Sunday, August 29, 2010



I don't know if I ever shared on here about "the break-up" and the "reuniting."

You know, we just celebrated 19 years of marriage. We dated for a bit over 2 years in high school. So, when we broke up, I think it was probably news.... I mean, we were the couple that was going to end up together. There were tears. But, they were my mother's. We were still friends... I guess. We weren't really anything. The difficult thing was that we are from a very small town and all of his friends are my friends.

Prom happened, but we didn't go as a couple. He went with "the cow" and I went with a girlfriend. I was rockin' my black and white strapless while.... well.... I had a friend say she looked like an angel.... a large angel, but OK. Whatever.

Fast forward through the first year of college and into the beginning of the second. I was going into a history class, walking up the stairs, when a hand, coming down the stairs, flew in my face, just to say, "hi."

It was him.

My him.

Boyfriend to the bovine. (I really should stop being ugly.... some of you know her. I'll try to stop, now. K?)

Anyway, we ended up talking on the phone for about 4 hours that night... and every night for a week. One of those nights, we went to a movie.... as friends, you understand, because he was a cattle rancher.... see? There I go again. Sorry. He was dating someone. We WERE childhood friends, so there really shouldn't have been any reason to NOT continue as friends.

A few days into the second week of talking on the phone every evening, of seeing each other every day - really.... we weren't snoggin' on each other, or anything. It was literally "hands off." I mean.... he was taken. I'm not the type of gal to go after someone who is branded, nor is he the type to cheat on his pet.... I mean girlfriend.... (sorry.)

One day, he just didn't call me. Or come by. Nothing. I thought that maybe he was rethinking things and, perhaps, considering that we were probably getting a little too close for comfort.

He had gone to see her. HER.... (now, now... that isn't nice, mooing like that.) He said that he had been with me. Now what he meant, and what she heard, were 2 different things. He meant, simply, that we had spent time together. SHE heard that he had "known me in the Biblical sense." THEN, she did what any woman, totally blindsided by the man she loves would do. She said, "It's OK. I forgive you."

It was not as simple as that. He broke up with her to be with me. Isn't that somethin'?

I'm not sure I deserved that. I sure am glad, though.

Some years later, we had reason to be in contact with the farm. It was my SIL's wedding and "the cow" and her hubby lived in our hometown, where the wedding was to take place.

Hubby *warned* me of this person's presence. It seems she is/was/I don't really know now, a friend to SIL. I was NERVOUS!!! I mean, my hubby, who broke up with this gal (they had been together about 2 years), to marry me, was going to see what he gave up. OH, THE PRESSURE!!! You think it's bad getting ready for a 10 year reunion!

So, there I sat, at my SIL's bachelorette party. Waiting.... FOR HER.

*cue music*

*cue darkness*

*cue spotlight on the door*

She. Was. Fat.

I tell ya.... it was ONLY good-breeding that kept me from doing a happy dance right there in her face.


If you know me, you can imagine.

As soon as she squeezed through the door, I was sweet as sugar to her. "How ARE you? You are looking well!"
The next night, I was helping with the bride's table. I was making sure that everyone had cake and nobody was feeling left out. I noticed one, lone man in the back. He didn't have cake so I approached, smiled and said, "Can I get you a piece of cake?"

He looked at me. Looked around. Then said, "Are you 'the wife?'"


"Are you, 'the husband?'"

AWKWARD (you have to stretch out the word and sing it in a falsetto voice)

That is the only time we have seen her. And that's OK.

Do I wish her ill-will? Nope, not at all. I don't dislike her.... much. But, there is no room for her in my hubby's memory.

(OK.... I guess I should tell you where her nickname came from. I don't normally just call people "the cow." Her last name was Brown. Do you remember that saying, "How now, brown cow?" Well.... there ya go.)

It's just so fitting.

***The views and petty attitude exhibited in this post are SOLEY my own and do not necessarily belong to my hubby (though he would not admit that to me) or anyone else reading this who may know her. I totally get that this attitude is immature and unseemly. But, I don't really care.

