needs to be done.

BUT, reading all the texts, emails, and facebooks messages have really made my heart smile.

I will leave for the school, early enough, to get a CFAST.

I *might* even let the kids talk me into having CFA for dinner tonight.

It's a great day.