Friday, November 23, 2012

*sigh* I KNOW

I am not going to make a lot of excuses. My only reason for not being here is overall busyness and distraction. In fact, I have been so busy that I started this post about a month before Thanksgiving....which occurred YESTERDAY.

The thing I want to talk about today has to do with my 3rd son. You know about the microtia. If you don't remember, please do a search in my bar. I have LOTS of stuff on it.

Well, on August 27, my baby went into another surgery. This one was to put magnets into his noggin. He went into the hospital, where they cut a slit above his ear. They inserted, and counter-sunk, some magnets, about the size of hearing aid batteries. Once that was healed up (after about 4 weeks) we went in for the hearing aid.

This thing is amazing. It has a magnet on the back of the hearing aid. He basically just sticks it to his head. There are 5 levels of magnet. He generally wears a 2. They are numbered 1-5 with a 5 being the strongest.

When he first started wearing it, we had to start at 4 hours. Then, we increased by a few minutes each day. The reason is he had to it that way was to toughen up his skin. After about 5 days, we noticed a blister that was oozy. We just treated it with peroxide, let it dry up, then started with low-time each day. Now? He can wear it all day.

The hearing aid brings his hearing up to as good as, if not better than, his other ear. It has changed him. He loves do we. 

I am SO happy for my boy. 

Head shaved and magnets put in. (His ear looks pretty good, huh? Especially considering this wasn't "from the factory.")

That whole section was shaved. You can see the scar at the very top. 

Getting *fitted* for his hearing aid.

Tweaking the hearing aid through the computer.

The actual hearing aid stuck to his head.

My husband is holding the hearing aid. That black, oblong piece is a magnet. It sticks to the magnets in his head. 

SO....we finally got the hearing aid. He was very excited, but as he has perfect hearing in the other ear, we didn't really know what difference it would make.  We went to visit my parents. DS went outside and was sitting on the swing. I went out and asked him what he was doing.

He said, "Just listening."

I said, "Is there anything you can hear that you haven't heard before?"

He said, "The crunching of leaves." about water-works! That made this momma tear up like crazy.

Well, that is the most exciting thing that has happened to us lately. If you still read, I apologize for my absence. Please check in every now and then. I intend to *pick back up."

Friday, August 24, 2012


Today is my husband's and my 21st wedding anniversary. Twenty-one years we have been married. We dated for about 4 years before that. Knew each other for many years before that. We are 41 and have known each other for 35 of those 41 years.

My sweet man and I have a great marriage. In fact, looking at all the people we know...and I mean ALL of them, I would say that our relationship is better than theirs. There are many reasons for this, I'm sure.

One reason is that we have, from the very beginning, put God as the center of our marriage and our family. If you are a person who does NOT have God as the center of your marriage....well, please don't go around giving advice.

Another reason is the respect, not just love, that we have for each other. I recognize him as the head of our household. That does not mean that I have no say in what goes on. He will ask my feelings on matters...and I share with him honestly and openly. But, in the end, what he says, goes. Some of you may think this is archaic, but......whatever. I don't really care what you think. HA....which is another reason we are doing so well. ;)

Another big reason is this: I married my best friend. I'm not just being mushy. I know everyone
says they married their best friend, but really? I mean...REALLY? So, if you INSIST that you married your best friend, let me ask you this.....was he/she your best friend when you married? Or did he/she become your best the hole-y undies you just can't seem to give up?

THAT is what I'm talking about. DH and I were best friends before we married, and it only got better from there. We have each other's best interests at heart (refer to the DP dilemma), and can share anything without fear of judgment. That is a very happy place to be.

Now....let's walk back in time.

One story from the past is this: when we were in about 2nd grade, I guess, DH and his friend were playing. The dad of the friend told these 2 boys, "You know? One of these days, one of you is going to marry ~LL~." They both laughed, and said the obligatory, "EWWWW!" (actually, DH distinctly remembers stating that I was weird. HA...serves him right.) The other boy? He is our dentist. :-D

OK...this first picture is of a first grade Easter egg hunt. It's really hard to see clearly. (If you click on the picture, you can see a bigger photo.) Do you see the little girl on the right? She is wearing the white sweater. That is me. Do you know who took the picture? My hubby's mother. Now....being in a small town, it is easy to list the names of the children on the picture. There were 2 names listed. The first is DH's sister (she is the 3 year old...she is with the small grouping of 3 girls to my right (your left)). My name is the 2nd name listed. Hmmmmm......

