Saturday, October 19, 2013


Yeah....I'm in full swing of several things. But, the things that are the bigger things are: Christmas (as usual), school, and JBQ.

I do not know how I am managing. I just.....manage.

A lot of things are going undone. A lot of Christmas things are going undone....

......disappointing, to say the least.

I *was* going to make cards....I will be lucky to buy and address them all.

I have several craft projects to do. I will be working on those soon. I will also take a day, or 2, to do my baking. I will be absolutely disappointed if I do not get my baking and candy making done. Happily, hubby has already secured tickets for "The Nutcracker" and TSO.

I bought a new Christmas tree. Last year, I had a few sections of lights go completely out. I restrung, I think, 4 sections. Aggravating, to say the least. Well, we pulled it out, plugged it in, and there were at least 4 other sections not lit. GRRRR!  SO, my hubby went on his yearly trek to the Lobby, and helped me choose....well, helped me carry....ok....he did all the lifting new tree. :-)

I have one of my fall boxes out. I need to find the other boxes (up in the attic) I will wait until hubs can climb up and get them.

I know....I know....I am late getting my fall tree up, but it will be completely up and decorated by Wednesday. *sigh* I wish I could say "by tomorrow," but I'm SO SO tired....and behind. It is in the *fluff* stage, right now. 

School....'s going...I love it....the teaching, anyway. It's just the schedule that is a problem. So, we won't get into it right now. I just have to trust that, for this year anyway, I am doing what I'm supposed to do. Should that change, I trust that God will inform me AND my husband.

JBQ....again. It's going. I am not QUITE as busy with it....for a few reasons. One is that school is keeping me so stinking busy. The other reason is that I only have 2 in JBQ. But, DS#3 wants to achieve the same thing his older brothers achieved....a year earlier. Which means that (if we make this happen) I have a year to get several hundred hours of studying done.

Yeah....that's no problem, because.....yeah.

I have my formal evaluation coming up. I'm a bit nervous. It has been YEARS since I have been through it. *sigh* This, too, shall pass.

Well, I need to watch "Elf!" WOOT!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


OK....forget keeping up with the Joneses. I just have to keep up.....

It has been awhile....a LONG while since I have blogged. And, as my FB is about to be deactivated (another story for another day), I have promised that I would keep up, or at least TRY to keep up with this. 

I have nothing great to say tonight. I just want to give the 4-1-1 on what is going on in my house.

I went back to teaching. 

Many prayers. A few interviews. Lots of frustrations and *not* understanding. Finally resignation that I was NOT going to get a job.....and I got one. 

I am teaching 4th grade reading and social studies, and am about to pick up a science period. 

It's all good. 

They are old enough to not snot you. They USUALLY make it out of the room before they throw up. AND, I don't have to tie their shoes. On the other hand....they still cry, in some cases. 

So THAT takes all my time. 


Oh, did I tell you I got hired the Thursday BEFORE the Monday school started? 


And, did you further know that schools no longer use chalk?

Or that 7th grade math materials are useless....USELESS in a 4th grade reading classroom?

OR that there are nifty projectors connected to the laptop, so you don't have to use overheads and vis-a-vis? 


Did you know that to replace all that, it costs approximately $600? JUST for the minimum. That was just the first week. I have probably spent another $200-$400.

Oh....I have a Christmas tree in my classroom. Truth, folks!  It is a pre-lit gold Christmas tree right next to my bookshelves and 3 bean is my reading corner, and it is FABULOUS!!!

I am a bit dismayed because we are 98 days (and a few hours) from Christmas and I have not started any crafts, no cards....NADA!

I HAVE, however, picked a day for my pumpkin carving party and field day. a nutshell.....that is it. I will not bore you with my schedule. Nor will I beat myself up over the fact that report cards are due Thursday at 4, I am not done, yet I sit and type. 

I know......

I'm sad.

Please leave me a comment. I miss knowing that people read.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Somehow, my views bumped over 100,000. I missed it....but am stoked. I mean SOMEbody is still looking. I don't know if they are looking for me, per se. Or, even reading, but they end up on my page somehow, and for a few moments, anyway. Cool, huh?

So, I'm a bit calmer than I was during the last post, for a couple of reasons.

