Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No better

I don't like to sweat....I really don't. But, I do workout at the local YMCA. Something about being 29 (for six years straight) makes one soft in the middle...and the ends...and the sides...even in the head.

I went to workout yesterday. I've been pretty proud of myself for sticking with it for a few months now. I try to go 3 times a week (depending on sickness and appointments and such.) I do 25 minutes of reading *ahem* I mean biking and then spend about 40 minutes doing the weight machines. My arms are my big focus.

Yesterday, while I was there, I ran into a friend of mine. She wore no makeup. Not a bad thing, except I'm used to seeing her in makeup. She looked different. But, I'm sure I looked different to her as well. I was wearing the tiniest amount of makeup. (Who knew a 29 year old would continue to get pimples?)

My friend left and I transitioned from the bike to the weights. While lifting, I watched (discreetly, or course) 4 ladies on the elliptical machines. They were soft in areas. I felt bad for them. Obviously they needed to work on their physique. I realized, as I watched them, that there are certain characteristics of a stay-at-home-mom that I DO want....and certainly some that I don't.

I quickly put myself back into the right frame of mind. I was working out because I am also soft in many areas of my person. I don't wear makeup as much as I could....or should for that matter. (No, I'm not a spokesperson for Cover Girl, but every old barn could use a fresh coat of paint now and again.) I don't want to be frumpy and dumpy. I want my husband to be proud to have me on his arm. I want to be able to go out at a moment's notice and not worry that I didn't wash my hair (again) or that my 7-day deodorant has expired. (THAT'S A JOKE!!!! My deodorant lasts well beyond the 7 days. LOL)

Anyway, instead of being so critical of how others look, I need to stop avoiding the mirror at the Y. I need to take a hard look at myself for ways to improve. Beauty IS only skin deep....if I choose to be shallow. There is nothing wrong with working on my appearance if it makes me feel better. And I think it does. I'm no Miss really, I'm not! But I can do the best with what I have. Beauty DOES come from the inside. There should be so much beauty inside that it bubbles out to the surface and to things that I come in contact with. I have so much to do on the inside, but it starts with outside influences, from what I take in through diet as well as other forms of nourishment.

I'm no better than other stay-at-home-moms. We're all in that stage of surviving without losing ourselves. Hmmmm....I guess I need to buy a bigger map.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The next several days will be busy with preparations for our vacation. Our last family vacation was in June of 2004. We went to Destin, FL for 8 LONG days. It would have been nice, except we left our baby. We thought the trip would be too hard on him. Ends up it was a LOT harder on me and I vowed to never just leave my kids behind.

That being said, in the middle of the vacation guess what I'm doing? I'm flying clear across the country sans kids. The thing I swore I would never do, I'm doing for FOUR WHOLE DAYS! I feel better about it, though. Daddy will be staying with them AND he will have help from the boys' grandparents. Otherwise, NO WAY!

Yes, on Friday we are leaving for the LOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGG drive from north Texas to California. There will be a few "sanity" stops between. We'll actually take until Tuesday to get there. We're just going to mosey across the country. It'll be fun, but I suspect after being gone for 18 days that we'll need a vacation!

Preparations are slow going.....due to me and my lack of interest. Oh I definitely want to BE on vacation, I just don't want to GO on vacation. I don't want to pack, clean, predict the meds needed, predict the toys and books wanted, predict the accidents that call for more wipies, bandages or an extra pair of clothes.

My hubby, the pilot, has no problem packing. In fact, he's already done his. He left his able bodied do everything else. Notice I said able BODIED, not minded. LOL! I only hope he lands LATE on Friday...that will give me time to put everything off until Thursday night and get it all done.

Seeing as how I have SO much to do for our trip, I'd better go. I have a library book to finish!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Out of my comfort zone

So I'm totally out of my comfort zone here. I've just created my blog. I'm not quite sure what possessed me to do it. I only read one other blog....but I get on the computer a few times a day and sometimes really enjoy sitting and "getting lost" in others' thoughts. Scary, to be honest.

Anyway, after playing with the idea in my head for awhile, I finally decided to go out on a limb and create one. A big chunk of my mind thinks that this will be a total flop and the only one who will read this will, when I edit. There may be a few friends that I invite to peek into my world (boring as it is), but I expect the obligatory perusal and then total distraction away from this stuff.

Seeing as how I have no clue how one "stumbles" onto a blog such as mine, I will just sit back, play around the site (try to figure out how to actually do this stuff) and see how I feel about this tomorrow. Who knows? I might actually feel like posting a bit more about myself and my world.