Thursday, December 29, 2011


Yeah.... I put up a Christmas tree. There are many who don't, claiming that it stems from pagan practices.

Well, here is what I know....EVERYTHING Holy that is out there has a counterfeit. EVERY thing. It's what satan does. But, the thing is, I am remembering the birth of Jesus.

Some don't celebrate Christmas as it is supposedly the time of His (Jesus') conception, NOT the time of His birth. Again, I don't think we should split hairs on this. As Easter, arguably one of the most important days to a Christian, is always changing days....yet we still remember....I don't know how good of an argument that is, as those who don't celebrate Christmas don't celebrate Easter....again....pagan roots. BUT, they rename it, calling it "Resurrection Sunday." It's still Easter.

I get so frustrated with the legalism that people hold to. What's more is that nobody really knows the specifics of these holidays, as there had to be a LOT lost in translation.... but we are to remember Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection. 

I think Joel Olsteen and Joyce Meyer....(is it Meyers? or Meyer?) Either way, you know who I'm talking about.... are full of hot air and it annoys me that their "self-help" junk is going all out. People think just because they have a big church and/or preach/teach to thousands that they are on board with all that is great. Weed it out, people. Yes, I think they are Christian, but I do not think all they say is good. Joel is not realistic and Joyce....well, she doesn't know her place as a Biblical woman.

I know....that wasn't in the title. That was free.....

You're welcome.

The false prophet that I read..... she is fascinating, really. Makes me think. She puts stuff up that makes sense....but she is full of bunk. She is trying to put a date to Jesus' schedule. She calls herself a "watcher." I have no problem with that. We are to all watch. We were given things to look for....and, quite honestly, this stuff is happening at an alarming rate. How long do we have? I don't know. But, if it happened tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised.

Anyway, this gal is like a train-wreck... you know, it's impolite to stare, but you can't pull yourself away.

I would like to write a book. I have some very sketchy ideas.

And, that's all I have to say about that.

One week from today I am scheduled to teach my first CPR class at a local junior college.

Three words:

Ter. i. Fied!

Really, I am. I don't know why. It's something new. I don't generally like new things. I know how to teach. I'm not "eskeered" to speak in front of people. I have the materials that I need. It's just different. This time next week, I will be OK. I am excited to go this path....this path that God has so clearly put me on.

I have a few more posts in my head. One is fermenting. That will be one on the catty side....then deleted. I need to rant. AND, many would get mad. I guess I should just get a private journal going. I mean.....I tend to speak before I think. We shall see.

My youngest son has started using the word, "butt-hole."

I know.... totally gross. And, he is starting to get swats for it. On the "dirty word scale" from 1 - 10, it is not that bad..... but there are a few words that REALLY offend me. That would be one. Yes, he's a boy, and they do stuff like that, but there are other words I would rather him *experiment* with.

Michelle Duggar.... God bless her. I feel badly for her.... as I would for anyone who lost, or loses, a child. It is not any of my business, or yours, for that matter, how many children she chooses to pop out. I mean, really.... I wish I had the means to have more, but it is not right for me. As long as their family is not on welfare....fine. Have as many as you want! It just irks the snot outta me when people say, "Well, they're only living off their TV show." Well, BOO-FREAKIN' HOO!!! You sound a tad jealous. And really? No, duh! Sounds like excellent business sense, if you ask me. If my family could be on TV for a some money..... dude, I might just consider it.

People also complain about how much quality time they (the Duggar parents) spend with their children. First off...once your children get to a certain age, they don't need you. Second, she doesn't work. And, from what I have seen on their show, and read in their books, he doesn't have set hours that he is gone. Plus, they home school. If they spend 10 minutes per child per day, that is probably pretty close to what you and I get in quality time with our own.

That being said, I need to figure out a way to spend more time with my kids. :-)

I got black pearls for Christmas. They are GORGEOUS!

My Christmas stuff is still up. It won't come down until January 7. Because that's what I do.

Next post will probably have something to do with my resolve not to resolve....or maybe I will resolve.

Call it what you want, resolution, reflection, regrouping, recommitting....whatever, it is all the same thing..... brown duck, white duck....still quacks!

Who still reads? I'm curious. If nobody is reading, I'm considering shutting down. What's the point, right?

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yeah..... it's been awhile since I've been here.... in case you didn't notice?

Did you notice?

We have been very busy.

You know that CPR thing I'm doing? Well, I'm just about done. In fact, I already have some classes scheduled at the community college. I'm nervous as all get-out... but just as excited. This is truly an answer to prayer. That helps with the nerves. God didn't set all this up for me to fail.

The boys are starting their Christmas vacation.... just as my husband ends his vacation. I wish his vacation overlapped with the boys', but we take what we can get. He will, fortunately, be home Christmas Eve. It will be nice to have him home Christmas Day. He will work New Year's pay is decent.

I didn't get my candies done. :-( It makes me sad, as I LOVE to make my candies. By the time I had time, it was way too humid. The candies I make are caramels and things that need to set. High humidity prevents it setting. SO.... I baked bread.....about 40 loaves of bread. Those were the gifts to teachers. I'm not done with treats. I still have our neighbors to bake bread for.

Having the kids home for 2 weeks is going to be great. The thing is to keep them busy, while letting them relax, getting my stuff done, and enjoying the holidays AND each other. :-) There will be stories, and treats, and games, and movies. Here are some things I have planned right now: gingerbread houses, sugar cookies, clean, Christmas movies, go look at Christmas light, play games, donut breakfast, play at the park....not forgetting piano lessons, guitar lessons, and JBQ practice.

I have a "catty" to blog, but I need to wait a few days. Nothing really TOO catty, but enough that I need to keep it from certain people.

I will try to be back in a few days. I still have a lot of ideas....they are listed in a file, so I don't forget them.

Until then, know I'm praying for you. I'm praying for my friends, non-friends, ex-friends, a false profit, many following a false religion, and just people.

Later -