Fast forward about 4 years to my 10th birthday party. I had a big roller skating party. My mother even made me a snazzy new, pink, skating dress. Those are my classmates standing around me as I open presents. See the strapping young lad in the super-cool silver and black jacket? That is my DH. (Heh...every time he sees this picture he says, "I loved that jacket. That was a cool jacket." Ly, one of my readers, is in the striped shirt standing right in front of me. (Incidentally, I used to have crush on the kid with his finger in his mouth. So strong was my love for him, that his name was written on the bottom of my shoe. *sigh*)

This next picture is of the 2 of us at our Junior Prom. *sigh* Isn't he a handsome guy? Yes, they allowed mustaches in school.....and guns in our trucks and pocket and butterfly knives in our pockets. (By the way, I promised DH that you would not tease him about his Superman curl. You can't see it, but tucked neatly underneath his tuxedo is his red cape ! ;) )
Now THIS picture is from Homecoming of our Senior year: 1988. DH is in the pale yellow shirt and I'm standing right next to him. I was a twirler...explaining the outfit I'm wearing. He was NHS Beau, and I was Choir and Lions Club Sweetheart.

Finally, here we are getting hitched. AWWWWWWWW......

And finally, a recent picture. Older, fluffier, definitely wiser, and more in love than ever.
Happy anniversary, my love. I pray we have many happy years ahead of us.
I love you!

Monday, August 20, 2012


This past May, we enjoyed a year that my 3rd son has had his ear repaired.  

This is my son's ear, just 1 year and 3 months after his last surgery.

Some of you have been keeping up with what has gone on for the last several years. If not, here are the related articles I have posted.










As you can see, we have put a lot of time, heart, blood, sweat, tears, and money into this ear.

One thing I haven't really focused on is the hearing portion of this journey. 

My son's actual diagnosis is....well, WAS "Microtia Atresia." Microtia meaning "little ear," and atresia meaning the canal is closed. Basically, it means that he has little to no hearing in "Verne."

When he was a baby, we had a test done. This told us that he did, in fact, have hearing in that ear, but we were told it was muffled. He could HEAR a noise, but he couldn't make out the actual sound. Kind of like having your finger jammed in your ear. You might hear that someone is speaking, but you have no idea what they are saying.

YES, it was a big concern. Until he was about 4....when we started having him evaluated for any speech and language development delays. There were none. Because of that, and because he was adapting, we were told that the cosmetic correction was the only thing we really had to worry about.

Now, before you think we were preventing my son from hearing, know that his other ear is perfect, in every way. To correct the malformed ear meant drilling an ear canal. DRILLING!!! INTO HIS SKULL!!! And then, if the doctor moved even a millimeter, a facial nerve could be nicked, thus paralyzing his face. We decided that that was not a decision that we, as parents, could make. 

Between the ages of 4 and 8, when he finished up with his reconstructive surgeries, there was never any question that we would be *done* with surgery #3. 

Until this past May. Suddenly, my son complained of hearing loss in his good ear. NOT. GOOD. I mean, he is already down one ear. We can't lose another, and develop properly. So, we started aggressively trying to figure out the reason for the hearing loss, what it means, and what we do to correct it.

All his life, we have been advocates for good ear-health. :-) He never had an ear infection. We didn't want to have damaged the only ear drum we were given. And now? Fluid. In his ear. No fever. No cold. No sniffles. 

First stop - pediatrician. The ear drum would not move. There was obvious fluid, but it wasn't infected. We put him on antibiotics, just in case it was about to flare up.

Second stop - just days later - an audiologist. Since it wasn't an infection, and he was on antibiotics, we wanted to see what improvements were made. They decided to test Verne....about 80 decibels. not acceptable. BUT, thank God we have another ear....we just have to get it working again.

Third stop - ENT. Nope. No throat issues. No sinus issues. No ear issues....well, except the obvious, I mean. But, he did want to see what, exactly, was in our son's head. He prescribed a stronger antibiotic and suggested an allergist.

Fourth stop - allergist. This is a wonderful man, whom we have seen before, when we had asthma issues. To date, my son has never had allergies, yet the fluid persisted. We *had* to figure out what was going on. 

Fifth stop - CT scan. He was a champ and stayed really still. He knew he might have to be sedated if he wiggled. And, he HATES *goofy juice.*

Sixth stop - BACK to the allergist. There was nothing obvious the last visit, so a *full-panel* was ordered. Everything came back negative. Good, but left us wondering.

Meantime, the antibiotics did their job and cleared up the fluid.

Seventh stop - BACK to the ENT. We got the results of the CT scan.

What does it all mean? 

It means that God works in mysterious ways. 

It means that God ISN'T FINISHED WITH MY SON! 