Monday, August 23, 2010


It's no secret that my sweet hubby is my BFF.

And tomorrow, the 24th, marks our 19th year of marriage. I have known him for the past 33 years.... we were in the same 1st grade class. Though we did date in high school, we didn't graduate as a couple. We weren't together for about 18 months. As soon as we made our way back together, my mother started planning the wedding.... we just knew.

He is my soulmate.

He is the love of my life.

I not only love him... but I like him. He is honestly my best friend.

I pray that everyone finds someone to cherish, as I do him.

I have shared these before, but I will share them again.

Happy Anniversary, my love. I adore you.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This school year is one I have been awaiting for a long time. Before now, I spent 5 years at home..... 5 years carting some, but not all, of my kids to and from school.

The first year I was home, I had 3 kids at home and 1 at school. I put the 2nd one into school after that 1st year. The next 3 years, I had 2 kids in school and 2 at home. My 3rd went to school with no problems. That fifth year, the older 3 were in school and my youngest was at home.

Though my first year as a SAHM was tough, I got to where I can say that I REALLY enjoy being home. Because of that, and because my hubby is awesome, I have 1 more year. I get to be room-mom for my youngest and a volunteer for the other 3. Around that, we will have the insanity of extra-curricular activities and I will substitute teach some.

My friends, who realize I just put my baby into kindergarten, have been asking me how I feel now that my house is empty. And, honestly, I am, just today, on day 3, able to feel what it is like to be sans kids.

Monday, we anticipated a few separation issues with my youngest. He, and my 3rd, have been my little buddies their whole pre-school lives. My 3rd went to school which left me with DS #4. Play dates and shopping. Picnics and coloring. We did everything together.

So, imagine my surprise, and a bit of disappointment, when he let go of me MUCH sooner than I was ready to let go of him. We dropped the brothers off in their respective class lines and then headed to the kinder area. We walked in, talked to the teacher and sat behind a little girl named Kayla. DS #4 looked around, put his hands on my arm and said, "Momma, I love you. I am ready for you to go now. Don't worry, they will protect me from a tornado and I WON'T let anyone see my underwear."

And with that.... I was dismissed.

Having my first totally free day in a really long time, my hubby decided to treat me to Chipotle, then Hobby Lobby for some Christmas lookin'. First, we went to shoot some new guns... totally fun, but it was scorching outside.

We left to go eat and hubby asked if I would rather have Chuy's. THAT was a decision that was difficult to make. I mean, Chipotle IS one of my favorites of all time. But, the chance for an adult, sit-down meal... and good Mexican food to boot.... well, I ended up choosing Chuy's. I had the chile relleno, which was divine, but, I digress.

Upon reflection, I think the offer of Chuy's was totally strategic on my hubby's part. You see, though he tolerates my Christmas habit, he doesn't participate in it as I do. He will pay for the stuff and he enjoys it between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but between you and me, he's my lovable little humbug. That being said, because we didn't have the quickness of Chipotle, I didn't have a lot of time in Hobby Lobby. In fact... I only had bout 15 minutes. NOT. ENOUGH. TIME!

I can't complain, though. Usually when I ask him to go with me, he complains so much that I vow to not ask him again... for that year. Well, he didn't complain. I do hope to talk him into Chipotle and Hobby Lobby on Tuesday. :) BUT... I digress again!

So, Monday came and went in a blur. Pick-up was crazy, but it usually is during the first week. We went to celebrate a successful first day of school with ice cream. We all had a great time.


Yesterday, the world wobbled a bit. First off, hubby went to work. And, for the most part, our first day without Daddy is typically, in a word, horrible.

And yesterday was no different.

Daddy left and the rest of us went to school. I walked everyone in, said goodbye to the older 3 and started to escort #4 to his area. Then he started telling me, quite charismatically, I might add, that he didn't want to go to school. He sat in the hall. He tried to run away. He hollered, "NO!" *Grrrrr....* I don't take this very well. And, since I don't sugar coat.... ever.... it just made me mad.

