Saturday, May 31, 2008

AGE: An observation

We are all getting older. The reason I know this is that I, of all people, was not going to get older. If I can't fight it....neither can you.

I needed to go shopping today. I'm not a fan of the shopping trip. I do enjoy grocery shopping, but not clothes shopping....which is what I had to do. And not just regular clothes....but a swimsuit.

So anyway, the whole time I was doing my shopping, I was contemplating age. Granted, I could have easily contemplated fat, or gravity. Diet or plastic surgery. But my real enemy here is age.

Back in the day (OK...WAAAAAY back in the day) I was quite skinny. And I don't use that term lightly. Size B cup in boobage, less than 130 pounds and 5' 7". I remember seeing my "ideal" weight as being 140.....I was 12 pounds UNDERweight. I swore I would NEVER get so fat. HA! Such a silly, silly child. My children saw to that. Now I need to lose 12 pounds to get to my ideal weight. (I didn't say what multiple of 12 I needed to lose, did I?)

Let's get back to age. I looked at various dresses, skirts, blouses and swimsuits. I tried on many...too many. It was depressing. I now have to buy clothes with a "W" beside the size number. And though I know it stands for "women's" I can't help but think "wide" or "whale" or "WHOA-baby!" AGE has done this to me.

As I was trying on these dresses, I found myself looking at my reflection (both in and out of the clothing) critically. I have a few battle scars around my mid-section. My legs are still good, for such an old lady. They are still quite muscular and not really flabby. (Though I do have that little pocket of fat right up by my......). Needless to say, if I was living in the Renaissance period, I would be a goddess! Seriously. You know in the old days when there were portraits of scantily clad women....well, I could do that. I am sufficiently fluffy.
I am not delusional enough to think that I can wear a 2-piece...even a 2-piece with a long top. When I tried one on and lifted my arms....well, suffice to say that what peeked out and jiggled my way was cause for alarm. And a little skirt. Not that my legs are so bad. I don't really have thunder thighs, but should anything crawl where it's not welcome...again, some things I just don't want to share.

Enough about my body....I'm talking about time, here.

My face. What is happening to my face? I don't wear a lot of make-up, so my skin is relatively smooth. I never suffered acne...thank you, I don't have "pizza skin." But, my cheeks sag a little. My most recent prayer is that I don't get jowls like several of the aunts on my mother's side of the family. And crow's feet? We won't refer to them. They are laugh lines! And I have laughed A LOT! I can remember my mother, when she went through her age crisis, discussing how she needed to change her makeup habits because, "You know, B? I'm getting older and I want to go with it. I don't want to try to look too young." I would just roll my eyes. Whatever! Well, here I am.
Like Truvy said in Steel Magnolias: "Time marches on and sooner or later you realize it is marchin' across your face."

Hair. What is UP with my hair? I pray that I will be blessed with my grandmother's hair. She is 100 years old and still blond. I hope I can expect that. I don't have gray....that I have seen. But if I were brunette, I'm sure I would have my share, especially with my personality. I am also having trouble finding a style I like. My hubby likes it long. I do, too, but it's getting tough to manage and I have to wonder if it seems too young for me. (Though I hardly think I'm ready for the weekly trip to the beauty parlor and sleeping in a night cap.)

Music. MY music is now considered "classic." WHAT is UP with THAT?!

Traffic. I am a fairly cautious driver. I have 4 treasures that I cart around regularly...I don't take chances. But PLEASE! When the speed limit is 65 mph, 35 mph is really not safe. I know the reflexes slow some, but really? Is that what I have to look forward to?

I am hoping that today I started to think that my age (all 37 years) is OK and that I can handle this gracefully and attractively. I know most get to the point where they are down-right crotchety. Not only that, but so often they stop caring about their appearance, both physical and in dealing with people.

I don't want to recapture my youth, but I do want to hold it as long as possible. Is this a mid-life crisis? I don't have time for that! All I know is that I'm very resentful of the toll that time has taken on my life.
Oh to grow old gracefully....I am trying!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


One of my favorite bumper stickers says:



So, true. Please remember the TRUE heros in our country.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I trust you are OK with what you are doing. You are raising a horrible child. Truly. Horrible.

