Thursday, February 28, 2008


And NO, I don't think she is the antichrist, but still...kind of a telling picture, huh?

OK...I read this from PandaMom here.

I am really not stealing her thunder...I am adding to it.

This woman is vile (ha...not PM, but Oprah). She has power and knows it and is leading so many (mostly women) down a horribly WRONG path. I have many friends who watch this woman. I can't say that I was a follower, but I did watch, on occasion...NO MORE! I cannot support anything she does.

Also, because of her deep pull on the hearts of America, I am in serious prayer for our nation and this upcoming election. We do NOT need a muslim in office...period. Hillary is bad enough, but guys...honestly....

I have received two emails in as many days about this "Oprah and Friends" crap.

Please read PandaMom's blog, then read this.

PLEASE read these and don't fall prey to the enemy. Things are happening faster and faster. It's all we can do to keep from falling under the pressure of the enemy. However, we do have our way and it is THE WAY through Jesus Christ, the one talked about in The King James Version of the Bible...not Oprah's version

Seriously, friends...if you don't understand what is happening...or you DO know, but don't know what to do about it, please email me. I, and many of my friends, would love to talk to you and pray with you.

Blessings to you all.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Three names you go by:
1. Mom
2. ~LL~
3. Mrs. H.

Three things you are wearing right now:
1. one of dh's t-shirts
2. PJ bottoms with butterflies on it
3. a wrist watch

Three longest car rides:
1. Vero Beach, FL to Alamogordo, NM when moving
2. Temecula, CA to Dallas when returning after vacation
3. Austin to Dallas, 2 days after Thanksgiving, in the rain, on I-35 in construction with 4 kids in the back

Three of your favorite things to do:
1. playing with my boys
2. blogging
3. cooking

Three things you want very badly at the moment:
1. a chef's kitchen
2. for my hubby not to worry about things
3. to have an unlimited grocery budget

Three animals you have or have had:
1. Rosebud Marie (a red dachsie in doggie heaven)
2. Sparky Dog (a red dachsie in doggie heaven)
3. Leonard Purcival (a dapple dachsie in my backyard)

Three things you ate today:
1. pizza
2. Chicks and Bunnies sweet-tart Easter candies
3. Robin's Eggs Easter candies

Three people you last talked to:
1. My sweet hubby
2. DS #4
3. Ds #1

Three things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Going to the chiro for a good cracking
2. cooking for company
3. taking son #2 to piano lessons

Three favorite holidays: (you probably expect me to say Christmas for everything, huh?)
1. Christmas
2. Resurrection Sunday
3. Thanksgiving

Three favorite beverages:
1. Dr Pepper
2. Dr Pepper
3. Dr Pepper

Three places you'd like to visit:
1. Frontera Grill (restaurant in Chicago)
2. Hawaii
3. Prince Edward Island

If you are reading this, then consider yourself TAGGED! ; )

Sunday, February 24, 2008

P.S.A. (Prepare for the Season Announcement)

I really hate to bring this up. I KNOW you guys know this, but I just want to keep it in the forefront of your mind.

By the time you read this, tomorrow will be today and "today" is the 25th. You know what that means, right?


You have just 10 months until you start thinking about taking down your Christmas tree.

You only have 7 months before you start seeing the Christmas decorations pop up on the shelves at WalMart.

You only have a few weeks after that before the Great State Fair of Texas opens...thus starting the holiday season.

I know, I know. And I'm sorry. You are feeling the holiday stress. I feel it, too. But together, we CAN make it through, relatively unscathed.

That being said, make your plans for spring cleaning so we can be ready for our holiday guests, K?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


And I don't care who knows it.

Is it because I'm alone so much? Alone with the voices in my head? LOL...I don't have voices in my head!

No I don't.

NO....I DON'T! Now be quiet and let me finish.
(a little editorial humor, there...I don't really hear voices...really)

Is it because winter is barely hanging on, but just won't give up her hold? She is SUCH a tease. Warm and muggy one day then cold and blustery the next.

Right when I decide to plan my garden around torrential rains, we have chances of wintery mix. ( it "wintery" or "wintry?" I KNOW that winter is the root word here, but this Texas Gal REALLY wants to say, "wintry.")

Anyway, I still have to wait to till my humble garden plot so I don't glaze the soil (thanks to the few inches of rain we got the other day). Meanwhile, I have dear friends up north who haven't even managed to plow out from under their FEET of snow to even consider gardening. What an insult when I write, bragging of our trees ready to leaf out, the robins pecking around for the succulent worms that have made their way to the topsoil in order to warm their slimy little tubular bodies. (OK...that is gross...sorry.) Anyway, bragging that we are already having our springtime thunderstorms show up weekly in the forecast. Won't be long before we hear tornado sirens and feel the heaviness in the morning air.

