Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It seems kind of.... I don't know.... comical that one could use Hawaiian Falls as a blackboard, so to speak. I mean, SO MANY life lessons....a plethora of knowledge....an ampleness in the available pearls of wisdom.

Yes, Grasshopper. Sit and learn.

I have several areas that need to be addressed. These are all important. They are listed in random order.

Well, that isn't absolutely correct. I had to catalog these without writing them down, so I remembered them in alphabetical order.


The thought that immediately comes to mind is this: Just because you CAN wear a bikini, doesn't mean that you SHOULD wear a bikini.

Granted, this is enough said. However, I shall expound.

Yes, Honey. I saw you with your perky girls that have been subjected to surgeon's manipulation and forced to stand at attention. This is NOT the issue.... well, in some cases, it IS the issue. But, YOU.... you with the bosom that happens to be the ONLY thing on your body defying gravity...

Yes, your "pillows" aren't saggy, but most everything else is.

OK. I will give you that some of you weigh less than you did before you conceived one, or more, of your children. However, things shift. You are like the great Mother Earth. She is always shifting. Her basic shape is still the same, but some things just aren't where they were when they started.


Black is always a good swimsuit. The one color I focused on was purple. It was nice. However, when you are wearing a suit that is not black, and you get in the water, go ahead and submerge. It really is not attractive to have just a touch of your lower half get wet. I mean.... it makes it look like you peed. Now, I feel pretty confident that you did NOT pee in the water, but.... it LOOKS like it. And, contrary to what so many people will tell you.... YES, it IS noticeable, and EVERYone will notice!


It stands to reason that if it is SO sunny that YOU.... MOM.... need a hat, so does your baby that is not even walking.

I'm not saying that every baby should be covered. I never did.... but I don't generally wear a hat, either. Just sayin'.


*sigh* YOU, the male of the species, are NOT exempt. You, who are strutting around whilst trying to attract some attention..... I'm sorry. Where to begin?

There are swim-shirts in your size. I've seen them. I can promise you that it will not, in any way, detract from you "hunkiness." On the contrary, giving us gals something to wonder about.... well, I would rather wonder than be proven WRONG!

You know that little plastic doo-hickey that holds a 6-pack together? Well, some of you have lost yours..... not the 6-pack.... no.... that is still rolling around your body. You've lost the doo-hickey. AND, a 6-pack without the doo-hickey is just a bunch of cans.

Some of you, knowing that you need to cover the "hair or bare" chest and gut, but not having a swim shirt, have opted for a t-shirt.... a "wife-beater" no less.

A wet "wife-beater" looks good on NO ONE! I would even hazard a guess that a Hooter's girl would not look her absolute best in a wet shirt, such as this.


I love pregnant bellies. I'm jealous that the clothes got SO much cuter the year AFTER I had my last child. I don't mind the clingy clothes that show a baby bump. It's cute. There is even REALLY cute swim wear for pregnant gals.

Please cover your belly.


I know stretch-marks are nothing to be ashamed of. They are badges of honor, in my opinion. I just don't want to see YOURS! What you may not notice, due to your personal rotundness, is that often, your thighs and back fat get stretch-marks, too. SO.... please refer to "THE BIKINI" section.


Ma'am, I think "Serenity" is a LOVELY name for your daughter. But, the minute you shriek her name across the wave pool, repeatedly, you single-handedly remove the peacefulness her name implies.


Oh, my. OK, first off be VERY selective as to style AND placement. Especially, placement. The cute little "stamp" you got your third year in college, celebrating the fact that you no longer have to wait until "college night" to go to the bars dancing..... well, see "THE BIKINI."


They do.

You got a fish? It might now be a puffer-fish.

The tatt of the cute little Disney character? It may very well turn into a Picasso.

I am not anti-tattoo. I have two of them, myself. I even have a fish. It will not be a puffer.... unless I gain 300 pounds. It's on my foot. And where fat feet ARE possible, seeing as how I am 29 (for these many years), it is not likely.

Just because it is summer.... and granted, it is hotter than "H-E-double hockey-sticks"..... does not give you a reason to practice '"WHAT NOT TO WEAR."

PLEASE! For the love of all that is good! COVER UP! TAPE IT DOWN! STRAP IT STILL! Just don't let us see all that God gave you.

**This has been a Public Service Announcement. This has been brought to you by: HOBBY LOBBY! Where Christmas starts in June!

Friday, June 24, 2011


I thought, for fun.... MY fun.... that I would put my past birthday posts on my child. I don't know that I did it every year of my blogging, but this is what I found:

OK.... so it seems that I was on my hiatus when my oldest turned 11. :-( Oh well.... what are you gonna do?

Tomorrow, my son turns 12.


I have no words.

Ha... that's a lie.

I'm SO PROUD of him. He is going to make quite a catch.... but calm down, ladies. I already have his wife picked out. ;-)

He plays guitar.

He earns great grades in school.

He is accomplished in JBQ.... is that right? Accomplished? He has earned every individual award in the program.

He is growing into a handsome, young man of God. And for that, I am SO grateful!

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 4

Happy birthday, Son! I love you with all that I am!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


This post isn't going to be lengthy in words. The pre-surgery, surgery, and post-surgery appointments were pretty much the same as the other two.

The last surgery was performed on May 20. Unfortunately, my husband was unable to attend my youngest son's kindergarten graduation, due to the surgery. I was sorry he missed it, but sometimes, a family must handle two big events at the same time.

The surgery was a one-day ordeal. He went in the late morning and was home around 6:30 that evening.

Basically, some cartilage was taken from his *good* ear and placed on his new ear. This was used to create a *bowl* to make it look like DS #3 has an ear canal.