Because of this, in the various areas of testing, we found out that he DOES have all the bones in his ear. He has good *space.* Everything is just where it needs to be....well, except an ear drum. 

So now, we wait. 

We wait a WHOLE WEEK for my son to go get set up for a bone-conduction hearing aid. 


My baby is going to have his other ear brought up to 30 decibels. At 30 decibels, people don't generally need a hearing aid. It means that he will have perfectly normal, and acceptable, hearing. It means that instead of only being able to focus on the sound he sees, that he will be able to hear "in-stereo."

Moral of the story? If you love God, He will make sure that you aren't left behind. We were happy with what we have been given so far. But, God has SO MUCH MORE planned for us. I'm SO glad He didn't give up on us, while we were being lazy and not listening. 

What a loving Father He is. 

Sunday, August 05, 2012



Wow. School, for us, starts Monday!

I have discovered that being a SAHM....which, I am not, about half the like teaching, in how you approach it.
In teaching, the way you start the year, is the way you end the year. 

I find that it is the same at home....well, for me, anyway.

I have certain *big* tasks to accomplish at certain times of the year. I have a very small window to get a lot of it done. THEN, school starts. Once that starts, I am busy with SO MUCH MORE.

On top of that, I always end the summer thinking of differences I want to make. Or, I want to follow through, a bit better, on the last "great idea!"

So, without further ado, I will talk about what all I am doing. 

I am only going to discuss school-related things, though other things have a direct affect on the efficiency with which I complete the other.

My preparations really started about 2 weeks ago. Clothes. We have....SO many clothes. Now, I have one momma friend who has twice (+1) as many children as I have, so I beg her to PLEASE not judge me when I feel the need to throw a little pity party. 

HA....I really am joking. She and I have discussed our feelings on this. I know she won't judge. BUT, she will empathize. 

ANYWAY, clothes. A few weeks ago, I started going through kid. at a. time.

I start with the oldest....pass down to #2, pass down to #3, pass down to #4, then out to donation. 

When going through clothes, I often have to have the kids try on things, or discuss their feelings about their clothes: shirts too tight or short, shorts turning into "crotch squeezers." We also have to review the lesson in folding, hanging, and putting away their clothing. 

#2 has been going through a growth spurt. I don't even know how many clothes I pulled. Add to that, the fact that he is a pack-rat. It took me...I don't know....4 hours? in his closet. 

Once all of the clothes were sorted, sized, and relocated, I stated to task of uniforms. 



THIS is a MAJOR undertaking. I was happy to have my hubby's help in this. 

We go through all the boys' closets and pull all the uniforms. I also pull my tub of uniform pants. I pass down clothes. I don't buy new uniforms for everyone, every year. My oldest gets new uniforms, because he wears a different color AND he is the oldest. My 2nd was a *regular* vs. a *slim.* So, he often got new clothes.

WELL....after having kids in uniforms, for the last 8 years....we had 87 pairs of pants and shorts, and 85 shirts. When we go through uniforms, we sort them all out. SO, we had piles of 6 slim shorts, 6 slim pants, 6 regular shorts, and 6 regular pants ALL THE WAY THROUGH 14s....with a few 16s thrown in. (If anyone donates to me, I take them, and store them.

We then call in each child, one at a time, and have them try on the britches. Once we have the sizes, we asses if any need to be replaced. If so, I add that to my uniform shopping list. (We do the same with the shirts.) If there are pants/shirts too small for the youngest, those get donated. 

Now, a lot of folks sell their used uniforms, but considering that have been "in-rotation" for a good 4 years....well, they are no longer "gently-used," but "well-worn." If someone wants them, they can have them.

OK...uniforms have been sorted, sized, then hung (when appropriate). Those that are too big/small for someone, they go into storage. (I inventory what I have in the tubs. That way, if something is outgrown or ruined during the year, I KNOW if I have it.)

Once I get the uniforms listed, we look at shoes, socks, undies, and under shirts. THEN, we go shopping. With everything (uniforms and undergarments) we spend anywhere from $350 - $600. 

Whew....that took several days. :-)

This past Saturday, we had orientation for school....for all 4 grades. For the younger 3 boys, I am able to order school supplies online, and they are delivered to their classroom. Yes, I understand that I probably spend more on them this way. However, somethings are worth purchasing the *convenience.* This is one of them. I don't have an endless number of plastic sacks with supplies that have to be delivered, then sorted by myself, my kids, or by the teacher. WELL WORTH IT!

BUT, this service is not offered for the secondary. After orientation, I had 6 class lists for classes which need supplies. SO, I had to buy school supplies for 8th grade. Lots. Of supplies. 

