Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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Anyone out there?


Anyone know that I'm posting a blog?

It's not going to be that interesting right now. I just wanted to let y'all know what all is going on.

I have a LOT going on. Too much to blog about, right now. But, I do plan on blogging a bunch of stuff......

So, what has been going on? I have been teaching. But, I'm not under contract. I'm in a long-term sub. position... covering some one's maternity leave.

I was asked today if I ever thought about being a "real" teacher.....

"I am a real teacher."

"No! I mean... instead of *just* a sub, you becoming a REAL teacher."

"I am a real teacher."

*sigh* I don't know if I have lost my knack, or if I'm just too busy to do anything properly. The kids love me. I love the kids..... just some of them don't think I'm a real teacher.

So, I am finished with this assignment on the 14th. Around then, I can blog and *go public* with all that is going on. Big changes.... I'm taking some big chances. But, I have the support of my hubby and we both feel that God has led us to this.

Anyway, I can't say anything just yet. Stay tuned. :-)

On other news:

We celebrated a financial miracle last week.

My 3rd son's 1st surgery had a balance of around $28,000. Well, long story VERY short.... our surgeon is now, in-network. The 1st surgery was resubmitted and our balance went from about $28,000 to $288. (There are no typos in that statement.)

SO.... yeah..... we're still pretty stoked about it. That, along with the other stuff going on.... well, we are SO thankful to God. He is doing a great job providing.

Also, in great news, my 2 younger sons were water-baptized on the 11th. We are very excited and proud of them.... hopefully, I can get some pictures transferred. I'll work on that now.

Have a great day!