I teach my child the Golden know? The one that says, "Do unto others the way you would have them do unto you?" You have taught your son nastiness.

I am teaching my son to be a man of God. You are giving me a great reason to do just that.

You are one of the horrible women who allows your son to say what he wants. I am teaching my son that words are painful and should be chosen carefully.

You have taught your child that it is cool to laugh AT. I'm teaching my son that you should only laugh WITH.

You do nothing while your son opens his face to hurt my child. I take my child into my arms when he comes home wounded.

You can't be a caring woman to allow such a thing. A true mother feels the hurt of, not only her child, but the child of others.

Your child teases my child when classwork is performed. My son is made fun of for making the grade.

I will smile when my grown son refuses to hire your son.

Have a great day.........if you can.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


When I was teaching, the thought of summer was very exciting.....TIME OFF. I got to sleep (not late, but I could go to bed earlier.) I didn't have lesson plans, grading to do, staff development meetings or the many other duties performed for the previous 10 months.

Once I started staying home, the thought of a summer vacation seemed like anything BUT a vacation. It is a daunting task, thinking of trying to get the housework done, keep the kids busy (but out of your way) and at the same time NOT waste those wonderfully eager brain cells that are bouncing around in their little noggins.

I am often asked by friends for some suggestions of things to do with children. One friend periodically has a "Family Fun Night" and is always looking for things to do that are easy, inexpensive and quick. Below are my suggestions for making it through a summer without losing your mind, and preventing your children's minds from getting mushy and oozing out of their ears.

Personally, my biggest challenge is getting my work done without trusting the idiot box to babysit for awhile. It is really easy to allow video games and t.v. shows to entertain the children all for the sake of my own work. Keep in mind, I am not saying to turn off everything electronic for the entire summer. I personally have no problem with a bit of mindless activity.

Well, either because I'm older (ahem....more mature) or because I have just finally come to realize the importance of all this, I have determined to make a lot of changes for our summers. I know this isn't anything "groundbreaking." It is not new, by any means - makes total sense and is easy to carry out.....let's just accept the fact that I'm slow. :) Anyway, here they are:

*originally, I was going to categorize these activities, but I changed my mind.

  1. set a schedule and stick to it (certain things on certain days)
  2. take one day a week where you actually GO somewhere: the zoo, park, playground, restaurant, hiking, biking
  3. play outside for a few minutes everyday
  4. teach your children to cook (prepare) a certain dish and assign it once a week
  5. blow bubbles
  6. plant some herbs
  7. use yarn and paint for some "string art"
  8. have "school days" or times to stay sharp on math facts and spelling
  9. dye hard boiled eggs; peel the shells (break up in various sizes) and use the colored pieces to create a mosaic
  10. bake cookies
  11. make jello
  12. make bean bags out of odd socks and use them to create a game
  13. teach your kids to play chess (it's really easy.....we taught ours when they were 6)
  14. give music lessons (if you don't know how, go online and teach yourself and your child at the same time
  15. write a POV journal (point of view.....for example: take a trip to the park as a pair of tennis shoes.)
  16. learn the night sky - you don't need a telescope or even can learn so much with just your eyeballs
  17. make paper chains out of colored paper and use it as a countdown to something big
  18. glue macaroni and other pastas to a pencil box; paint them when they are dry
  19. use popsicle sticks to create things: a picture frame, a pencil cup, a "garden"
  20. go on an alphabet scavenger hunt around the house
  21. select items outside (tree bark, sidewalk, leaves) and do rubbings to show textures
  22. buy and complete a latch-hook pillow
  23. use strips of construction paper and weave to make a place mat
  24. use crayon shavings and sprinkle on a white t-shirt. Iron (with a waxed paper between iron and crayon) and melt onto shirt
  25. write poetry (acrostics are really fun and easy)
  26. buy plastic beads and create jewelry
  27. buy twine and make key chains or bracelets
  28. buy chenille pipe cleaners and create sculptures
  29. read a chapter book as a family (a child's listening vocabulary is higher than his/her speaking vocabulary....pull out those harder books)
  30. create reports using the books you read (paper bag report, tissue "stained glass" window, bookmarks, character letters, create a board game)
  31. have children help clear through toys and then donate
  32. make sidewalk chalk then go decorate your driveway
  33. memorize a Bible verse as a family (one or two a week)
OK...I have more, but I need to stop and go to bed.

