Sunday, June 24, 2012


My TV habits change all the time. It depends on what is on and what kind of time I have.

WAY back in the day, when hubby and I first got married, we watched a LOT of TV. We had no kids, no pets, a small apartment....not a lot of other things to take our time. We knew what was on each channel, at any time of the day....we recorded (on our VCR) "As the World Turns." (Don't judge.... LOL)

Well, then we moved to Austin. TV habits went with us...though our rent went from $350 a month to a staggering $600. Not having the extra money to go out a lot, we....watched TV.

THEN, we moved to Florida....where we. were. broke.  We had to give up cable. *twitch* The only TV we could watch was what was on regular TV, which was....not a lot. Fortunately, local TV kept coastal Floridians well educated on the impending arrival of Hurricane Erin (back in 1995). 

By the time we moved to New Mexico, (1996) we realized that we didn't need as much distraction. We still didn't have kids, but with hubby's job, my job, my returning to school...well, we didn't have the time. 

TV, in fact, did not reappear until about 2006. Now, by that, I mean cable. We had *local* channels, but we didn't really watch.

When we moved to North Texas, and had kids, our TV consisted of "Barney," "The Wiggles," "Jay Jay the Jet Plane," and other various programs.

We moved to North Texas in 2000. We watched the videos and local TV, ONLY if there was a *weather event.*

Then, I started to stay home. For the record, I did not ask for cable. Or dish. Or any of the other fancy-schmancy TV options. I was OK watching kid videos (with my children......usually) and qubo on local TV, which I still love, by the way.

Around 2007 (I don't remember the year), my hubby got a Dish (is it Dish?) Network package. Two words: FOOD NETWORK!  I was like the kid in the toy know the one with the lollipop hanging out of his mouth while he drools and looks and listens and is just overwhelmed? We took the same approach that we took with the kids on their video games. When they get a new system, they pretty much have a few days of unlimited play. (Bed times and supper times are enforced.) THEN, we go into limiting their time. So yeah....TV....TV with cable.....It was like I had never seen this new-fangled device. LOL! I have to watch how much I watch. 

So, what do I watch now? Well, I record pretty much everything. Commercials drive. me. crazy! I sit to watch something recorded. The exception is when I'm doing housework and just want the noise. Then, I put it on Food Network. But, here are the shows that I record. (Keep in mind, I don't watch them my cooking shows. If they are cooking something I don't care to ever recreate, then I delete it. AND, I have hours....HOURS of cooking shows recorded that I haven't had the chance to watch. If I haven't deleted them, then I really want to watch them for I need time.)

OK....back to what I record:  

  • Little House on the Prairie (Go Half-Pint!)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (Make it so!)
  • The Next Food Network Star (Hosted by the very talented: Bobby *Man-boobs* Flay)
  • The Next Iron Chef (A LA CUISINE!)
  • Hawaii 5-0 (the new series) (Aussie in Hawaii....nice)
  • 10 Dollar Dinners (She's from North Texas.)
  • Barefoot Contessa (I adore her. She shares my birthday.)
  • Cook's Country (Just darn good cooking.)
  • America's Test Kitchen (Where I discovered "THE Dessert.")
  • Rizzoli and Isles (Sarcasm with guns....I possess both.)
  • Dance Moms (not the Miami version) (Makes me feel normal.)
  • Sister Wives (Ho-muh-GOSH! TRAIN! WRECK!)
So the first 2....there are never *new* episodes. SO, I record them and if I have seen them (or remember seeing them, and I don't like them) then I delete them. "Star Trek"....well, about once ever 6 weeks there will be a *marathon* of about 12 shows. The shows with certain characters (Q) drive me crazy, so I get rid of them.

Six of the shows are cooking shows. And right now, I have 15 episodes that need to be watched. (I just deleted a bunch.)

Generally, I don't like crime-type dramas, but "Hawaii 5-0"....the *scenery* is quite nice. "Rizzoli and Isles" was an accidental watching. I love it. 

Finally, my indulgences: "Dance Moms" and "Sister Wives." Whew....those are some MESSED UP folks. 

So there you have it: I watch some crazy TV habits, AND I am addicted to fast food and sugary drinks. As one reader has pointed out, I need your prayers. :-) 

Excuse me while I go refill my cup of sweet tea. (You will all be happy to know that, in the interest of saving money) I now have a wonderful sweet tea recipe (using a simple syrup). 


Friday, June 22, 2012


I have been wanting to change the design of my blog. But, I don't want to get rid of what I have. I had it designed a few years ago (happy birthday from DH). 

I am not technologically.....anything.....except maybe challenged.

Awhile back.....years ago, really, I was going to change my blog. I did just a simple template switch with a skin/format that I found online. I followed all the instructions. My blog disappeared for a few minutes. I was so sad. THEN, it showed up. 

I have no doubt that it was operator error. 

In the end, I did NOT switch. I only changed when I had a paid professional take care of it.

Any ideas? I really, REALLY do not know how to work out computer/programming glitches....if that is what you would call them. 