The most common question we get is, "Can he hear?"

The answer is, "Yes." However, it is muffled. If you were to put your finger in your ear, that is how he hears. We do not know the level (how many decibels), but we do know there is hearing.

The way this *one-sided* hearing affects him is that he cannot hear in-stereo. An easier way to say it is that if one were to walk in behind him and speak, he would hear the voice, but would have to look for the voice. I will always have to tell his teachers that they have to be sure he is watching them when they speak directly to him. He is learning to, but doesn't always hone in on the teacher.

We could, if we find it necessary, get a cochlear implant. We are not sure, as yet. We will need to get his hearing tested. Right now, his hearing in his *good* ear is perfect. His speech and language are developing nicely. His grades are quite good and he excels in reading. In fact, we just found out that his reading and comprehension level are at end of 5th grade. As long as his education, and speech, do not suffer, there shouldn't be a need.

This next year will be the first year that people will not be able to tell that there is some sort of hearing deficit. I will always have to contact the teachers with this information so that proper steps can be taken to ensure his academic success.

A week after the surgery, we took DS #3 back to the doctor to get the bandages removed.

That's it.

He goes back in 6 months for a check and then a year after that.

Seven years of his little ear...... done.

Well, without further ado.... let me get some pictures up here.

Every visit has a cupcake, cookie, or ice cream!

One week after surgery.

For anyone thinking about using Dr. Fearon. He is a wonderful doctor. He has changed my son's life! I truly believe that God led us to him.

Bandages have been removed. DS #s 4, 2, 3, and 1 striking a pose.

Of course..... ice cream!

This is one happy kid!

Thank you for following us through this journey. Please, if there are any questions you may have, leave a comment. I can either answer through comments or contact you personally. I will not release personal information through the blog. You may leave a comment with your email address. I will respond, but will not post your address.

God bless you all!

Saturday, June 04, 2011


Following is a recount of yesterday's (Friday) event.

My youngest boy calls it my "broken muscle." He is trying to be helpful....all the boys are.

I can't do a whole lot. I can hop around. I can put weight on the ball of my right foot and use it to hobble.... but I'm not supposed to. I'm not supposed to use it for a few days. So. Difficult. :-(

I don't sit around in pain... which is a good thing. But, I cannot walk as normal. If I extend my calf muscle at all, well... it's not good. The pain is intense.

My stubborn streak tells me to suck it up and work through it. However, we are leaving for a week, come Tuesday. I need to be able to walk around by Friday.... SO... I baby my leg.

Forgive me. A few of you do not know what happened. Please read the following that I posted in my notes on Facebook.

OK.... the back story.

On the 23rd, I was walking down some steps at a movie theater and on one of the down steps, my right calf clenched in pain. It felt like I had pulled the muscle. BUT, I was able to walk and use my leg.... I was OK. In fact, I wasn't even sore the next day.

On the 29th, I helped in our kids' worship service. It was a lot of fun.... until we jumped.... a lot. I could fee the pull in the leg, but still, I could work through it. If I jumped and landed equally on both feet, I was OK. When I tried to baby it.... well, let's just say that my coordination did not allow that.

Fast forward to today. I had not been having any soreness. It was all OK.

I was walking from the kitchen down our hall. (Really, that is as glamorous as it gets.) Anyway, during the aforementioned walk, I felt and heard a *POP* in my calf. It didn't drop me, but I could not walk.

I hollered for DS #1 to go get DH. He rushed to help me. We iced it... and began to research.

Upon our first, and quick look, we determined that I might have torn my calf muscle. Further investigation alarmed us.... especially considering that we are leaving on Tuesday.... and our vacation/JBQ Nationals will require a lot of standing/walking. So.... off we went to get it checked out.

Not sure what best to do, we decided to go to a CareNow. Then we decided that I should call my good friend doctor friend.

While waiting for her return call, we contacted another doctor friend.... who said it would be better to go to an ER.

We went to an ER. We weren't there too long, considering it was a Friday evening. They actually sent us to the Minor Emergency Clinic because my injury wasn't life threatening.... try telling that to my boys when they are all expecting supper. :0)

Long story short..... it is not a torn muscle. It is a "severe muscle strain." But, honestly... I have never had that kind of "owie." Imagine a bad Charlie Horse that you can't work out. It is so bad that if I put my foot flat on the floor, well.... it is almost enough to bring me to the floor. I can't support myself.

SO, guess what I get to enjoy for at least a week?

Crutches and a boot.


Come JBQ, I might still be on crutches, but I promise, I will be sporting my sassy new crocheted TOMS!

I do have some fun muscle relaxers that I get to take.... kinda lookin' forward to that.

AND, for 2 days, at least, I get to sit and state my wishes. I am to stay off my feet as much as possible, for a week. So, the goal is: sit on my rump through Sunday.

Monday, I must get my nails done, go to the dentist.... (AGAIN!) and go to a piano recital. We will also be packing for our week long trip.

Tuesday and Wednesday will see a lot of FTU travel, so that shouldn't be too bad.

Thursday, will be the opening ceremony for JBQ National Festival.... some walking. Will probably need the crutches.

Friday and Saturday: I will be quiz-mastering..... a lot of standing. I hope to have a tall stool.... at the very least, a chair to sit in once the round is over.

The rest of the week.... well, DH is working on that, as we speak. A lot of what we were going to do in Chicago won't happen now.... :-(

I just pray that I'm done with crutches and the boot by next Friday.

Thank you, ALL, for the prayers. I have no doubt that it was key in this injury not being as serious as it could have been.