If there is anything I listed that you don't understand, or you just want to know more about it, please leave a comment and I will be more than happy to go into further detail.

Make memories....our children are growing so fast. Soon, they will be so involved in outside activities.....that will be it. There won't be a "wait until next summer."

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Ladies and dear hubby......we have a question.

YES...I DID get that pedicure!

PLEASE forgive the fact that I have a picture of a foot up there. It is quite disgusting. (If you know me well, you know that feet and ankles...well....blech) I'm grossed out, despite the fact that I have lovely feet, compared to most. Notice how my toes all graduate down in size. (MommySpice once informed me that the 2nd toe that juts out past the big toe is a sign of a leader. That is just something I will have to fight through. I'll swan....I think if my 2nd toe was so mutinous, I would have to cut her off at the first knuckle.) I have a normal sized pinkie-toenail. I don't have "monkey feet" or "finger toes." And though you can't see them in the picture, my ankles are pleasantly slender.

I'm not bragging...just stating a fact.


*There is a good chance that this post will be edited. I am almost certain that I will forget something vital and have to come back to add. I will be answering any questions (should they come up) in the comments....or if there seem to be more than a few, I might post the questions and answers, along with any clarification, in another entry.*

I am a couponer. It is like a sport among those who seriously coupon. We post on message boards sharing our successes, questions, failures and sweet finds. Not only is it my way to help my family, but it is fun. I love to show off my stockpile and great deals. When someone sees my receipts, they question how it was I saved so much.

The disappointment comes when I tell them that I coupon. Their smile fades and they say, "Oh. Well, I can't afford to do that." Either they don't take the paper, or they don't want to drive. They think that Walmart is cheaper or that they don't want to take their child/children.

I have an answer for all of ready?

Start taking the paper. You will save enough to pay for the gas. Walmart is NOT cheaper and you will save enough money to buy your child a "bribery" snack to get through the store.

The next thing I hear is this:

"Well, it simply isn't worth it to use one $.25 off coupon."

You are smart of you to recognize it. HOWEVER, I use that same coupon for $.75 off because I know where and when to shop.

To successfully coupon, you have to commit. A lot of people don't want to clip all those coupons. I don't clip unless I KNOW I'm about to use it. I have an organization system that is always changing. I have a lot of space to store my bounty...AND my BOUNTY. The way I see it is this: YES, I work on my list and coupons about 1-2 hours a week. That isn't a lot more time than I spend anyway on making my list. The last time I went to Kroger, I spent $73.....but I SAVED $74. The savings alone, for 2 hours of work.....well, I don't know too many people who get paid $37 per hour. And THAT is not even including my trip to HEB, CVS and Walgreens. On average, I save 51% on ALL my groceries and health and beauty product. And I'm getting name-brand stuff! When I said "BOUNTY," I wasn't kidding. I have about 25 rolls right now in my pantry floor.

I also have 12 jugs of laundry soap, 11 bottles of dish soap, 32 bars of bath soap, 17 boxes of cereal, 15 bottles of bath wash, 12 tubes of toothpaste, 13 shampoos, 12 lotions, 5 deodorants, 6 hand soaps, and 12 toothbrushes. AND I got everything for CHEAP! As in $1.25 for a box of cereal.....Lucky Charms, Chex, Cheerios....good cereals. The shampoos: Herbal Essence, Finesse....I'm talking name-brand stuff.

OK...this really isn't an entry on stockpiling, but I will if you want. =) No, this is my excitement in trying to convince YOU to DO AS I SAY AND AS I DO!

If you look in my sidebar, you will see some of the places I go. Some of these places have a "coupon basics" section. I strongly suggest this if you are brand new. I also use THIS is what helps me get the savings with a small amount of work. (Please...if you DO sign up, put me as a reference. I'm on there as ~LL~) Anyway, the point of "The Game" is that they do the work for me. For example: I can get their HEB list, see exactly what is on sale, whether it is a good deal for the sales cycle AND what coupon is out there and where to find it. SO, if I find out that Softsoap is on sale, my list might also say that in last week's paper, there was a coupon for $.35 off 1 bottle of Softsoap. SO, I go to a store who will triple that coupon...I just took $1.05 off of ONE bottle of Softsoap. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I don't really know where I want to go with all this....I guess I just want to show off my stockpile :D

IF you want to know more, feel free to ask questions and I will do what I can to give you the right answer. I'm hoping to SOON get some of my friends together and have a "class" for them.