I am doing better, because I am home. It may seem odd, considering what I am about to say, but is good to be home. Not necessarily in Texas. (Though Texas is STILL awesome!) My kids were growing more and more out of sorts, as they were having to deal with high heat (high for Montana) without air conditioning. And, some of the promised activities didn't pan out, due to various circumstances. 

Then, there was the whole cooking issue. I mean...I LOVE to cook and bake. I really do. However, the conditions I found myself in were less than ideal. It was......functional......for someone with lacking skills and desire to put out anything more than a Stouffer Lasagna or a few cans of chicken noodle soup. 

I was missing SO MUCH. The biggest pot I had access to was a 6 quart....and only 1 of those. There were no baking pans. Only 1 rubber spatula....a cheap one that doesn't really scrape. And, the seasonings....well, there was salt and pepper and a few seasonings (garlic powder and Italian seasoning) with a date stamped before Gabriel was born. Yeah....I had to make a few of my own purchases, and make smaller batches of my homemade soups. And the oven....holy smokes! There was a hot spot.....a HOT hot spot in the back left corner....a few sacrificed biscuits taught me to keep everything crammed to the right. 

Oh well, it made me appreciate my ability, as I was able to adapt and still turn out some good grub.

(On a side note, and speaking of grub, I made my own sushi today. Pretty cool, if you ask me. I have wanted to do it for awhile, and considering our Alaska fishing trip that is coming up, I can make sushi using FRESH salmon. It's gonna be awesome.), the fall apart of a few weeks ago. It's because we looked at a house. As in.....*if we like it, we will put in an offer.


I go to Montana on vacation, and look at a house......TO BUY!

*just. breathe.

So, yeah....I OK'd the whole "we should look at it, because it sounds perfect," then subsequently had a meltdown; complete with snot, tears, and blubbering idiocy.  The talk was that if we liked the place, and made an offer, we would come back to Texas, pack up, and be back in Montana by the time school started. 

Yeah......about 7 weeks.

Unfortunately, or fortunately.....not sure which.....the house was NOT what we wanted/needed. 

Now, let me throw this out. Talk of moving to Montana is not new....nor is it undesired. We (my hubby and I) have talked bout it for almost 20 years. We have always stated a desire to move to Montana, but in my mind, it wasn't really feasible. Kind of like, "Oh, yeah. Someday, I would like to win the Mrs. America pageant."

*stop laughing*

My point is, it was a desire, but as I didn't really think it was possible - it hasn't been actively pursued or thought about.

Until about a year ago. Without going into detail, it has since come up that maybe....just maybe, we could make it work. Then, we went for vacation. We LOVE it. Seriously. The kids love it. It has things that Texas could use....cooler summers and support of guns. (I know Texas supports conceal and carry, but in Montana, you only need a license to conceal.....but you can openly carry without a license. Awesome....but I digress.)

So, being up there, and loving the area, made us really sit and look at things. And, it seems likely that we will be moving to Montana. We reached this realization about 2 days before we looked at the house. And, while I am excited about it, I need more than 7 weeks to transition. Of course, we have to pray about it. We won't move for the sake of moving. We need to make sure that it is of God. Fortunately, my husband is in a career that allows us to live almost anywhere (in the country) we want. And, right now, it seems we *want* to live in Montana.

When will we go? 

Who knows?

Next summer?

Three years?

When 1, 2, 3, or all 4 kids have graduated?

We won't know until we know. 

Then you will know.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my trips to The Lobby and Chipotle whilst sipping my CFAST. Gotta enjoy those things, 'cause once we move.....they are gone.

I wonder if Chipotle will overnight me a barbacoa burrito bowl?

Friday, June 28, 2013


This will not be pretty.

Nope, not a bit.

I am a *Debbie Downer* right now. If you don't want to read it, turn back now. I welcome your comments, but please know, I am not fishing for kudos, in any way. I just need to download a bunch of stuff.

I have had a few disappointments in the last few months. In JBQ, our kids (my son's team) SHOULD have been invited to Nationals....but didn't get the bid. Without getting into anything snide (and trust is there) it appeared *political*....which is sad, as this is a church organization.

I know there are things that I am not privy to. However, on the surface, it basically looks like our team got shafted. I liken it to OU football not being ranked in the top 10 "just because they have been there so many times."