Other things: backpack check, lunch box check.....this year, we bought 3 new backpacks and 2 new lunch boxes.

SO, what now? 

Well, my kids take their lunches most days. Some things, they get bored with. I also want to make them as healthy as possible. I usually try to make a menu for 1-2 weeks...just to take the thinking out of lunch prep. Because, I hate.....yes, I HATE packing sack lunches every morning. My kids do help, but I still do the *entree.* 

Now, onto chore charts. We have had success, and lack of success with these. The lack of success is my fault. Truly. I forget....get too remind my kids, AND to encourage them to use them. The success comes when we do use them diligently. 

With the chore charts I print a morning M-F routine, and an afternoon M-F routine. I also print a weekend morning and afternoon routine. I put the routines in a page protector. (M-F on one side and weekend on the other.) The kids use a dry-erase marker to check off their chores.

I guess maybe "chores" could be the wrong word. I mean, I DO list chores, but "routine" probably works better, as I list EVERYTHING they need to do. As soon as I get them printed, I will share my updated lists. 

I always determine to do better at things like: morning Bible study, cooking breakfast, having better snacks, using the crock pot more. And, it is always a struggle. Yet, I continue to try. I don't give up. 

The thing that will help me the most, and that is the biggest obstacle for me, is my wake-up time. Often, we are scrambling out of bed at 6:45-7:00 in order to leave at 7:30.  But, I usually go to bed kind of late, thus messing up my schedule. It is hard to get up at 6:45 when you only get about 5 hours of sleep.

SO, that is one of my big things this year. Bed, by 10:00 - 10:30. (As I type, it is 10:55.....but it is summer. :-) ) THEN, I want to start getting up between 5:30 - 6:00. 

OK....I am now drawing a blank. I hope this helps someone. If YOU have any great tips, please leave me a comment, on the blog, and share. 

Friday, August 03, 2012


I have not forgotten you. We have been on a 2 week vacation, then getting ready for school. I will be posting, SOON, on getting ready for school....not necessarily for kids, but for the moms. BUT, I came across this blog from the crazy gal that I read. The one I WON'T connect you to, because she is a whack-a-loon in EVERY sense of the word....but still. It is fun. I invite my 1-2 readers to do this, too.

1.  What color is your toothbrush 

Um, white....with orange....trim? The little non-slip grip, where you hold the brush is orange, as are some of the bristles. My toothpaste is white. Because, if it were blue, it would be gel. And, those who have read long enough know that I do NOT like gel toothpaste. *shudder*

2.  What is the best ice cream flavor? 

Well, let me tell ya. It depends on where, in my cycle, I am, AND where I am to get my ice cream (or what brand). I love: Mint Chocolate Chip, Chunky Monkey, Raspberry White Chocolate, Phish Food, Rocky Road....but probably my FAVORITE is Marble Slab's sweet cream with raspberries and chocolate chips. yum.

3.  Have you ever made a promise you'd die to keep? 

Wow, I copied and pasted this, but don't remember this. So, yeah....but only to my kids, hubby, and to my savior. I promised to do ANYthing to protect my kids. I would die for them. The same goes for my hubby. Another promise, to not deny Christ....and depending on if we are pre-Trib, mid-Trib, or post-Trib....well, there is a chance I could be put to death for my beliefs. I PROMISE, I will never deny Christ.

4.  Do you take vitamins daily? 

No. I don't take vitamins. I have nothing to expound on. No....not daily, not ever.

5. Do you go to church every sunday? 

Well, not EVERY Sunday, because every Sunday is just that...EVERY SUNDAY! Things come up....sick kids, vacation, just need to not leave the house. HOWEVER, when it is not summer, and we are not crazy busy, or out of town so much....we go to church probably 98% of all Sundays from August - May. However, when we are NOT in church, we are watching it online.  Does that change it to a "yes?"

6. Do you have a tan? 

Not an intentional tan. I don't lay-out. I get too hot. I don't like it. But, I don't hug the shade, bathe in sunscreen, and do whatever to avoid the sun. I put a bit of sunscreen on my face, then go. I get a good, healthy summer color. It is just from being outside with my kids.

7. When did you last talk on the phone?

Um, actually TALK? About 4:00. Actually, I talked to our children's pastor about a meeting coming up in which JBQ will need some info. Looks like I will be one of the only JBQ representatives there. I needed to talk to her about what to expect.

8.Where is your dad? 

Um, in a town about 40 minutes from here. Actually, I think he is currently in a video conference with my hubby on a business venture. That's OK. It gives me some TV and blogging time, which I haven't had in a month. Seriously. 

