Saturday, December 30, 2006


OK...I was tagged by a very dear friend of mine. She has asked that I list 6....ONLY SIX....oddities about myself. My DH laughed long and hard and helped to narrow them down. He even added a few extras, but I'll list my faves and what I consider to be most odd.

If you are reading this and have your own blog, list your own little quirks....let me know! I would LOVE to read about the real, the weird, the really weird you!

Oddity #1: I eat one thing at a time. Most children, during toddler age, get picky and do not like their foods to touch. Some will only eat one thing at a time. But, most have grown out of it. At the tender age of 35 *ahem* almost 36, I STILL eat one thing at a time. Not only that, but I refill one thing at a time, usually. For example, when I've eaten my potatoes, if I want more, I will get more, regardless of what is on my plate. What's more is I eat my favorite thing last. This has proven to NOT be a good thing. I usually clean my plate...starting with the least fave and ending with the fave. Well, I could be getting full by the time I get to my fave...but since it is my fave, I continue to eat until it is consumed. Because it is my fave, I usually have seconds. Do you see the insanity?

Oddity #2: I have a thing with condiments. I don't really know what it would be called, so I'll just describe it. I eat ketchup on fries and ALL meat. I eat mustard or mayo on my sandwiches. I dip chips in salsa and eat salad dressing on salads. But I CANNOT lick the extra off my finger or the knife or spoon. EEEEWWWWWWW!!!! I just have a rigor thinking about it. It MUST MUST MUST be wiped off with a towel. Did I say, "EEEEWWWWWWW?!?!?!?!"

Oddity #3: I CANNOT TOLERATE GEL TOOTHPASTE. That stuff really creeps me out and makes me want to gag at just the thought. RIGOR!!!!

Oddity #4: Fan noise....I can hear it when it is pert near non-existent. My hubby doesn't even hear it half the time. It will wake me from a dead sleep. A little squeak; the chain tap-tap-tapping against the globe; the whine of the vibration as the fan sways is no worse than Chinese Water Torture. DO YOU HEAR THAT?

Oddity #5: I HATE animal movies. This includes all Disney cartoons, as well. Benji, Lassie, Old Yeller, Fox and the Hound, Charlotte's Web...I hate them all. Why? Think about it. Something bad ALWAYS happens to one of the animals! Bambi? He's cute and all with his little spots...Thumper? Flower? Why do we meet them? Because Bambi's momma got shot, that's why!

Oddity #6: I have to listen to talk radio during the night. I HAVE TO! If I don't....shoot, I don't know...I might go crazy. (HA! I hear you debating it's a trip to be taken in the future.) Even during Christmas when so many stations played Christmas music 24/7. Well, I listened to it about 16/7. The other 8 hours...on talk radio. Why? My hubby asked the same thing. I spend a lot of time alone at hubby is a pilot. I like a bit of low noise. However, music tends to fluctuate in volume. So there. On the plus side, I'm usually right on top of the weather and the traffic.

SO...that is a peek into the very scary personality that is me. Hope to see you again soon.

Friday, December 29, 2006

The Fall of a Dictator

God bless and protect our troops who are in Iraq.

Some say that the United States liberated Iraq.

Some say that the United States invaded Iraq.

There were weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein was a weapon of mass destruction.

Three years ago, this man was found in a hole in the very appropriate.

Today, that person was hanged for the crimes he committed.

I'm glad he's dead!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Life Rules

Everyone has rules. There are rules, as in: "THOU SHALT NOT...." These rules are pretty common sense. I mean, it's not right to go out and shoot someone. The rules against lying and coveting are the ones that are so easily broken, I should think.

There are other rules, as in: "IT'S AGAINST THE LAW TO....." Again, you don't go shooting someone, though you don't get thrown into jail for lying to your mom. These rules can have some pretty severe consequences...from paying a fine to going to jail to going to "the bad place." (Here is where you get to put your fingers on top of your head....make little horns....and kind of growl in a sinister voice "the baaaad place!")

Then there are the rules that really have no serious consequence. These rules are more self-imposed. They come from personal experience, like when you touch a hot burner you learn to not do that again. The consequence was painful, but was experienced only once. This could be a life rule.

I have a few life rules that I would like to share. Some of these are...well, ALL of these, to my way of thinking, are common sense. It is almost laughable to think that some of you do not hold to such rules. However, to enlighten some and entertain others, I will post some of my life rules...and hopefully, a bit of reasoning behind it.