Yeah.....doesn't make sense. 

BUT, being the good little girl I am, I slapped on a smile (though I would have rather slapped others) and helped to work the festival, just because I love the program (itself) so stinkin' much. It really had nothing to do with the *higher ups.* And, it is a good thing that I, personally, am not a heavy hitter in the program, 'cause like I said earlier....I've got things to say.

Another disappointment is in the job situation. Yes...I *was* going to go back to my children's school to teach...except they won't have me. Oh, I'm a GREAT sub at a whopping $70 a day.....

I know! I KNOW! It is all part of God's plan...whether someone else is supposed to have the job, or I am in line for something better (which I DO believe.) However, in the "something better," my hubby and I really thought that going back to teaching was a necessary step.

Well, it is not to be....there, at least. One of my besties sent me some much needed words of comfort and has promised more info to help me feel better....not to mention a MUCH NEEDED play-date to The Lobby and Chipotle.

Why do I need to play-date? BECAUSE....I am in Montana. Have been for 20 days....will be for another 12. AND, Montana has NO Chick-fil-A....NO Chipotle....and ONLY ONE Lobby IN THE ENTIRE STATE!!! That is serious.....


On the 8th of June, the day we left for our vacay,  I decided to do a *Chipotle Load* and last opportunity Lobby run. I ate my normal 
barbacoa burrito bowl with white rice, black beans, pico, hot, and medium salsas, and cheese with a side of chips and guacamole and an extra side of medium salsa and a sweet tea. ( mouth is simply watering right now....the closest thing I've got, right now, is a can of frijoles refritos. 

ANYWAY....I was hoping....praying, really, that I would have one tiny glimpse of my beloved holidays that are quickly approaching. There are only 179 days. But, I digress....SO, I go into The Lobby. I scan the Independence Day decor on the first aisle of their *seasonal* stuff....round the end-cap and about peed my pants, and started crying at the same time......FALL CANDLES!!!

I have a few favorite scents in candles. I detest vanilla and anything *baked.* I make wonderful scents of my own, in the kitchen....infused in wax is just gross. I also don't like floral. However, I adore cinnamon, pumpkin spice, The Lobby's Fall Harvest, cranberry, and mulberry. In fact, the only pumpkin candles I like are at The Lobby. And, THAT is what I saw. So, of course, I got one.

Yep....there were fall wreaths and garland; turkeys and pilgrims, owls?  Yeah....all that stuff. Well, anytime I go to The Lobby, I have to do a walk-about. I go, trotting through the store. (Remember, we are leaving for Montana in a matter of hours.) I get to the craft-kits section and low-and-behold! CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT KITS!!!

HOLY SMOKERONIES!!! The Christmas songs are full-voice in my head, by now. 

Now, keep in mind, I go to The Lobby (when I'm not in Montana) every 2 weeks. There has been nothing...until June 8. And, seeing as how the last 2-year first-sightings have been as early as June 15th...I wasn't too surprised....just incredibly happy.

SO, of course, I got one of those, too. 

I go up to the check-out, with my coupon in hand. (If you don't know, you can get a Hobby Lobby app....for on *coupon* and it will give a code for 40% off the highest ticket item that is not already on sale.) I told the sweet gal that I wanted to knock 40% off the $10 ornament kit. What follows is the conversation. 

Me: I would like to use the coupon code on this.
Gal: Was this on the clearance wall?
Me: No
Gal:'s Christmas.
Me: I KNOW! It is also June 8th. You are right on time.
Gal: But....we don't DO Christmas this early.
Me: Oh....but you do. See, I keep apprised of important events such as when the Christmas decorations make their first appearance here in The Lobby.
Gal: (to another gal)  Do you know how much these are?
Other gal: They are on clearance.
Me: No. They are not.
Other gal: 90% off.
Me: Oh....THAT clearance wall!

*snort* I got a $10 ornament pack for $1.

No....I did not go buy more.....I only need 24 beaded candy canes. :-)

So....that is a bright spot.

We did have some events take place, while in Montana, that caused a full-blown fall-apart, complete with tears and ramblings, which lasted about 48 hours. (Mine....not hubby's nor the kids.) I can't get into it now, but it will be discussed in a few months. 