9. Look to your left, what do you see?

Up and down to the left? OK. Well, I am sitting on my couch, while I blog. So, here we go. My fireplace. If I go up to my mantle, (I actually had to look up the spelling. Just so you know, either "mantel" or "mantle" is accepted.) I have a cran-apple candle burning. Today was a GREAT DAY! SO, in celebration, I decided to bring my favorite time of year in, and burn a holiday-ish candle. Coming down, I see a wooden bunny with a string that hangs off a shelf. The bunny, in and of itself, is not some great decoration. And, it doesn't really fit. BUT, it was my mother-in-law's. She has been gone for 17 years. I will never part with it....until I pass it to a son. Coming on down...the normal fireplace tools, then the hearth. I have a few pens and pencils, our phone (land line), tons of cookbooks and a laundry basket full of about $300 worth of school uniforms that I am "relocating." 

10. What do you think of when you hear "Australia"?

I think of that book: "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." When the main character has a series of things going wrong, he wants to move to Australia. I have, in the past, wanted to move to Australia.

11. What are your plans for this weekend?

Well, let me tell ya. (And, I'm not doing this to make you jealous.) My kids, all 4 of them, are with grandparents in Houston. For a week. My husband leaves, on Saturday, for work. For a week. My kids will be gone until Wednesday. Yes....I will be alone from Saturday morning until Wednesday evening. I may, very well, dance naked in the yard. Wait....not quite....I might dance "nekkid" in the yard. That is a different kind of dancing, to be sure. Other than that, on Saturday, I have school orientation from 9 - 12. (Not just 1, but 3 orientations, AND meet the teacher sessions.) Then, buy the last of the school supplies. On Sunday, I need to help oversee a JBQ demonstration AT CHURCH. (See question #5). Sunday night, I have a meeting. (See question # 7.)

12. Can you say the alphabet backwards?

Probably. If I put my mind to it. But, really? Why would I want to? What is there to be gained? You NEVER have anything filed in REVERSE alphabetical order. I have a lot to do with what little brain power I have control over. It is hard enough to use my powers for good...and NOT for evil. Saying my alphabet backwards falls in neither category.

13. Do you have a maid service clean your house? 


Really. Peshaw! I AM the maid service. No....let me tell you my thoughts on that. I don't work. My hubby works hard to allow me to stay home. With the privilege of staying home comes the responsibility of doing a job. That job is housekeeping. Yeah, it might sound "50's." But, really, I relish in it. I am not the best, but I do for my family what I think is best. And, THAT means I clean my own house.... thank you, very much.

14. Do you use the word 'hello' daily?

I don't know. I've got nothing else.

15.  Name something that has made you angry.

The last thing was this dude in the line at CFA. He stopped, not 5 feet from a trash can, and threw a straw wrapper ON THE GROUND. THAT, made me angry. It is just laziness. 

16.  Do you like cats?

NOPE! I am allergic to them. 

Now, let me discuss it further. I used to have a cat named "Kat." He was OK. I mean...he WAS a cat. I was in high school. My cousin (across the street) adopted him and named him "Summer." She, and her family, were gone all the time: school, work, etc. My daddy had his own business. He had a shop to the side of our house. The cat always went to see my dad....and ended up staying there. I renamed him "Kat." He was OK. BUT, when I was in my early 20s, I developed an allergy to cats. Now, it is bad enough that I can go into a house, and within about 10 minutes, know that they have cats.

17. Last CD played?

Who listens to CD's now? Oh well, I will still talk about the last thing listened to. It WAS on a CD, but through my iPod. It was....something Christmas, I'm sure. Let me think....Oh, yeah! It WAS a my changer in the FTU. It was a Christmas CD. The last recording was "Joy to the World" by Mandisa.

18. Have you ever dated someone twice?

No...wait...yes. When I was younger, I would date someone, (I'm thinking boyfriend here, not a one-time, go- to-a-movie date). If we broke up, I wouldn't go back to him. However, I did re-date my hubby. In 3 weeks, we will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary!

19. Do you want to change your name? 

To what? I did almost 21 years ago. No need to do it again.

20. Last interesting thing you read?

Um.....I don't know. Thinking. I mean, I read a lot. Last thing I read was a blog. Kind of interesting, I guess. Last book? I haven't read that many in awhile. Will get back to you on that. 

Saturday, July 07, 2012


How is your summer going? Mine is going great! It is fast and furious....