P.S. These pictures were taken a bit over a week my stock has changed a bit.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Nope....not today. I'll do the "meme" later....can I just say that I read at least 3 of the same can tell that we all cruise each other's neighborhood. I'll do it later.

BUT FIRST...I have to share with you how blessed I am to have the hubby I have.

My sweet hubby and I have been married almost 17 years. We do have one of those sickeningly wonderful marriages. He gives us what we need and almost ALWAYS what we want.

Well, just scroll down to read my latest post about the day I had a few days ago. Yesterday, wasn't really too different. Each event was not a problem. But it just kept coming and coming and coming.

I love my children. I love being a mom. I don't really care to get a lot of "me" time....but some days, I'm wound as tight as an 8 day clock. Yesterday was such a day.

I told my hubby that when he got home that I would need a break. I didn't have any plans except to run away for a bit. We aren't made of money. I knew the library would be closed, or closing soon. My option was pretty much to stroll through the aisles of WM...which I totally don't mind doing when I'm alone. I do like to grocery shop and stuff like that.

DH came home. I was sitting on the porch to escape the noise and craziness in the house....2 kids had followed. I was OK...just tired. SO TIRED.

My hubby gave each child some attention. Then, MY MAN gave me a much-needed bear hug. He then whispered some of the sweetest words in my ear. He said, "Go get a manicure and a pedicure. Go to a nice restaurant to eat. Take a book and go to Starbucks to get a chai latte and read. Come home when you're ready."

Couldn't you just kiss him? Well, no...not YOU kiss him, but you know what I mean.

I excitedly got ready to leave. I took about 15 minutes to give a briefing as to what had to happen that night with the kids. I went for my pedi and mani. I went to eat Italian food. I didn't go to Starbucks, but I did go to Walgreens for stuff. THEN, I went to Chick-fil-A for a cookies and cream milkshake. I was gone for a little over 3 hours.

My hubby sent me out for fun and peace and he handled soccer practice, dinner, finished a science project and bedtime.

THEN, to top it all off...he woke up to get the kids ready for school, took everyone who was awake for donuts, dropped off the kidletts and brought me some breakfast to boot!

I'm so blessed.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


There is something that I'm really thankful for, right at this very moment. Actually, I'm thankful for so much, but this is a little victory, actually.

When you are raising children, you do your best to teach them right from wrong. You teach them how to act at home and in society. You work with them on their school work, on homework, and on kicking goals. You teach them the importance of cleaning their rooms, taking a shower, brushing their teeth and keeping "treasures" out of the way of younger siblings. You stay on them about obedience, about praying, the importance of reading the Bible and becoming a young man (or woman) of God. And when ALL of this is done for the day, you tuck them in bed, give them a hug and kiss, say your prayers and silently pray that SOMETHING is sinking in.

Today, was a really rough day. In fact, had I not already posted about Alexander here, I would have planned my trip to Australia. My piano got broken, the bathroom flooded TWICE, food spilled, plates dumped, ink on furniture, hitting, kicking, screaming (I'm still talking about the kids)....Have I told you the bathroom flooded TWICE? Countless other incidents that are, in and of themselves, small, but they sure added up.

Anyway, after all was said and done, there remained 4 children, three of whom were in bed....1 actually asleep, and the other in need of a fingernail trim. SO, clippers in hand, I set to trimming nails. A few close snips later, I apologized to my oldest and told him that I was having trouble focusing - that I would calm down and do better. I took a deep breath when my youngest, who has been in bed for 1-1/2 hours by now (and NOT asleep...lest you misunderstand the scenario) and stated he needed a pull-up. (Of course, he didn't need it - he just wanted out of bed...AGAIN.)
I open my mouth, to yell, no doubt (I won't lie....I yell), when my son says: "Be careful, Mom. 'Harsh words bring about anger.'"


He continues, "You haven't been reading your Bible everyday, have you? It's important to do that, or else you'll forget what God says in his Word."