Other than that, it is all good. We are in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in a ski village. Small? Yes....but we are having a blast! Alpine sliding. Mountain biking. Trip to Canada (just for pizza). Obstacle course (which took place no less than 10-20 feet ABOVE ground). DS #1's birthday. Horseback riding. Ski-lifting. Inner tubing. Ziplining. Boating. Hanging out with friends. Making new friends. I could be a mountain girl....I just need my sweet tea. LOL!

I will be back. 

There is more.


BUT, I....well, it is 1:40 a.m. in Texas. My inner-clock is JACKED UP! It is still light at 10:00 pm. We stay up late. Sleep late. Eat late. Play late. It's gonna be a tough thing to get over.

When we get home, I have about 10 days before I go on vacation, with hubby, to the TRUE Land of the Midnight Sun.

Later, y'all!

Leave some love....let me know you are out there.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


It's not that this blog isn't a's just that it is not as high up on the list.

I DO have a lot going on. Some I can only vaguely refer to, at this point in time. I *has* been 2 weeks since my last entry. Not as good as I had hoped, but more frequent than what I was doing last year.

Today is my 3rd son's birthday. If you look in my archives, on or around April 21st, you can see stuff on him. OR, go to the search bar and search up *microtia.* 

Yep.....that's him.

My oldest son has inherited my Type-A tendencies. Let me go ahead and extend my apologies to his future wife, now. :-/

I need to start working on some Christmas stuff....NOW......

For a few reasons....

The least of which is that I'm probably about to go to work. 


Not sure how I feel about it. I could be a total *you-know-what* about it all. But, the fact is, we need the money. 

We need to get some debt paid off.

We need a new roof.

And a new garage door.

And new vehicles.

A new house.

Things that are possible to going even deeper into debt.

So, here's the thing....if you are living on what you have, and you need quite a bit of money rather quickly....well, doesn't it make sense to go into your career-field?'s an obvious answer. 

It isn't a surprise to us, by any means....I just love staying home. 

Truly, I do. 

I love being room-mom to everyone I can.

I love going on impromptu Chipotle and Lobby Therapy runs with my friends.

I love spending 2 days each week, from September - January baking breads and other yummies.

I love my *work clothes* being capris and flip-flops.

I love being able to go to the grocery store on Monday morning.

That is all going to go away, unless of course, I do NOT get a job.

I will get a job. 

I feel it.

SO....that being said....I DO look forward to going back to teaching. I DO love teaching. And, it will be OK. It will be good for everyone.....except the pantry.

I shudder to think the kind of blech we will be eating because I will be grading papers instead of cooking something fabulous.

And, that is totally something I know how to do.

Cook something fabulous.

Sunday, April 07, 2013


This is the 2nd blog that I said I needed to write.....only I can't dump it like I really want. 


Well, some of the readers would be sensitive. (I know.....I can't believe it either. It seems weird that I would temper the delivery, huh?) order to unload, but still not so blunt?  I will do this "bullet style."  Some of you will understand a LOT more than others.

  • Hubby and I went to a funeral the other day.
  • I haven't spoken to the brother of the one who died, in years. 
  • I was supposed to be there.
  • I am glad I went.
  • My SIL, a niece, and a nephew were there.
  • Do you remember a few years ago my telling about my family?
  • Hang on.....let me find it.
  • this: CLEAN-UP
  • Come to find out, the guy who died, had a daughter.
  • The daughter's mother is THE OTHER SISTER!
  • Who?
  • The OTHER half-sister. 
  • My brother, T, has another sister. 
  • I have a brother from another mother.
  • He has a sister from a different mister.
  • WELLLLLL......
  • This is where it gets bat-poop crazy:
  • The daddy (the man who died) was treated like MY dad was. 
  • THEY (the same women that shafted me out of a brother, shafted this little girl out of her daddy.
  • I wonder what God has to say about that?
  • I mean..... really! HOW jacked up is THAT?
  • SO, at the funeral, my SIL, niece, and nephew come up and see the *black-listed member of the family......
  • Me
  • As we are talking, the OTHER aunt and cousin (the one whose daddy just died) approach.
  • My niece decided to introduce us.
  • You can imagine the awkwardness.
  • "This is ~LL~. She.....uh...."
  • And, here I go, being the quintessential ~LL~
  • "HI! I'm the OTHER sister."
  • heh
  • And, there you go.