We are down to the last 5 weeks. It makes me SO SO sad. Why is it that 11 weeks, in the months of June, July, and August are only a blink, when 11 weeks during school lasts




Well, I was going to just drop a note about how our plans have been going. I still have some stuff to talk about as far as trips, camps.....and DS #3 has some exciting stuff going on Verne, his ear. I need to work on a good post for that.

As far as some of the *resetting* we wanted to do:

Well, in finances, things are going OK. DH took a pay cut in order to be around with us more. I *think* we are doing OK. DH might not think that. He will have to chime in. But, he hasn't scolded me for purchases. :-)

NTT (No Technology Tuesday) is going really well. The kids are sticking with it. I stuck with it 100% a few times, I think. The other times....let's see: SIL birthday, daddy's birthday, CPR paperwork to get in, and hubby working. BUT, when I do *cheat* it is only doing those things....I'm not on FB, or TV, or other *techno* devices. It is simply making a quick phone call, emailing some papers, and the like.

We have been working on school work. My younger 2 won't have their whole packets done....but they aren't for grades, so I'm not worried about it. We are reading a novel together. My oldest is finished with his novel and most of his Algebra. He just needs to do the written part of his reading assignment.

JBQ - we need to be studying more, but I do lighten up A LOT during the summer. My youngest 2 are going through the 10s.....we will try to learn a few new ones before season starts. My 2nd is doing well....relearning the new wording on his quotes. My oldest helps me. How am I doing? Well, I'm learning. Honestly, it's hard. I don't know how the kids learn all this stuff. It is impressive. (Not me....the kids.)

All-in-all, I am please with how our summer is going. This next week, all 4 boys are in horse-riding camp. Then, we have a few trips left. And Already. School.

I hope your summer is going well! Leave a comment. Let me know!

Friday, July 06, 2012


I was debating writing about this....but since I just ticked off many (less than a month ago), I decided to give y'all a break. ;-)


Truly, I didn't feel led to post about the movie. It is gross, the idea of it all. *I know! I know!* "It's a beautiful story of how one overcomes....." blah, blah, blah.

I have a friend who said it wonderfully....she said that she went into the movie, happy to have a great night....and left feeling dirty. THAT, my friends, is what happens when the Holy Spirit convicts you.

HOWEVER, I am not on here to bash book or movie, but to share a link to a blog post that pretty much says what I feel.  Below is the title and 1st paragraph of said blog....the whole part is a *hot-link* so you can click and read the whole post.

Love y'all!

50 Shades of Magic Mike (In Which I Am VERY UNCOOL) 

This is a post that will not make me any friends, and will alienate some of my existing friends, and generally make me look like a complete stick-in-the-mud. Do people still say that? Stick-in-the-mud? How about killjoy/spoilsport/wet-blanket, etc? You get what I mean.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


My TV habits change all the time. It depends on what is on and what kind of time I have.

WAY back in the day, when hubby and I first got married, we watched a LOT of TV. We had no kids, no pets, a small apartment....not a lot of other things to take our time. We knew what was on each channel, at any time of the day....we recorded (on our VCR) "As the World Turns." (Don't judge.... LOL)

Well, then we moved to Austin. TV habits went with us...though our rent went from $350 a month to a staggering $600. Not having the extra money to go out a lot, we....watched TV.

THEN, we moved to Florida....where we. were. broke.  We had to give up cable. *twitch* The only TV we could watch was what was on regular TV, which was....not a lot. Fortunately, local TV kept coastal Floridians well educated on the impending arrival of Hurricane Erin (back in 1995). 

By the time we moved to New Mexico, (1996) we realized that we didn't need as much distraction. We still didn't have kids, but with hubby's job, my job, my returning to school...well, we didn't have the time. 

TV, in fact, did not reappear until about 2006. Now, by that, I mean cable. We had *local* channels, but we didn't really watch.

When we moved to North Texas, and had kids, our TV consisted of "Barney," "The Wiggles," "Jay Jay the Jet Plane," and other various programs.

We moved to North Texas in 2000. We watched the videos and local TV, ONLY if there was a *weather event.*

Then, I started to stay home. For the record, I did not ask for cable. Or dish. Or any of the other fancy-schmancy TV options. I was OK watching kid videos (with my children......usually) and qubo on local TV, which I still love, by the way.

Around 2007 (I don't remember the year), my hubby got a Dish (is it Dish?) Network package. Two words: FOOD NETWORK!  I was like the kid in the toy know the one with the lollipop hanging out of his mouth while he drools and looks and listens and is just overwhelmed? We took the same approach that we took with the kids on their video games. When they get a new system, they pretty much have a few days of unlimited play. (Bed times and supper times are enforced.) THEN, we go into limiting their time. So yeah....TV....TV with cable.....It was like I had never seen this new-fangled device. LOL! I have to watch how much I watch. 