The "wintry" doldrums that I find myself in...well, blech. That's all I can say. I have often said that I want to live up north where I can experience 4 seasons, instead of 1 1/2, that I would like to see fall color, or experience a blizzard. But really...would I? My "snowbird" chums make celebratory statements when they finally get to go outside and play because the windchill is finally above zero. WHAT????? OK...I take it all back. I will live vicariously through you. I will look at your pictures. I will make chili in your honor. I will even throw another log on the fire for when we get REALLY cold....I mean, honestly, who can be expected to survive when the weather stays in the 30s for more than a few days at a time. WHEW! I can't imagine.

Back to my funk. I love cold weather...especially when it is 112 outside. But when it is just a bit too mucky or cool to go sans get eaten alive by "skeeters" sit on the driveway while the kids skate, bike, draw, play basketball...whatever, until 9:00 in the evening, to expect the ice cream truck to come by just before dinner...well, I'm ready for summer.

Aren't you?


When I was pregnant the first 3 times, there were a few "normal" fears. There was always the fear of developing gestational diabetes. There was the fear of the baby having down-syndrome. There was even the fear of cleft palate. It also seemed that with each birth, the next pregnancy brought even more anxiety because I knew what all could go wrong.

One thing we did not fear, nor did we anticipate in ANY way was microtia. In fact, we did not even know what microtia was. This post is the one of what will probably be many over what will probably be a few years. It is not necessarily to educate you, the reader. It is for me. I go.

First, let me tell you what it is. If you have read for awhile, you might remember reading this. Anyway, you can read the entry from wikipedia here. If you look at the little guy on the right, his ear looks a lot like my son's ear.

I don't want to rehash what I have already written about. Actually, as I reread the previous entry that I linked to, I wonder why I continue writing. I don't have a whole lot that is new. I just feel the need.

My son is getting old enough that he will start to notice, as will other children, his "different" ear. A few weeks ago, my hubby came in upset because my oldest told my third, "You have a funny ear." Hmmmmm...quick prayer for wisdom. We had never really discussed the ear with any of my children. It is not that we were/are ashamed. On the contrary, we have no problems telling people about it. It is simply that we forget. There is nothing special that we need to do for him to deal with this...except speak up every now and then.

In the end, we discussed the ear with our oldest. We told him what it was called and what would be done about it in the future. We also stated that, as his oldest brother, HE was the one that would need to jump to the defense of his little brother, should the need ever arise. I pray it doesn't.

My son doesn't notice his own ear. I don't know why he would. I do notice that if he is lying down on his good ear, and I speak, he lifts up and says, "What, Momma?" That is an adaption out of necessity.

We took him to a craniofacial surgeon a few months ago. My son is still too young and too little to have anything done. He will return to the surgeon when he is 6 years old. At that time, we will know when we will do what we will do.

I'm sure that is when I will blog a lot on this topic. I am already nervous about the pain, the cost, my other children, the doctor we choose. Even knowing that this will be for the best, I question putting my child into 3 different surgeries.

I love my son so much. I wish I could spare him any pain, both physical and emotional, that he might have from this. I question the "why" of this. Why did God choose him? What are we supposed to take from this? Could it be that it was just a freak thing? I will probably wonder this for a long least until I feel that something has been learned.

Either way, if or when you ever think about us...or more specifically, about my precious son, please say a little prayer for what he will surely face in his life.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I got this great idea from Cammie. You can read her thoughts here. The topic is the journey from working to stay-at-home-mom, or SAHM.

When it comes to the work or not to work decision, there seems to be 4 categories, by my way of thinking. You have the mom who works and wants to work. There is the mom who doesn't work and wants to work. There is the mom who works and doesn't want to work. And finally the mom who doesn't work and doesn't want to work.

Now without getting into a debate, please remember that I am a mother of 4 boys 8 years old and under. I KNOW that staying home, doing 20 loads of laundry a week and facing each month where my hubby is gone 17 days (including nights) is work. I'm talking about being on someone's payroll where I provide a service and get a paycheck for said service. THAT is how I am defining work. That being said, let's continue.

I was in my last year of college when my first son was born 8 1/2 years ago. When he turned 8 weeks old, I started my last semester of classes, taking 20 hours. The following spring, I did my student teaching. I had a wonderful babysitter. I hated to leave him,, but so excited was I to be so close to earning my teaching degree that I didn't really have problems leaving him with Ms. Rosalie.

About 3 months into my student teaching, I found out I was pregnant with DS #2. I was put in a position of having to work. We were about to move to North Texas, my hubby was going to be a pilot for American Eagle (and as glamorous as that sounds....I made more as a first year teacher than he did....and I made about $32K) I had two BABIES to support...and suddenly found my hubby based in Puerto Rico.