Monday, March 25, 2013


I now know how a ref, who makes a bad call, feels.

I did that this past Saturday.

Or, at least I think I did.

This past weekend was our District competition for JBQ. And IT WAS BRUTAL!

I sometimes quiz master. This weekend, I wasn't supposed to, "unless absolutely necessary."

Well, it came down to that.

I had been warned, several years ago, before I started to QM, that I needed a tough skin. That I would, most likely, make someone mad, and/or hurt the feelings of a child. I can handle that.

I can handle that.

SO.....with that in mind, put yourself into a game.....a very *high stakes* game.

A game that involved my team.

Now, when I QM for my team, I want it to be clear to all that I WILL NOT show favoritism. Perhaps I tried too hard.

There was a question....a 30-point question. The other team got to it first. It was a long quote. Quotes must be exact. This child has a speech issue....well, no. Not really. He just does not speak clearly. However, I am familiar with this quizzer, so I am prepared.

There was a word that ends with an "s." 

I heard it.

No I didn't.

Maybe I did.

.... HEY....go to my judges. That is what they are there for. I go to judges. They both vote FOR the quizzer....that it is correct.

We go on. *My* quizzers are spittin' mad because they heard what I heard.....or didn't.....or might have.

We lost that round.

You guessed it.

We would have won, had I ruled differently.


On the one hand, had it been 2 other teams, I wouldn't have given it another thought. But, it wasn't 2 other teams. One of them was MY team.

I have spent many hours, since then, physically sick about it all.

Did it make a difference in who is going to Regionals?



I was so upset, immediately after, that I was crying and ended up NOT QM'ing for the rest of the day.

Those who know me know that I don't cry so easily over such a thing. I know the rules. AND, if I do say so myself, given all the other QMs, I am probably in the top 10% of the *better* QMs.

Before you judge me for shirking my responsibilities, let me explain.

First, I was not supposed to QM that day. I was supposed to travel with my team as "page-turner." (Without going into a lot of detail: it is my job to find the question, as it is being answered, and make sure the quotes are answered exactly. You can't argue it, if you can't prove it.) During that horrible round, I fully expected our coach to throw out a judges' ruling and ask for reconsideration based on the fact that he ALSO did not hear an "s" where he should have.....I even paused as long as possible. Then, the chance was gone. When the quizzers asked him why he didn't call it....he said he couldn't get to the question in time.


After tearfully talking to a friend, she gently reminded me that I was supposed to travel with the team that day, and NOT QM. SO....I went to the powers that be and said, "I really need to be with my team." Because, honestly, if I hadn't heard the "s," (as a page-turner) I would have been on it and been able to back it up.

Hind-sight is 20/20. The more I think about it.....the more I torment myself with it....I think I messed up.

Everyone tells me what I would tell someone else in this same situation. The coach. My husband. Even my son (who would have been the one to answer that question correctly, if it would have been thrown to him) have said that they understand.

I have been told:

You have to make a split-second call. That is hard.

Did you change the way you QM because it was our team?

Do you QM differently for us than for other teams?

Did you follow protocol?

I told my husband that the thing that bothers me more than anything is that I feel like I choked.....over-analyzed.....and didn't go with my gut.

I will get over it....eventually. But, I don't want to forget. Wait. I DO want to forget, because it still makes me feel horrible. I hope it makes me a better QM.

Saturday, March 09, 2013


I get tired of starting my blogs the same way. I have been *meaning* to write for weeks....WEEKS! But, things keep getting into the way.

Nothing bad, mind you. Just the busyness of life.

SO....instead of waxing eloquent on the seriousness of life, let me just tell you some of what is going on.....not really a bullet blog (I just did that), but more of a patchwork, to copy the term from the whack-a-doodle over yonder.

Wow....January 23 was my last blog. So much for my "once to twice-a-week" blogging. LOL! 

I have been subbing. I have also been teaching CPR. Not too terribly much, in either case, but enough for a little extra.