Fingernail clippers......$1.49
Package of Pull-ups....$13.49

Having a son quote the Bible.......PRICELESS
What a moment that was. I'm so proud of my son for speaking up....knowing that, in my mood, I could have easily told him not to sass me.


Monday, May 12, 2008


I heard on the news that there were over 100 tornadoes in the U.S. in the month of April. I know that in north Texas, we had a week with over 10 tornadoes in the area. Just a few days ago, almost 20 people were killed by twisters.

You have certainly heard of the cyclone in Myanmar, killing up to an estimated 100,000.

I'm now hearing of a earthquake in Asia killing thousands.
Some stores in the U.S. are rationing food.

There are fires in the west and flooding in the east.

I'm sure that in-depth research would show MANY disasters in this 6 week period.

Hurricane season is just around the corner.

The U.S. is in a war.

Astronomers often warn us of the asteroid that will wipe out life, as we know it.

Global warming?


This is a Global WARNING!!!

Luke 21:10-11~Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

Luke 21:25-28~And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Are you ready?

Sunday, May 11, 2008


So, most of the blogs I read seems to have a post on Mother's Day. I decided to do the same.

In honor of the mothers everywhere, I would like to say, "GOD BLESS YOU!"

This picture is of my 4 boys, myself, my mother and my grandmother, at her 100th birthday party. This might not be the best picture in the world, but my mother is the youngest of 10 kids. SO, when it comes time for the pictures, they go in order of birth....that puts us last. EVERYONE was tired. LOL

Proverbs 31:28~Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband [also], and he praiseth her.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So, my sweet honey bun is coming home today. He is in the the time he finishes his work and airlines back, it will be about 7-ish. I have a lot to do.

I won't lie. I'm not the best at housework by any means. (Though it pains me to admit it.) I try....and I go through spurts of productivity and INactivity. =) But no matter what I need to do, or have done, I DO try to make it to where the house is not a total disaster area when he comes home.

There is no pressure from him. He is so good. Even though there are certainly times when he has wanted or expected a certain task to be done, he never complains if it is not. It's just really good when my productive spurt lands right before he does.

Well, I'm feeling a bit productive (I just hope he doesn't read this before he returns.....just in case LOL)

My living room is picked up, but needs to be vacuumed. My kitchen is relatively clean, but floor needs to be mopped. (I have a serious clutter problem in there.) The boys' bathroom is decent, as I just wiped down the counters last night. My couponing for the week is mostly done...except for my CVS and WG run. Nope....the one thing that NEEDS to be done...and that would thrill my hubby down to his hairy you guess? That's right...LAUNDRY. The evil villain that resides in my house. SO....I have about 9 hours before he comes home....I figure, if I try really hard, that I can get, say....about 2 hours productive folding. I won't work to justify how I came to that time. Suffice it to say, if you have children, you understand.

I am thinking about keeping a "to-do" list in my side-bar. Maybe if I post it I will feel a bit more accountable. I might put it up for a week at a time so I don't feel quite so lazy. I would love if you would share your schedules. Maybe it would help me by giving me ideas.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, May 05, 2008


So, hubby and I had our annual eye exam and got our new Rx for contact lenses. Actually...not a new Rx, just a new kind of contact. We had been wearing the torric lenses and they are crap! Seriously, they dance all over your eyeballs and you spend as much time with blurry vision as you do good vision. BUT, that is not the point of the conversation.

I'm into couponing. I know a good deal when I see it. I even have a rebate form :D

I called to find out the out-of-pocket price, after rebate, for my hubby and I.

Here it is:

Me: 6 month supply, after rebate: $45
12 month supply, after rebate: $160
and should you think that my brain us jiggly (understandable in recent weeks) I DOUBLE checked.

I was going to say something if Dh's looked better:

He has 2 different contacts, 1 for each eye (he's special)

anyway: for 6 months, after rebate: $11
for 12 months, after rebate: $112

Nope...I didn't goof up on my typing. Seriously. Isn't 6 months HALF a year? Shouldn't it be HALF the cost?

There is a chance that she (the lady at the eyeball shack) could have given me the wrong totals, but if not...HOLY SMOKES!!!

