Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011


This will be another bullet post because I'm behind in my goals of blogging more and... well, bullets don't have to make sense.... I can just dump my thoughts.

  • I like The Little House on the Prairie.... the show.
  • I record it when it is on.
  • Next month, I won't get the Hallmark channel.... with TLHOTP show.
  • You know one of the last posts about the kids being sick?
  • Doesn't compare to now.
  • Don't remember where I left off.
  • Sunday, about 2 weeks ago, #4 started puking and "leaking" other fluids.
  • Monday, #2 and #3 had the same thing.
  • Tuesday, the 3 boys still puny.
  • Wednesday, we kept the kids home, just in case.
  • Wednesday was my day for the multiple bathroom visits. :-(
  • Thursday and Friday.... all was well.
  • Saturday, #4 had fever.
  • Sunday, #4 and #1 had fever.
  • Monday, #2, 3, and 4 went to school.
  • #1 stayed home.
  • Tuesday, #1 went to doctor.... confirmed flu.
  • Tuesday, #4 went to doctor.... confirmed pink-eye.
  • Wednesday, (yesterday) #3 went to doctor.... confirmed strep.
  • Wednesday, hubby, while out of the state flying, calls and says he probably has the flu.
  • Saturday, #1 is supposed to compete at JBQ.
  • After missing an entire week of school.
  • I'm supposed to quiz master aforementioned event.
  • Tuesday, #3 is supposed to have 2nd ear surgery.
  • Trying to keep him healthy... despite the strep.
  • Note from doctor keeping him out of school until after surgery.
  • My house is a mess.
  • I'm so tired.
  • I feel sorry for myself.
  • Kinda.
  • But, I'm better now.
  • Kinda had an online break-down last night.
  • Got some wonderful women of God, some true friends, to bombard Heaven for me.
  • Thank you!
  • I felt the prayers.
  • I have no idea how people go through life without God.
  • Need to post some more on the surgery.
  • We have had money things happen.
  • I am wanting to give explicit details on these surgeries.
  • Let people know what I didn't know before hand.
  • Working on getting my application activated for the school my kids go to.
  • What a pain.
  • Seriously.
  • A pain.
  • I will no longer buy milk from HEB!
  • I love HEB.
  • The store is cleaner than WM.
  • Their produce is better.
  • AND, I don't care what people say, it is way cheaper than WM.
  • BUT.....
  • There it is.... BUT
  • Hubby got milk there a few weeks ago.
  • Opened up a new gallon.
  • It was chunky.
  • Blew it off.
  • It happens.
  • I poured some whole milk into #3's cereal this morning.
  • Chunky.
  • The date was Feb. 4.
  • Yuck.
  • Nothing worse than chunky milk!
  • Haven't been to the store in over a week for groceries.
  • Just trying to get by.
  • Maybe Saturday?
  • *sigh*
  • I have no idea when.
  • It depends on how DH feels when he gets home.
  • He has no more sick days, by the way.
  • That is quite a monetary loss for the 3 days he will be out.
  • Over $1,000.
  • Beans and rice, anyone?
  • But, you know what?
  • God provides.
  • And I love Him for that.
  • He loves us.
  • He cares for us.
  • And, now that I've just read and "heard" what I wrote....
  • Well, I'm OK now.
  • Have a good night.
  • I'll try to be back soon!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

$50 Give-Away

Not from me.... no..... from my friend at Random Thoughts from the Zoo. She is promoting a cool place called SexyModest Boutique. You should go check out her blog. The stuff is FABOO!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


  • Gonna do bullets, 'cause I don't know what all to talk about.
  • We've been sick.
  • Almost all of us.
  • Started out with the youngest.
  • Then, kids 3 and 2.
  • Then, Mom.
  • Yep.
  • I got sick.
  • Fortunately, #1 and Hubby didn't.
  • So far.
  • It's been cold.
  • It IS winter.
  • Guess it's to be expected.
  • Still planning on going back to teaching.
  • I'm OK with it.
  • Today.
  • Some days I am sad.
  • Most days, I'm OK.
  • So much to do.
  • Looking at all the project I want done.
  • Prioritizing.
  • What MUST be done by summer?
  • Get Master Seal.
  • Scan pictures.
  • Put together photo albums.
  • Clean out closets.
  • I'm about to turn 40.
  • Hmmmmmm.......

Monday, January 10, 2011

A...B...C...... EASY AS 1...2...3

Well, crap.

I gotta go back to work.

I'm not bitter. Really, I'm not. And, this post isn't something revealing to my hubby. He and I have talked it over and I know that I need to go back.

I don't mind, on the one hand. I'm called to be a teacher. Honestly, I am. I love teaching, and if I do say so myself, I'm a decent teacher. I enjoy middle school... which a lot of people don't. But, the people who don't enjoy teaching the age that I enjoy, well... they enjoy teaching the age I DON'T. :) However, if I need to teach 1st or 2nd grade for a year, I can.


I have had several ask me that. They know our situation... meaning they know what the 4 boys are involved in and that DH is gone 18 days a month.

It will be hard.

And that is what I dread, more than anything.

I fear I will not have enough.

Enough patience.

Enough strength.

Enough time.

Enough of me to help all of them.

My kids will be at 2 different campuses. That will be interesting.

Anyway.... why?

Well, we have 2 houses that need to be paid off.

We aren't in dire straights, by any means.

No, we want to be able to help all 4 kids with cars and college.

We want to be able to have a bit breathing room, I guess you could say.

Certainly, my income won't be completely disposable.

There will be more eating out. More convenience foods bought. A housekeeper. A new wardrobe. Possibly, some sort of after school child care will be needed... depending on the subject and which campus I teach on.