My project wish list has been slow going. My reading has just been cruddy. I haven't had, or taken, the time to do as much as I usually like to do. I am still in the middle of the same 5 or 6 books, without being much closer to finishing them. *sigh* Disappointing, but there are worse things.

We HAVE started Spring Cleaning. I have a list (only about 3-4 pages) of stuff to do. I'm a list maker. Most of what is on the list does not need to be written down. For some reason, it makes me feel like I have accomplished something big when I get to put a line across a "to-do" item. 

One of the last big things was going through the linens. Too. Many. Sheets! And, comforters. And, pillow cases. And, afghans. And, blankets.

We were able to donate a garbage bag (lawn and garden sized) full of sheets, an electric blanket and comforters. (Yes.....more than one comforter.) That area looks a lot nicer. During that time, I was able to finag... ask DH to vacuum out the hot-water heater closet......because I was *skeered.*

We started to clean out the garage last week. We thought it would be a 3-day job. Well, realistically, I think it is 2 weeks. That is no lie. I started going through my teaching *corner.* I didn't even get 1/3 the way through....I don't know how much I threw away, but I donated 5 boxes of kids books, a box of math manipulatives, compasses and protractors, and a trash bag full of posters. It was hard going through, and parting with it, but it feels good, too. 

We are on our Spring Break right now. The hub is out with the older 2 shooting guns. The youngers are playing games. Being the first official day of our break, I am letting them play for however long they want. It's kind of nice for me, too, as I am piddling real tasks to accomplish. (Though, I have gotten quite a bit of work done.)

My 2nd son has been doing great in JBQ. He has (in the last few weeks) earned his Master Quoter Award and Almost Impossible Award. There is only 1 more award for him to earn, but now, we have to focus on, no more practicing for the award until AFTER we are done.

Hubby still isn't released to work. *sigh* I love having him home. But, now it is a money issue. Having your pay cut by 40% is tough. However, we are OK....just minor adjustments here and there.

My Christmas tree is case you were wondering. It came down the beginning of February. I am, though, STILL listening to Christmas music and checking my daily countdown....daily. ;-)  I haven't been as involved in the Rudolph Club as I want, but I usually start up right about now. I anticipate that this week, I will be looking into it. 

Our Birthday Bash was fabulous. We ate Mexican food, then rented a limo to take us to a comedy club. Tons of fun!

This week, the boys and hub are building garden boxes for me. We are having dirt hauled in. Hopefully, I will plant soon. It just depends on the weather. Is it warm enough? I might need to wait a week or two.....I don't know. Maybe I should talk to the farmers. (DH's grandparents.) 

Well, I should go. There are a few things I want to get accomplished today. The house is relatively clean, which is nice. We had company for dinner last I'm riding that wave of "it got cleaned yesterday, try not to mess it up too soon." LOL!

I hope y'all still read. Leave me a comment. Let me know you're here.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


  • I thought it would be a bit different.
  • Sometimes I just need to write THINGS.
  • ...but not be so coherent about it.
  • The school shootings are getting out of hand.
  • Satan is on the prowl.
  • It disgusts me.
  • barry o. disgusts me.
  • Trolls disgust me.
  • Though my last troll made me laugh.
  • He said I was addicted to fast food and sweet tea.
  • I'm watching "Hunger Games" as I type.
  • Disturbing film, that.
  • My Christmas tree is still up.
  • Don't judge.
  • BUT, if you were to ask yourself, "Who would still have their tree up?"
  • You would say "~LL~."
  • My hubby is still home.
  • Still.
  • I do love it, though.
  • Until February 3rd.
  • When we take a pay cut.
  • Because, he will STILL be home.
  • He will be home for my birthday.
  • He will be home for HIS birthday.
  • I don't know that we have ever had that.
  • Well, not in the last several years, anyway.
  • I'm trying to renew my teaching certificate.
  • Might be hard, as I don't have any CE hours.
  • I need 150.
  • My Project List is still slow.
  • But, I'm working on it.
  • Do you see my side bar?
  • I put my book list there.
  • I added more. 
  • I will strike through them when they are read.
  • It is lofty.
  • I predict reading half that.
  • But, I will try.
  • I hope to increase my readership.
  • Without the trolls.
  • I should go. 
  • Good night.