I know a few of my readers (or former readers) know how to change some stuff.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SO, YEAH....

I've ticked off more people. This time because of an opinion. 

You have probably heard about the book "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Well, I feel like that book is poison. I think it will damage many marriages....and I posted those views on facebook.

I will not go into a review. I will not go into why I feel the way I do. I already did that. 

What I AM going to do is discuss the fallout. 

It is pretty sad, to say the least.

So, this gal...I don't rightly know how to refer to her. I tried to be a friend to her. I *thought* she was a friend to me....but looking back on certain things that happened during the last 10 years....well, perhaps she considered it being a friend. I certainly do not. 

I will not rehash the multiple times I felt thrown under the bus. I can look back and say it was my own fault. You know the saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." What do they say when you get to times 4 or 5? 

I just shake your head.

SO, I posted my very strong feeling on facebook about this book.

Wait....let me go find it.

"'Fifty Shades of Grey.' Honestly, it will have the power to destroy many marriages. Have I read it? NO....I trust the Holy Spirit enough to stay away from it. I am seeing more and more of my friends who are considering reading it....and I'm disappointed and saddened for them. You might as well tell me you are a heroin addict....I would view it the same way."

NO, I have not read the book. It was a God thing. From the first time I heard of this book, I had a bad feeling about it. And, yes....I have friends who have read it....Christian friends. Do I think it will destroy their marriages? No. Do I think it would destroy mine? No. But, I strongly feel that it is a toxin that does not even need to be introduced into a marital unit.

OK....back to the fallout.

The gal responded that she probably shouldn't respond, but "you felt it OK to put your opinion, so why shouldn't I?" And, then she responded.

That's fine. I didn't respond for a long time to ANY of the comments, because I was doing something. It was the next day, I believe, before I even went there. I knew that the one gal was upset....she does that....often. BUT, I wanted to find out the damages. (Ironically, she and I fly off the handle just as quickly, and at the same types of things....only I don't defriend when I disagree with a fellow "flyer off the handle.")

When I went to her page, BOOM! I'm not a friend. Sadness overwhelmed me. (Looking back, I'm highly irritated that I still get upset when people choose not to like me just because we have differing opinions.) 

Meanwhile, on another page, a friend (real friend) had C/P'd my post. There was some discussion on there that made it feel like a "Christian intolerance" thing. SO, my next post says this:

"Sometimes, I have no words. Today, I am sad. I find it ironic that someone can post their feelings on something, and it is freedom of speech. However, as a Christian, when I post my feeling on something, I am labelled intolerant, judgmental, and finally, defriended. I make no apologies. My God knows how I feel and will help me through this." see where this is going, don't you?

The defriender, though not caring to talk WITH me, still cared enough to see what I was up to. She got mad about THAT post and started talking about me to another *friend.* So, I clicked the little button.

One thing I will say about pulls out the true blues and helps you identify the emotion drainers.

Two *friends* down....but....well, I guess they were never really friends in the first place, were they?

For the record, I did block both of them from seeing me on FB....though they will still be able to read this....and I'm sure they will. They might even comment. And, I MIGHT even publish their comment.....



**ETA:  Do I regret my original post? No. I had a friend private message me to let me know that my post was for her. She had read my post, felt convicted, and decided NOT to read the book. She is one reason God wanted me to post what I did.

Sunday, June 03, 2012


My first car. 

It was not the first car I drove, but it was mine to drive.....once I was licensed.

I can remember driving lessons with my mother. We would drive on the truck route....the loop around our town (that took all of 7 minutes to complete....IF you drove the speed limit.) 

Anyway, these driving lessons were in a 4-door Buick Park Avenue. I'm stunned that my mother allowed me to drive it. She never did let me take it "up-town" to drag main. But, I did. 

Several times, as a freshman in high school, my parents would go out with some friends. I would call my friend *B* and tell her that I had the keys and off we would go. Keep in mind that if I would have gotten caught by the police....well, there would be many issues. My daddy would have strung me up. My mother would have started hiding her keys. And, no telling what the police would do, as I wasn't licensed. 

Yeah, I got this car for my 16th birthday. I was totally surprised. 

A red (with white interior)  5-speed Toyota Celica. It was sweet!

I couldn't drive it for a week or 2 after I got it, because I wasn't licensed. 

In my home town you took your driving test on Tuesday's. SO, the Tuesday just after my birthday, I went for my test....the written test, then the driving test. I think I made a 100 on paper and a 98 on the street. 

The thing that was scarier than anything was the parallel parking. Really....who does that anymore? But, still.... I had to do it for my test. To prepare, I practiced driving and parking in the Buick. In reality, I took the test in my aunt's 2 door Pontiac Grand Am. 

During the 2 weeks between receiving the car, and taking my driving test, my dad started giving me lessons in MY car. My car was a 5-speed. I had never before driven a stick. I was NOT going to drive MY car to school, on the 1st Wednesday that I was licensed, and lurch out of 1st gear....or worse.... STALL!