I'm sad because I really love staying home. But, I'm not bitter, nor am I "throwin' a hiss" because I know it is necessary. It is what I need to do.

Will I teach until retirement? I can't answer that. I don't even know how much longer I need to get retirement..... another 18 years? I know that isn't much, considering. Some teachers, who start just after graduation, and teach till retirement is what.... 40 years? YEESH! I can't imagine that.

BUT, that is a long ways away..... 1 year at a time.

I say that, not as a threat, but because I'm SO NERVOUS. You remember the "dreads" I posted up above? Well, if DH starts considering a loony bin for me.... well, I just hope I'm strong enough.

And please.... I know my situation isn't bad, nor is it absolutely unique. But, it is to me.

OK.... all that being said, I have adjusted my resolutions. If they stayed the same, they are not on here. I only posted the resolutions with changes.

Thanks for reading!


  • I will implement a family game or movie night once a month.

Personal Projects

  • I will tackle one "big" project per week.... through June
  • I will bake more of our snacks and treats.... instead of buying them.... through June.
  • I will try a new recipe, once a time that DH is home..... *sigh* through June
  • I will probably NOT have a garden this year.
  • I will not start couponing.
  • I will post 2 blogs per week....through June, then probably go to about 1 per week
  • I will stick to a weekly menu and housekeeping plan.... through June, then we will be sure we eat every day
Physical Goals
  • I aspire to reach my target weight BY June.... though I won't tell you what that is, or how much is needed to get there.
  • I will start having one-on-one time with each of the boys: once per month, per boy.
  • I will read 30 books this year.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


In light of recent events... well, I just thought of the unfairness of it all. My blog entries, my facebook statuses.... some of them have been under fire. I have been accused of being judgmental, intolerant, unChristian, hypocritical.... so many things that the accuser is guilty of doing.

What is intolerant and judgmental from my mouth is freedom of speech from theirs.

I have discovered true friendship (or the absence of) by people's reactions.

Have you for once considered the possibility that the reason you get your back up about something is that you are being convicted? That maybe, you need to dig a bit deeper?

As I'm accused of not being Christian..... being admonished and told "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?".... let me tell you what he would do:
  • He would tell you that HIS way is the ONLY way.
  • He would tell you that there is only one way to the Father.... through Him.
  • He would tell you that if you don't accept His gift of salvation, ask forgiveness, believe that he was raised from the dead and accept Him into your heart that you will go to hell.
  • He would tell you that he, who is without sin, to cast the first stone.
Not my words, friends..... THE WORD.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Hello, all. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I will come back in a few days' time and talk about our Christmas and post some pictures, but first, this post.

I'm finally getting to some resolutions.

It seems like a lot... well, it IS a lot. But, it's a whole year, right? Some of these resolutions are to change and/or develop habits. Some of these are listed as a plan to get things done. I don't know how it will turn out. I hope, of course, to get it ALL done. I know that probably won't all happen, but hopefully, most of it will happen.

If I remember, I will revisit this blog around this time next year and highlight what I actually succeeded in.

If you blog, and have done a similar post, please let me know. I would love to read of your resolutions for this year.


  • I will spend more one-on-one time with my hubby.
  • I will become less of a yeller.
  • I will spend more time cuddling my kids.
  • I will carve out more one-on-one time with my kids.
  • I will create a more peaceful/comfortable atmosphere for my family.
  • We will have some formal family portraits taken.
  • I will write to the great-grandparents once a month.
  • I will implement a family game or movie night twice a month.

Faith Matters

  • I will read through the New Testament twice.
  • I will read through the Old Testament once.
  • I will earn my Master Seal in JBQ.
  • I will help my 2nd son earn his Master Seal.
  • I will help my 3rd son earn his Discover Seal.
  • I will help my 4th son in JBQ study.

Personal Projects

  • I will learn to shoot/clean all of our firearms. (Well, maybe not clean, but shoot. :D )
  • I will get all of the boys' portraits labelled and put into albums.
  • I will catch up with the boys' journals and update them every 2 months.
  • I will paint the hall.
  • I will eradicate the "scary" under my bed.
  • I will tackle one "big" project per week.
  • I will bake more of our snacks and treats.... instead of buying them.
  • I will try a new recipe, once a time that DH is home.
  • I will *finally* clear out my closet.
  • I will have a garden this year.
  • I will work on a stockpile.
  • I will start couponing.
  • I will post 2 blogs per week.
  • I will do more in Rudolph Club.
  • I will go through and scan old pictures, save on a memory card and put into fire box.
  • I will stick to a weekly menu and housekeeping plan.
Physical Goals
  • I will pursue a regular exercise regimen.
  • I aspire to reach my target weight.... though I won't tell you what that is, or how much is needed to get there.
  • I will drink more water.
  • I will continue to curb the family's soda intake to once a week.
  • I will go camping with hubby and the boys. (Unless hubby doesn't want to... and that is OK with me. :D)
  • During the summer, I will take the kids swimming twice a week.
  • I will start having one-on-one time with each of the boys: twice per month, per boy.
  • I will take them bowling, skating, and to the library more.
  • I will read to them more.... all of them
  • I will become more involved during the music practice sessions.
  • I will take my kids to the zoo more often.
  • I will read 50 books this year.
  • I will help the boys learn more about their area of interest.
  • We will play outside more.
One of my plans for my blog is to post my weekly menu, housekeeping goals and personal projects. But, that remains to be seen.

I am already Spring cleaning.... everything from the house, to the vehicles, to my email and facebook address list.... also, my cell phone.

*inhales deeply* It feels good to get rid of clutter!