Even though we were in hard times, I LOVED teaching. I researched and found a wonderful daycare facility. I was always asking questions, popping in for "surprise" children thrived, loved their caregivers and did not have problems being dropped off every day.

During my 3rd year of teaching, I got pregnant with my 3rd child. Excited we were. I was still at the wonderful daycare which was great, since I had NO INTENTION of staying home. To say that I had a choice...well, I don't know if that is accurate. Certainly, if my heart was set on staying home with my 3 boys, my hubby and I would have found a way. However, I was teaching a math class for 7th grade. My school district was great and the teachers I worked with were my best friends (One still is ;) )

After three boys, none of which were in school, people started to make comments - some less sensitive than others. Things like, "You work AND pay daycare? Honey, you can hardly afford to work." That is one of the dumbest things I've heard. I mean, first off, you have NO idea my financial situation. If most of my paycheck goes to daycare and I only bring home a few hundred a month...well, that might be the few hundred that makes the difference in us MAKING IT or NOT. Also, who are YOU to tell me what I can and can't afford? I mean, really!

I always felt I would teach for awhile, but I knew that I would not retire from teaching. It was always in my mind. I also knew that I would miss teaching. My prayer had been, and still is, for God to give me the heart's desire to do what I'm supposed to do. I trusted in that. I had to as I had always felt I was a better mom while working. Though I loved the teenagers, I just didn't think I could be happy with the thankless job of housekeeping, wiping heiney's and snotty noses, and joining the PTO.

During my 5th year of teaching, I was in a new district. I LOVED this district. In fact, I love it so much, that is where my oldest 2 children go. The principal is wonderful, the teachers are great...and many are good friends of mine, and the whole air of the place is wholesome and positive. During this year, I taught 5th grade...not my ideal grade to teach, I love 7th, but I still LOVED my class. THIS was where I wanted to teach for the rest of my teaching career. To be down the hall from all my kids and my friends was a very comfortable idea.

I got pregnant with number 4. I had started school in mid-August. I happily went to school daily, loving life and loving the fact that I was pregnant with my 4th son. I found out I was pregnant on a Tuesday in September. I told my principal that following Thursday. I told him my intention to not return that following Monday.

It wasn't that I had to stay home. I had my oldest in school. I had a new, wonderful daycare for sons 2 and 3. I was in a job I loved. Hubby was in a job he loved and making more money so the choice was mine. I was also making quite a bit more than my first year. But remember the prayer? The one that said my desires would change to fit the need? It slapped my upside the head! I knew...and STILL know, that for the time being, I am a SAHM.

Now the question is, "Will I go back to work?" Honestly, I don't know right now. First off, I know I won't be released to work until my third son has his ear fixed. (I'll blog on that another day.) I also know I won't be released as long as my 4th is at home. That only gives me 2 or 3 more years at home. However, I also feel that, though it is important to be home when kids are learning to read and write and potty by themselves...well, it is even more important to be home when they are starting to "hang out" after school. You see, I'm one of those moms that feels it is my responsibility to be ALL UP IN THEIR BUSINESS as they grow.

Am I happy? SO HAPPY! Do I miss teaching? Yes, I do. When I go to conferences and see my former colleagues in meetings, I want to join them. I savor the days when someone says, "You're a teacher, can you help me?" I have dumped myself, fully, into the Christian Eduation department in our scratches that itch I have for teaching.

My prayer remains the same, "Father God. You know my desires. Please have them fit to your will. Change them as I need to change. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I don't really like them. However, I am glad for the country we live in and the freedoms that come with it.

The first presidential election I voted in was in 1992. I was very proud...probably a bit naive, but proud and I loved the candidate I voted for.

Each year, I have been very proud to put my mark on the man I truly felt was best for this country.

For the first time, in 16 years, I will not vote FOR someone. I will vote AGAINST someone. God help us all.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Today is Saturday, Feb. 2, the 33rd day of 2008. There are 333 days left in the year.

Today's Birthdays:

Eleanor (Nell) Gwyn, English actress (1651-1687);
James Joyce, Irish author (1882-1941);
Jussi Bjoerling, Swedish tenor (1911-1960);
Abba Eban, Israeli ambassador, foreign minister and author (1915-2002);
Valery Giscard d'Estaing, French president (1926--);
Graham Nash, English-born pop singer (1942--);
Farrah Fawcett, U.S. actress/model (1947--),
Christie Brinkley, U.S. model (1954--),
Shakira, U.S. singer (1977--).

Thought For Today:
Truth has no special time of its own. Its hour is now — always — Albert Schweitzer, German-born missionary and Nobel laureate (1875-1965).