Monday, January 21, 2013



Today is Martin Luther King Day.

Today is barry's 2nd inauguration.

Today, I am cleaning house.

I hate politics....really, I do. The only Presidents I have liked (since I have been old enough to know are Reagan, Bush 41, and W. Out of those, I have only ever voted for 1 sitting Prez.....W. (I was too young for the other 2.)

Even when it is someone I like, I don't enjoy watching the committees, the ads, the debates, the speeches.....none of that. NOR do I like to watch the other inaugurations.

My *boycott* for today has nothing to do with the fact that the human taking office is, in my opinion, lower than the ground I walk on. I wouldn't watch it.....period.

It bores me.

I's unAmerican.

They bore me....AND, they make me mad. They make me mad when I hear what I know to be lies. They make me mad when I see the hypocrisy of the others in attendance. They make me mad when I see how much money they are spending on the pomp and circumstance.....and the *shovel ready* jobs they promoted for years are still just a promotion.

He makes me ill. I have nothing....NOTHING....nice to say about the administration. And, that makes me sad. I pray for him because I am supposed to.....but is hard to do even that.

SO, with that being said.....I will go do laundry.

Friday, January 18, 2013


(Charlotte Brontë)

SO.....I'm not doing so good at my Project Wish List. (See the previous post.)

I just reread that part....hoping to report some accomplishments. it is. I have pulled a lot of gluten, but not all. I have bought quite a bit organic, but not all. (Fact is, not EVERY thing needs to be totally organic....I am still in the research phase of it.)

I obviously haven't posted 1-2 times per week. My FTU is dirty. I have only had 2....or is it 3 CFASTs this year. We have....maybe.....probably not so much.....never mind.

I DID start reading the "Chronicles of Narnia" with the boys. I have the boxed set in my *classroom library.* I went through it....can only find 5 of the 7 books. We are missing #1 and #4. That's OK....I wanted the set in 1 book, anyway. SO, we ordered it. We try to read a chapter per night. The kids love it.

We have also started a different devotional in the morning. And, a Bible reading/study (as a family) each night. (Go here for a wonderful reading plan for kids.) Also, my 3rd is REALLY thirsty for Bible knowledge. So, we read a Bible story each night. (His Bible, on the first page of each book, has a list of the stories in that book, along with the appropriate chapter/verses. We read 1 per night.)

On my reading list, I haven't completed anything. However, I am currently reading: "The Chronicles of Narnia," the "Bible," "The Other Queen," "The Annals of the World," "Wheat Belly," "Little Women," AND "Decision Points." the same time.

I should stop that.

OK....."The Chronicles" will be ongoing. I will finish "The Other Queen."

I got an iPad for Christmas. I love it. I love putting books on there that I want to read. BUT, nothing....NOTHING compares to holding a book in my hands. Fun, for me, is going to the library and just looking at books. The thrill of finding a deliciously fat book......

Are you a reader? I'm always looking/listening for new authors/genres I haven't considered.

What are your favorite titles?

Who is your favorite author?

What is your favorite genre?

Mine? Well, I have several titles that I like. Here are some that I have REALLY enjoyed in the past. (I have many, so I can't list them all. When you list some, I might think, "Oh, YEAH! That one, too!")

I love the "Clan of the Cave Bear" series.....except the last book. :-( It was.....a disappointment.

I love LOVE LOVE "Jane Eyre."

Another fave is "Gone With the Wind." I was disappointed in the sequel...of course, it wasn't written by Margaret Mitchell.....if it had been Rhett would have NEVER taken Scarlett back. (If you love the movie, PLEASE read the book. It is nice and fat....the movie, though epic for the time, does not do the book justice.)

I enjoy Amish fiction.

There are too many authors to list them all, though the authors of the above mentioned books are some of them. But, please include Beverly Lewis, Tracie Peterson, Philippa Gregory, Wanda Brunstetter......

(OH MY.......I was looking for something, and came across a list (again) of classics. My heart just about jumped out of my chest.....there simply isn't enough time, in my life, to read all of the great literature.)

I enjoy the "Bible." My favorite book is probably the Gospel of John.

And, Luke.....I like Luke.

AND, Romans.

Revelation, Psalms, Esther......OK..... I may do a post on favorite verses someday.