That just goes to show all you Sam's and Costco don't ALWAYS get a discount from buying in bulk.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


This post has been titled "Superman" because my third son, whom this is about, has been running around in a Superman costume for pert near a week now. The cape could ALMOST fly around by itself. (What is funny is my 4th son is doing the same thing. SO wonderful to have such a SUPER family.)

So, my third son is the one with know, the little ear, no ear canal. It will get fixed in a year or three. You probably can look at my archives and find out about it or Google it. Depending on how I feel in a few when this is done, I might do the work for you...or not. :D

ANYWAY, we are not ashamed or embarrassed by his ear. Honestly, we seldom think about it. Others seldom notice it. If I say something about it, a lot of adults say something like, "He doesn't have a complete ear? I never noticed that." The boy can hear, he can talk, and he is as cute as a bug.....pretty, really...but I digress.

Since it is not an issue (yet) we don't make it an issue. We don't talk about it. We don't sit around the kitchen table and belabor the fact that out of 6 people, there are only 11 fully-formed ears. We don't lose sleep...none of that. That means that we haven't really talked to our son about it, either. He is 5. He doesn't do a lot of grooming in the mirror, so really, the subject hasn't come up.

Picture this....5 year old kid ogling himself (heh...that sounds kinda naughty) in the mirror and yells, "MOM....WHA'SUP WIT' MY EAR?"

Nope....just hasn't been a topic of conversation.

The other day, he was in the bathroom while his daddy was getting ready to fly out. DH cleaned his ears with a q-tip and ds #3 asked for a q-tip. He (the son) cleaned his "good" ear and stopped. DH asked him why he didn't clean his other ear.

Good question! Not real sure what he would say....does he realize? Can he tell? Imagine our surprise when we found out that a bad guy closed it and locked it.

Hmmmmmm.....I guess the Man of Steel is not immune to :


First, I need to say this....I totally know that half my regular readership (that would be about 3 LOL) have black-listed me and no longer read.

For the rest of you, just know that those who needed to see it, saw it. (cryptic, huh?)


I have a document saved on which I am always adding new ideas for my blog....topics, I mean. And, for the record, I have a full page. I just need to get crackin'.

In light of these difficult economic times, I have decided to continue my work in the pursuit of being a Virtuous Woman by being a good steward of my hubby' hard-earned cash. So, some posts will be devoted to that: couponing, meal planning, budgeting....(meanwhile, my hubby sits, stifling chuckles)

I also have some trips that I want to write about. I never did write about my trip to NYC last summer, did I?

There are a few people in my life that are blog-worthy. I'll touch on them, too. never-ending trial.

New Year's resolution's follow-up. Isn't that like the 4th one, or so? will like that one, I think.

I might create a me-me. How fun to have something on cyber-space that many participate in that is mine :D

OK....I should get crackin'. I already have a post I need to write.

Stay tuned....lots of good stuff. (Not as good as what has happened in the last 2 weeks, but still fun.)

And to the 3 of you who don't read....well, never mind, you aren't reading, are you? HA!


One of my Q-pon friends is launching a blog in which she discusses some REALLY great deals. I'm great at couponing, but I stand in awe as I don't know where she gets this stuff!

Between the 2 of us, we can help you save loads of cash.

Be on the lookout for my blog on using the Qs and saving some serious dough!!!

Pop on over. Tell her I said, "Hi!"

Friday, May 02, 2008


This is something I wrote...yes...I wrote it. (Unbelievable if you think it's good, I guess.) Anyway, I don't put names and such, so I can't really take credit, can I? If you decide to use this without permission, please give credit to the crazy blog lady who wants everyone to know God.
This is dedicated to all my friends who think I'm nuts.

Now I lay me down to rest.
I fear, dear Lord, I failed a test
to spread the Gospel, grand and true,
to keep the focus, just on You.

Instead, I turned some people 'round
and while my heart lay on the ground,
I know that what YOU say is pure,
but how to share it, I'm not sure.

You warned me this would happen some,
and for tonight, I think I'm done.
Yet, in my heart I hear Your call
to spread Your precious Word to all.

For words, I won't apologize,
but God, I think I realize
the difficulties for some to feel
Your love for them is truly real.

All that to say, "I thank you now,
For my salvation." I can't know how
You love me, despite my flaws.
PLEASE use me God, for Your cause.