Finally, one of the APs said that she would watch him while I left. The hope was that without me, he would realize he was there for the day and just transition into the classroom. SO... off I went. I had a minor breakdown on the way home. Although I'm sometimes tough on my kids, I do adore them with all that is in me. I felt SO BAD that I couldn't just scoop him up and run home. I felt bad that I couldn't spend another year with him.

And then the phone call came. The call that said I needed to come get this sweet cherub who, on the 2nd day of school, got to visit the Assistant Principal's office. :-/

I left to go pick up my child. I prayed about what to do and also theorized on the day and the upcoming year. Is he mature enough? Will he go into class if I take him? It took about 15 minutes to get to the school. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I got a 2nd call from the AP.... "He is fine," she said.


Yep.... fine.

SO, I went back home. I tried to do a few things here and there. There is so much to do before all the stuff I want to do. Then, there are so many things that I MUST do in order to do the things that need doing. Does that make any sense?

I picked up the boys and took care of many things that can only be done after school. I got only 1 kid in bed on time. Not because we were too busy, but because the other 3 kept fiddle-farting around. Gotta work on that. The whole time, I prayed about today. Yesterday was very hard on me, mentally. And believe me, I don't need help in that.

I also put out a call for prayer and believe me, I felt them.

This morning, my youngest said, again, that he didn't want to go to school. *sigh* He finally got out of bed. Everyone got up and dressed. They all ate breakfast and brushed their teeth. #4 begrudgingly got dressed, only expressing displeasure of wearing a blue shirt instead of red. Doing anything to keep him happy, he got a red shirt.

On the way to school, we all talked about the fun to be had in school and then we prayed for a good day. We walked in, I kissed and hugged the older 3, who went on their way. #4 turned to me, gave me a hug and said, "I know where my class is. You stay here."

Yep.... he walked, under his own power, to his class.

I can't tell you the relief. I was ready to camp out for awhile. I had my sweet tea and everything. I wasn't even needed. I don't really know how I feel about that.

Today is my first real day of dropping off my kids and having the day in front of me. How am I holding up? I'm not bored. I'm lonely. Even Food Network doesn't help.

On top of that, one of my best friends went back to work. My coupon buddy is gone. The gal I set up play dates with. The friend who would come over and we would bake... or at least talk about all the wonderful things we wanted to bake.

I am giving myself this week to adjust. It is always hard for me to adjust. I do have plans.... BIG PLANS! But, that is another blog for another day.

I do look forward to this year. The year when I will be able to easily volunteer in all of my kids' classrooms. The year I will be able to go look at Christmas stuff weekly.... well, I did that anyway. LOL! The year I will be able to do more baking and cooking. The year my house gets totally clean at the same time. The year I take care of all the portraits that are sitting in boxes. The year we have band 5 days a week in the morning, 3 soccer practices per week, 1 guitar lesson per week, 2 piano lessons per week, Karate 1 time per week, and JBQ nightly (times 4).

I guess as lonely as I am right now, I need to use that time to rest up for the extra-curricular activities we have.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


This truly is a busy time of year. It will be until... I don't know... Really, I don't know that we will ever NOT be busy.

The difference with this time of year is that 1) It is more organized and 2) We are gearing up for the holidays. (As you can see on my sidebar, we have only 19 weeks and 1 day until THE day.... get busy, people.)

The difference between my summer busyness vs. school busyness is that during school, I tend to be more organized... in fact, the beast that is our school-days schedule, is more organized.

During summer, we are constantly on-the-go. But, several things are spontaneous events (and if you have read hear awhile, you KNOW that I am ANTI anything spontaneous).

During school, we are constantly on-the-go. BUT, things are planned out.... certain things on certain days.... like the guitar lessons, karate lessons, soccer practice X 3, piano lessons X2, JBQ practice X 4 per day, homework.... I will find a way to fit it all in that puny little 4.5 hours we have between dismissal and bed. *sigh* Not quite sure how, but we will.

My days, when I am not subbing, will be devoted to housework, working with my kids' teachers, baking and.... yes.... getting ready for the holidays!

What does your schedule look like?