So, what do I watch now? Well, I record pretty much everything. Commercials drive. me. crazy! I sit to watch something recorded. The exception is when I'm doing housework and just want the noise. Then, I put it on Food Network. But, here are the shows that I record. (Keep in mind, I don't watch them my cooking shows. If they are cooking something I don't care to ever recreate, then I delete it. AND, I have hours....HOURS of cooking shows recorded that I haven't had the chance to watch. If I haven't deleted them, then I really want to watch them for I need time.)

OK....back to what I record:  

  • Little House on the Prairie (Go Half-Pint!)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (Make it so!)
  • The Next Food Network Star (Hosted by the very talented: Bobby *Man-boobs* Flay)
  • The Next Iron Chef (A LA CUISINE!)
  • Hawaii 5-0 (the new series) (Aussie in Hawaii....nice)
  • 10 Dollar Dinners (She's from North Texas.)
  • Barefoot Contessa (I adore her. She shares my birthday.)
  • Cook's Country (Just darn good cooking.)
  • America's Test Kitchen (Where I discovered "THE Dessert.")
  • Rizzoli and Isles (Sarcasm with guns....I possess both.)
  • Dance Moms (not the Miami version) (Makes me feel normal.)
  • Sister Wives (Ho-muh-GOSH! TRAIN! WRECK!)
So the first 2....there are never *new* episodes. SO, I record them and if I have seen them (or remember seeing them, and I don't like them) then I delete them. "Star Trek"....well, about once ever 6 weeks there will be a *marathon* of about 12 shows. The shows with certain characters (Q) drive me crazy, so I get rid of them.

Six of the shows are cooking shows. And right now, I have 15 episodes that need to be watched. (I just deleted a bunch.)

Generally, I don't like crime-type dramas, but "Hawaii 5-0"....the *scenery* is quite nice. "Rizzoli and Isles" was an accidental watching. I love it. 

Finally, my indulgences: "Dance Moms" and "Sister Wives." Whew....those are some MESSED UP folks. 

So there you have it: I watch some crazy TV habits, AND I am addicted to fast food and sugary drinks. As one reader has pointed out, I need your prayers. :-) 

Excuse me while I go refill my cup of sweet tea. (You will all be happy to know that, in the interest of saving money) I now have a wonderful sweet tea recipe (using a simple syrup). 


Friday, June 22, 2012


I have been wanting to change the design of my blog. But, I don't want to get rid of what I have. I had it designed a few years ago (happy birthday from DH). 

I am not technologically.....anything.....except maybe challenged.

Awhile back.....years ago, really, I was going to change my blog. I did just a simple template switch with a skin/format that I found online. I followed all the instructions. My blog disappeared for a few minutes. I was so sad. THEN, it showed up. 

I have no doubt that it was operator error. 

In the end, I did NOT switch. I only changed when I had a paid professional take care of it.

Any ideas? I really, REALLY do not know how to work out computer/programming glitches....if that is what you would call them. 

I know a few of my readers (or former readers) know how to change some stuff.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SO, YEAH....

I've ticked off more people. This time because of an opinion. 

You have probably heard about the book "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Well, I feel like that book is poison. I think it will damage many marriages....and I posted those views on facebook.

I will not go into a review. I will not go into why I feel the way I do. I already did that. 

What I AM going to do is discuss the fallout. 

It is pretty sad, to say the least.

So, this gal...I don't rightly know how to refer to her. I tried to be a friend to her. I *thought* she was a friend to me....but looking back on certain things that happened during the last 10 years....well, perhaps she considered it being a friend. I certainly do not. 

I will not rehash the multiple times I felt thrown under the bus. I can look back and say it was my own fault. You know the saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." What do they say when you get to times 4 or 5? 

I just shake your head.

SO, I posted my very strong feeling on facebook about this book.

Wait....let me go find it.

"'Fifty Shades of Grey.' Honestly, it will have the power to destroy many marriages. Have I read it? NO....I trust the Holy Spirit enough to stay away from it. I am seeing more and more of my friends who are considering reading it....and I'm disappointed and saddened for them. You might as well tell me you are a heroin addict....I would view it the same way."

NO, I have not read the book. It was a God thing. From the first time I heard of this book, I had a bad feeling about it. And, yes....I have friends who have read it....Christian friends. Do I think it will destroy their marriages? No. Do I think it would destroy mine? No. But, I strongly feel that it is a toxin that does not even need to be introduced into a marital unit.

OK....back to the fallout.

