Tuesday, September 17, 2013


OK....forget keeping up with the Joneses. I just have to keep up.....

It has been awhile....a LONG while since I have blogged. And, as my FB is about to be deactivated (another story for another day), I have promised that I would keep up, or at least TRY to keep up with this. 

I have nothing great to say tonight. I just want to give the 4-1-1 on what is going on in my house.

I went back to teaching. 

Many prayers. A few interviews. Lots of frustrations and *not* understanding. Finally resignation that I was NOT going to get a job.....and I got one. 

I am teaching 4th grade reading and social studies, and am about to pick up a science period. 

It's all good. 

They are old enough to not snot you. They USUALLY make it out of the room before they throw up. AND, I don't have to tie their shoes. On the other hand....they still cry, in some cases. 

So THAT takes all my time. 


Oh, did I tell you I got hired the Thursday BEFORE the Monday school started? 


And, did you further know that schools no longer use chalk?

Or that 7th grade math materials are useless....USELESS in a 4th grade reading classroom?

OR that there are nifty projectors connected to the laptop, so you don't have to use overheads and vis-a-vis? 


Did you know that to replace all that, it costs approximately $600? JUST for the minimum. That was just the first week. I have probably spent another $200-$400.

Oh....I have a Christmas tree in my classroom. Truth, folks!  It is a pre-lit gold Christmas tree right next to my bookshelves and 3 bean bags....it is my reading corner, and it is FABULOUS!!!

I am a bit dismayed because we are 98 days (and a few hours) from Christmas and I have not started any crafts, no cards....NADA!

I HAVE, however, picked a day for my pumpkin carving party and field day.

SO....in a nutshell.....that is it. I will not bore you with my schedule. Nor will I beat myself up over the fact that report cards are due Thursday at 4, I am not done, yet I sit and type. 

I know......

I'm sad.

Please leave me a comment. I miss knowing that people read.