**Don't know why I chose to put my ugly mug up there..... it has absolutely nothing to do with my post. LOL! I was just looking for something and decided on this. This is a picture my youngest took of me on "Mouse Extraction Day."

Saturday, August 07, 2010


There is no story here. There is no theme to this post. I just have a lot in my noggin that needs to be shuffled out.

I haven't been ignoring you, my dear reader(s). We have just been busy with things... many of which were unplanned, unexpected and perhaps, unwanted.

First off, school starts one week from Monday, on the 16th. I can't believe our summer is over.... OVER. It makes me sad, but at the same time, I will be glad to get back into a more routine schedule. Right now, we are just so busy with random things. We will always be busy, but still.

The younger 3 boys want to play soccer. We don't mind, except #4 reFUSED to play last time. He sat in my lap. Grrrr..... the thing that kept me from getting upset was the fact that he is 3.

My middle 2 will be starting piano lessons. (My 2nd has played before, but took 1 year off.) My oldest will be in Karate and guitar. SO.... that comes to 7 activities in the week. On top of homework, JBQ study and normal *stuff.* I shouldn't complain. I am glad we are able to provide the kids with these opportunities.

Remember the gal that I asked y'all to pray for? Well, she had her baby. AND, against most odds, he survived birth and is home with mom and dad. Simply. Amazing!!! Truly, he is a miracle child. Though he still has some obstacles ahead, I look forward to the way God will work through him and his parents.

Uniforms were only $300. Not too bad, considering all 4 are in uniforms. Of course, that would have been a LOT more had I not saved all their pants and shirts. I had over 50 pr of uniform pants. CRAZY! Of course, that $300 did NOT include all the shoes, socks and undies that the kids needed. I need to dye some of the smaller britches that have already been through a kid or two.

Check-ups were taken care of. Dental cleanings done. All we need now is to take #2 to the eye-doctor to make sure he is OK and his glasses are OK for another year. My oldest had his vision checked.... 20/13. I hope it stays that good. :)

Today's trip to WM was horrendous. It ended up with #4 being an absolute pill.... I had to sprint after him a few times. Yes. I said, "sprint." I'm sure I was entertaining for those watching. He screamed and kicked and hit. Behavior totally unbecoming to anyone. Oh well. I kept my cool as long as we were in public. He got a spanking when we got home... and no treat like the others got. Hopefully, he will file this experience as a lesson learned.

We all went to Austin and San Antonio this last week. Long story short.... transmission in the silver FTU went kaput and we ended up a planned 2 night visit in a 4 night visit and a new FTU. Well, new to us, anyway. We like it.

I have been feeling that anxious feeling. I kinda like it.... sadly. Though, I hear it is not that great, health-wise. Hmmmm.... I think it is just the stress of this last week, added to what is to come.
Tomorrow, I'm meeting my SIL, one of her daughters and her son for breakfast. :) REALLY looking forward to that. Tomorrow night, DS #2 will go spend the night with his BF. Monday night, I have orientation for school. I will FINALLY find out who our teachers are. That night, we will bring home DS #1's BF and his brother.... they will spend the night. Tuesday, I will take all 6 kids to a water park. Then, Tuesday night, DS #1 has guitar lessons. Wednesday night will host a JBQ planning session. Thursday? Thursday.... eye appointment, but other than that, I think that is it.

DH comes home Thursday... we have to hope that he is able to fly into Austin and pick up the other FTU that we had to leave in the garage for repairs. If he isn't able to, then Thursday night OR Friday morning, we will all have to schlepp down to Austin to pick it up and bring it back.
Friday night, Honey and I will be taking a night to ourselves for our anniversary. Saturday is the library reading carnival, a choir meeting AND a cousins marriage and reception. The marriage and reception is a for sure thing.... not sure about the other 2. Sunday, the 15th, is a JBQ demo in which DS #1 will be participating in. Then, Monday.... school starts.

Oh yeah... and the laundry. And the groceries. And the cleaning. And the....

Well, you get the picture.

Speaking of all that. Surely I can't get something done tonight. :)

Y'all have a good one.