My grandparents lived on the edge of city limits. Just on the other side of their house, were the practice baseball fields. Basically..... a pasture. So, my dad drove the car and explained the gears and how to shift. Then, he said he wanted me to practice driving, parking, killing the car, starting the car, backing up, and driving. THEN, he got out of the car and said he was going for some coffee. He walked across the pasture and entered my grandparent's house. I spent the next few hours practicing driving my car.

I have so many wonderful memories around that car. 

I carted *hot* road signs in that car. 

I would pack in about 8 friends to go to a party. 

I was designated driver in that car.

I had glass-packs.....fake, ghetto glass-packs. LOL!!! (Truly, it was a hole in the muffler.)

I went through a phase of having to start my car with a screw-driver. Really. A screw-driver.

I had an awesome sound system. (My dad worked on, and installed radios, so mine was great.)

I had a sun roof!

I busted out the side-view mirror by speeding through the back dirt roads to get home on time.

I ran over a mesquite tree.  (IN MY DEFENSE: I was not the first one to hit it. Someone else had already hit it and drug it out onto the aforementioned dirt road.) (Both the busted mirror and running over the tree happened on the same night.)

Good times.......good times.

Saturday, June 02, 2012


You know, last time I did this, I thoroughly ticked some people off. :-( 

Oh, well.....wha'cha gonna do?

*First and foremost: Christmas stuff is already appearing in The Lobby. I am.... BEYOND EXCITED! I have already purchased a cran-apple candle and some "Merry Christmas" ribbon. Let the weekly pilgrimages begin!

*I wonder if kids know how their appearance affects people's perception of them? I mean, you have a nice looking kid who, for some reason, thinks it is cool to walk around like he's straddlin' a log. I guess the walk is necessary to help keep his pants up. He has a hand holding up the front of his britches, where a belt would be. And, then he gets upset because women clutch their purses a bit closer and move their children to the other side of the walk. Really? You don't understand? It's the Duck Rule. If you look like a punk, and you dress like a punk, I'm going to avoid you because I think you're a punk. Ooops....sorry....we were discussing ducks.

The truly sad thing about this is how the kids don't know any better. This is when a parent, uncle, teacher, or family friend should pull the kid aside and explain things a bit more. This whole "letting the kid find himself" is a crock of BS. 

*Swimsuit season is here. It was this post in which I last ticked folks off.

Wait....that can't be right. SURELY I have ticked folks off since.....

ANYWAY, with swimsuit season comes the friendly reminder that JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD! Also, just because your size number is in the tag, doesn't mean it was created for Remember, Mother Earth looks better in a one piece.

*I eat too much. 

What's worse is I know it's going to make me feel like crap. Yet, I keep eating. *sigh* Such a pitiful creature of habit, I am. :-( 

*I am not Superwoman. Nor do I pretend to be. I do not put my schedule on FB to be congratulated, or ooh'd and ah'd over. I do the things I do because they are important to me....and it comes at a sacrifice. The reason I (well DH) had 20 loads of laundry to do at 1 time is because I baked, and decorated, 21 dozen cupcakes and several large loaves of bread between May 17 and May 25th. 

*It is certainly sad when someone dies. I never want to say anything insensitive....I know, I know. It hasn't stopped me before. However, I don't intentionally insult people when suffering a personal loss.

Back to what I was saying: when someone dies, there are things of comfort that are OK to say. And, there are things that are just not right. We heard them when my mother-in-law died, when my Mam-ma died....and I see it posted when others die. Heaven does NOT get a new angel. I certainly do not believe that they are "still with us." Nor, do I think they are looking down on us from Heaven. I'm not saying they are not in Heaven. BUT, angels are celestial creatures created by God. We stay human. We (and by "we," I mean humans....or "fumans" as my son used to say) do not look down on people, or go *visit.* In Heaven, there are no tears. No death. No sorrow. No pain. No sin. If *we* look down, we would be saddened by the choices we see others make. 

*I think the reports of the cannibalism are demon possession.

*I have no clue how I'm going to vote this November. I would imagine that many born-again Christians are in the same quandary. I mean, do I vote to keep evil in the White House? Or do I vote to put the lesser of the 2 evils in the White House. Just. Sucks. 

*One week from now, I will know how my son, and his JBQ team did at Nationals in Orlando. We leave Thursday. Quiz Friday and Saturday. Go to Universal Sunday. Then, return Monday. As we speak, that same son is with his father in Oregon enjoying his special trip. The summer before 6th grade, our sons get to choose a place anywhere in the US (minus Hawaii and Alaska) to go. DS #1 chose NYC. DS #2 chose fishing and hiking in Oregon. 

*The CPR thing is going great. It does annoy me a bit that some seem to see it as less than a job. I don't discuss the money I make doing it. But, I will say this, when I teach at the community college, for only 4 hours, (and max of 10 students), I make more than my daily rate was at the school, under contract. 

Yeah....I would rather do this for awhile.

*I'm tired of headaches. I don't know if it's my cycle, my couch, or my pillow. Either way.....tired. 


I'm done.

Thank you.