The gal responded that she probably shouldn't respond, but "you felt it OK to put your opinion, so why shouldn't I?" And, then she responded.

That's fine. I didn't respond for a long time to ANY of the comments, because I was doing something. It was the next day, I believe, before I even went there. I knew that the one gal was upset....she does that....often. BUT, I wanted to find out the damages. (Ironically, she and I fly off the handle just as quickly, and at the same types of things....only I don't defriend when I disagree with a fellow "flyer off the handle.")

When I went to her page, BOOM! I'm not a friend. Sadness overwhelmed me. (Looking back, I'm highly irritated that I still get upset when people choose not to like me just because we have differing opinions.) 

Meanwhile, on another page, a friend (real friend) had C/P'd my post. There was some discussion on there that made it feel like a "Christian intolerance" thing. SO, my next post says this:

"Sometimes, I have no words. Today, I am sad. I find it ironic that someone can post their feelings on something, and it is freedom of speech. However, as a Christian, when I post my feeling on something, I am labelled intolerant, judgmental, and finally, defriended. I make no apologies. My God knows how I feel and will help me through this." see where this is going, don't you?

The defriender, though not caring to talk WITH me, still cared enough to see what I was up to. She got mad about THAT post and started talking about me to another *friend.* So, I clicked the little button.

One thing I will say about pulls out the true blues and helps you identify the emotion drainers.

Two *friends* down....but....well, I guess they were never really friends in the first place, were they?

For the record, I did block both of them from seeing me on FB....though they will still be able to read this....and I'm sure they will. They might even comment. And, I MIGHT even publish their comment.....



**ETA:  Do I regret my original post? No. I had a friend private message me to let me know that my post was for her. She had read my post, felt convicted, and decided NOT to read the book. She is one reason God wanted me to post what I did.

Sunday, June 03, 2012


My first car. 

It was not the first car I drove, but it was mine to drive.....once I was licensed.

I can remember driving lessons with my mother. We would drive on the truck route....the loop around our town (that took all of 7 minutes to complete....IF you drove the speed limit.) 

Anyway, these driving lessons were in a 4-door Buick Park Avenue. I'm stunned that my mother allowed me to drive it. She never did let me take it "up-town" to drag main. But, I did. 

Several times, as a freshman in high school, my parents would go out with some friends. I would call my friend *B* and tell her that I had the keys and off we would go. Keep in mind that if I would have gotten caught by the police....well, there would be many issues. My daddy would have strung me up. My mother would have started hiding her keys. And, no telling what the police would do, as I wasn't licensed. 

Yeah, I got this car for my 16th birthday. I was totally surprised. 

A red (with white interior)  5-speed Toyota Celica. It was sweet!

I couldn't drive it for a week or 2 after I got it, because I wasn't licensed. 

In my home town you took your driving test on Tuesday's. SO, the Tuesday just after my birthday, I went for my test....the written test, then the driving test. I think I made a 100 on paper and a 98 on the street. 

The thing that was scarier than anything was the parallel parking. Really....who does that anymore? But, still.... I had to do it for my test. To prepare, I practiced driving and parking in the Buick. In reality, I took the test in my aunt's 2 door Pontiac Grand Am. 

During the 2 weeks between receiving the car, and taking my driving test, my dad started giving me lessons in MY car. My car was a 5-speed. I had never before driven a stick. I was NOT going to drive MY car to school, on the 1st Wednesday that I was licensed, and lurch out of 1st gear....or worse.... STALL!

My grandparents lived on the edge of city limits. Just on the other side of their house, were the practice baseball fields. Basically..... a pasture. So, my dad drove the car and explained the gears and how to shift. Then, he said he wanted me to practice driving, parking, killing the car, starting the car, backing up, and driving. THEN, he got out of the car and said he was going for some coffee. He walked across the pasture and entered my grandparent's house. I spent the next few hours practicing driving my car.

I have so many wonderful memories around that car. 

I carted *hot* road signs in that car. 

I would pack in about 8 friends to go to a party. 

I was designated driver in that car.

I had glass-packs.....fake, ghetto glass-packs. LOL!!! (Truly, it was a hole in the muffler.)

I went through a phase of having to start my car with a screw-driver. Really. A screw-driver.

I had an awesome sound system. (My dad worked on, and installed radios, so mine was great.)

I had a sun roof!

I busted out the side-view mirror by speeding through the back dirt roads to get home on time.

I ran over a mesquite tree.  (IN MY DEFENSE: I was not the first one to hit it. Someone else had already hit it and drug it out onto the aforementioned dirt road.) (Both the busted mirror and running over the tree happened on the same night.)

Good times.......good times.