Saturday, October 19, 2013


Yeah....I'm in full swing of several things. But, the things that are the bigger things are: Christmas (as usual), school, and JBQ.

I do not know how I am managing. I just.....manage.

A lot of things are going undone. A lot of Christmas things are going undone....

......disappointing, to say the least.

I *was* going to make cards....I will be lucky to buy and address them all.

I have several craft projects to do. I will be working on those soon. I will also take a day, or 2, to do my baking. I will be absolutely disappointed if I do not get my baking and candy making done. Happily, hubby has already secured tickets for "The Nutcracker" and TSO.

I bought a new Christmas tree. Last year, I had a few sections of lights go completely out. I restrung, I think, 4 sections. Aggravating, to say the least. Well, we pulled it out, plugged it in, and there were at least 4 other sections not lit. GRRRR!  SO, my hubby went on his yearly trek to the Lobby, and helped me choose....well, helped me carry....ok....he did all the lifting new tree. :-)

I have one of my fall boxes out. I need to find the other boxes (up in the attic) I will wait until hubs can climb up and get them.

I know....I know....I am late getting my fall tree up, but it will be completely up and decorated by Wednesday. *sigh* I wish I could say "by tomorrow," but I'm SO SO tired....and behind. It is in the *fluff* stage, right now. 

School....'s going...I love it....the teaching, anyway. It's just the schedule that is a problem. So, we won't get into it right now. I just have to trust that, for this year anyway, I am doing what I'm supposed to do. Should that change, I trust that God will inform me AND my husband.

JBQ....again. It's going. I am not QUITE as busy with it....for a few reasons. One is that school is keeping me so stinking busy. The other reason is that I only have 2 in JBQ. But, DS#3 wants to achieve the same thing his older brothers achieved....a year earlier. Which means that (if we make this happen) I have a year to get several hundred hours of studying done.

Yeah....that's no problem, because.....yeah.

I have my formal evaluation coming up. I'm a bit nervous. It has been YEARS since I have been through it. *sigh* This, too, shall pass.

Well, I need to watch "Elf!" WOOT!