Life Rule #1: If you HAVE to smell stinks! For example: If you pick up a sock off the floor and you have to smell it to see if it stinks....well, YUCK! Just wash it anyway. What is ONE SOCK! This holds true for various other objects: undies, used dishrags, lunchmeat, MILK!

Life Rule #2: Do NOT...I NOT consume milk or other items past the date stamped on the carton or can. HELLO!!!! There is a reason there is a date on the milk. MILK GOES SOUR!!! Some see the date and, since the date has JUST passed, they believe they are in a "milk is OK" window. So what do they do? They smell it. PLEASE refer to Life Rule #1.

Life Rule #3: Always proofread your emails before you hit send. You do NOT want to sound like an idiot. Now...the word can be debated, so let me clarify. You do not want to seem like an uneducated moron because you forgot to hit spellcheck (let me assure you, I will be hitting that very button in about 4 minutes.)

Life Rule #4: ALWAYS double check your "to" box on emails. How embarrassing if Daddy were to read a seductive page of poetry meant ONLY for your beloved. (The thought is not only embarrassing, but a bit disturbing, as well.)

Life Rule #5: Be on time. I say this to myself and for myself. You do NOT want to get into a habit of being late all the time. With 4 kids, I know that it is difficult, and it is something I battle constantly. However, being late is a bad habit. Those who are always dealing with your lateness...well, they don't find you very trustworthy...I promise.

Life Rule #6. Be a TRUE friend. Sometimes that means offering advice. Sometimes it means shutting up. Be wise....learn when to shut your mouth and offer a shoulder. I have dealt with a few issues in which a person had a mouth too big for her head. How the name of friendship and "maturity" this person has alienated some and misled others. And in my book, she is not one whom I can and will trust.

Life Rule #7: Remember God gave us TWO ears and ONE mouth...there is a reason for that. Learn which to open up and when. *hint....when one is open, the other must be closed. Again...I am preaching to myself.

Finally, Life Rule #8: Pray every day. Pray to the point that prayer, and calling out to Jesus, becomes a natural reaction to any problem, big or small.

I will be back soon to post 6 oddities about myself....YES ONLY SIX! That is all I am required to post...I don't have to list them all! I have been tagged. I will probably tag the few other bloggers I know.

God bless you into the coming new year!

Monday, December 18, 2006

What is it about....

What is it about a new year that makes people want to resolve to change? If something is so wrong in one's life, why must one wait until January 1st to do better? I never understood this. I mean, if you need to quit smoking, shouldn't you quit NOW?! Why wait 3 months, 6 months, or even a whole year to decide to quit? This, to me, is one of the most ridiculous things in life.

That being said, I find myself secretly making resolutions. I guess it is human nature to want to better oneself. Now that I have admitted defeat to a personal peeve of mine, I guess I should discuss a bit of what I want to accomplish.

Some of these will seem, I'm sure, ludicrous to some. Some of these will seem admirable....though lofty. Some will even seem run-of-the-mill. And some, will not be shared with you, the reader. (Some of you might get a glimpse into my most sacred desires.) Why won't I share everything? In part, I'm afraid I'll be laughed at for trying. But mostly, I'm afraid I'll be laughed at for failing. I don't just set some minor goal that can be accomplished and forgotten within the course of the first month. No, dear friend, these are BIG!!!! we go:

1. I want to lose 10 pounds. Granted...I need to do this at least 4 times, but 40 pounds makes me feel I will lose 10 pounds; then lose them again, again, and again.

2. I want to write. I do that now, but I want to be a bit more serious about it. I would love to be published.

3. I want to me more of a Proverbs 31 Woman.

4. I want to organize my time better. (With 4 children in sports, music lessons, school and other activities...well....must you ask?)

5. (this one is just for me)

6. I want to learn to cook healthier for me and my husband. (Don't get me wrong...I consider myself a fairly good cook....this testified by the fact that everyone has left my dinners under their own strength and have returned to dine again.) However, resolution #1 is shared by my DH. He has asked this self-proclaimed southern cook (dip it and fry it) to PLEASE make healthier choices. SO.....

7. Be a better parent. (I'm a is quite noisy in my house.)

8. Follow a daily schedule. I just can't seem to get everything done.....EVER!

9. Follow a tighter budget. We are OK....nobody is starving in my house (though I fail to understand how my 3 year old survives on his morning pop-tart and a few chicken nuggets a week). However, my hubby and I have some goals for the next few years...I should do my part.

10. Be a better CE Coordinator. I feel that I don't do for the teachers what I should be or could be doing. There is so much more that I could do. ***Mommy can tell Daddy Spice that I'm NOT kissing up. HA HA! I really want to be better at my "job."

11. Be a better housekeeper. This, my friend, is where my hubby and I chuckle, but where I shed a tear inside.

OK....that is all for now. I may, or may not update you on how these things are going. These are hard for me. They are constant challenges that face me everyday. At times, I laugh it off and go play with my kids. At other times, I'm so distraught over it that I am moved to tears and literally* cannot sleep. *that one is for you, DH!

Here's to you and a Happy New Year! I pray that the Lord bring you to it and through it safely and relatively unscathed. God bless you all, as we see 2007 bring us closer to His return. LISTEN FOR THE SHOUT!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Home Improvements

There comes a time in every man's life when he takes on the role of a tool-man, a jack-of-all-trades, a fix-it man, a plumber, a roofer, or just plain home-improvement specialist. Being married for 15 years, I have seen many of these appointments with destiny. Being the female I am, I gladly step aside and let the testosterone toting man-of-the-house save time AND money by taking care of disasters, both minor and major.

When a problem arises, there are many variables that come into play. One such occasion brought a flood...literally. The unfortunate thing was that I was alone. Well, the kids were with me, but they didn't help. I called my dear husband. Why? Was there anything he could do from Chattanooga, Tennessee? No...but it helped to get my hysteria under control so I could think more clearly. I had to call a plumber. We had a busted pipe outside that leaked into our house. It only cost a few hundred dollars.

Because of the mildewy smell in our carpet for a few days and the mopping up of GALLONS of water, DH decided it was necessary to buy a wet/dry vac. I, ashamedly, scoffed.....until a few months later when our 3rd son managed to flood the bathroom while washing one of his Hot Wheels cars. It came in really handy.

Now, come with me, if you would, to our most recent event. I was picking up in the boys' bedroom. I went into the closet and was affronted with a smell. Not too shocking, considering how many soccer shoes we have in that closet...but this smell was different....mildewy. BLECH. Further inspection revealed my worst nightmare....a moldy baseboard. (Remember the flooded kitchen from a few paragraphs ago? Could that be the reason?)

Shortly after my horrifying discovery, my hubby came home. He immediately went to investigate the depth of our problems. He sat in the closet with kitchen scissors, flashlights, fan, latex gloves, mask and a carpet cutter. He tore off the baseboard and pulled some of the carpet. He wiped it all down with bleach. He knew that the mold went into the wall...but where from? back up a few weeks before that. We discovered another puddle of water in the kitchen. It wasn't the flood of months before. The puddle, it was soon discovered, came from under the refrigerator. Our ice maker line had a pin-hole and water just spewed out. My fix-it man went to work straight away. After discovering that chewed up bubble gum didn't hold it (you think I'm making that up...I assure you, I'm not) he went to the hardware store and got another line. After a total of about 2 hours, we had the line fixed. I need to consider a suede toolbelt for my baby to wear for me....after hours ;)

Well, our current problem of mold came from that flood. SO, DH decided he needed to wipe down the inside of the walls. The only way to get rid of mold is to kill it. We needed to know for sure that the water came from that line a few weeks prior. SO...a hole was cut into the boys' closet. It's not big, but enough to get a flashlight in to look. DH saw no water in the walls. To the untrained wife, that is good news. To the very smart, and very hardworking tool-man, that is bad news. So the search continued. He hammered, swore a little, and finally asked me to look into the pantry (on the other side of the wall he was on) to see if he had poked through the wall.


"ARE YOU SURE?" hammering proceeds..."CHECK NOW!"



This, dear reader is where the story turns sadly hilarious...or hilariously sad...depending on your outlook. I can honestly say that I have laughed my butt off numerous times over this.

After several moments of silence, I go to him and inform him that I do, indeed, see the screwdriver sticking out of the wall.....

Out of the wall......

Touching the fridge....(go ahead. open the door and check)

Into the fridge....

Through the side of the crisper drawer.

Yes, my husband hammered the screwdriver through one wall, into and THROUGH my refrigerator wall. What did my husband do then?

He got the duct tape.