My favorite genres are period novels and fantasy fiction. THOUGH.....I do not like it too gory. I do not like mysteries/murder mysteries.....and romances? UGH.....unless it is like "Gone With the Wind," or "Jane Eyre."

I look forward to knowing what you like to read. Please tell me.

Thursday, January 03, 2013


So, I go and read other people's blogs....see their *aspirations* and their *resolutions.* It makes me....a tad bit anxious.

I feel a bit envious at the obvious thought they have put into such wonderful plans. I also feel like I'm about to I have to do the same thing. 

If you go back to each *beginning of January,* for the past several years, you will see that I have problems with New Year's resolutions. I always have. Yet, there is something that makes me, makes me NEED to make them.

And, I do....every year.

And, I gripe about it....every year.

And, I mentally tell myself, "NO MORE!"....

Every year.

So, where does that leave us? 

Yep....time for a new list. 

I think my problem is with the word "resolution." It seems so official. So adult. And, it seems the ONLY connotations are negative. It seems resolutions are always failed, abandoned, incomplete. 

MY LIST is going to be better. :-) It is my project wish list. 

It aggravates me when so many wait until January 1 to start a newer and better and more healthy habit. I mean shouldn't it be done ASAP? 

(As I type this, my sweet DH has reminded me that I started one of my new things just today....BUT, the reason is: I couldn't start during the'll understand why, in a bit.)

SO....without further ado, I will just list a bunch of projects that I want to accomplish. Some are habits that I want to develop. Some are just 1 time things that I keep pushing off because something more fun comes along.  Whatever the reason, no matter the methods, here is my:


I will send a gift (of my choosing) to a friend, once a month. (Not the same friend....different friends.)

I will call my grandmother once a month. (Don't judge.)

I will clean out my FTU at least every other week. (We're talking vacuuming, wiping down, emptying the buffet line in the back.....again....don't judge.)

WE (dragging in DH) will get the garage cleaned out. (That, right there, could be my entire list....and I would feel accomplished by doing it.)

I will donate my teacher stuff to some teacher friends. (I can't begin to tell you the number of brand new wooden pencils I just came across.....not to mention, the books! And colored paper. And chalk....well....who uses chalk anymore, but get the idea.)

I will start going on will take the kids on a walk a few times, over the next year.

I will take each son on a 1-on-1 date, quarterly.

I will go to the dentist.....well...I will at least take my kids.

I will have my family on a gluten-free lifestyle

I will have my family mostly organic.

I will paint my soon as DH has recovered from his surgery....because....I. Don't paint. 

I will make my Christmas cards....much to my DH's chagrin. 

I will complete the Christmas crafts that I bought stuff for....last, 2011. 

I will host a full luncheon, at the school, for 2nd grade teachers, 3rd grade teachers, and 6th grade teachers. 

I will help my hubby take the boys camping.....(I will make sure the first aid kit is well-stocked and that they have a new can of mosquito repellant.) 

I will conquer the closet(s).

All of them. 


I will re-task the night stand (that is ugly), and relocate it (to the garage, or fireplace) and move the other, PRETTY night stand out from under the printer and put it by it's proper station. 

I will learn to crochet. 

I will do, at least 3 loads of laundry, every 2 days.....perpetually. *sigh*

I will blog at least once, hopefully twice, a week. 

I will read with my children, The Chronicles of Narnia. (I just love that series.)

I will earn my Master Seal in JBQ.

I will earn my 101 Award in JBQ.

I will try at least 1 new recipe a week.

I (we) will eat out less.

I will *sniff* try to cut back on CFAST.


I will reprint the boys' chore charts.

I will sort through ALL the boys' clothes, and get some things sorted, tossed, or donated. 

I will have a garden.

I will certify my 2 oldest boys in first aid and CPR. 

(Maybe there is more....) reading list (I hope)

The Bible (always)
Wheat Belly
The Chronicles of Narnia (again)
The Other Queen
The Red Queen
The White Queen 
The Constant Princess
The Queen's Fool
The Other Queen
Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths
The Hobbit (again)
The Annals of the World
To Kill a Mockingbird (again)
Little Women (again)
Pride and Prejudice (again)
Decision Points
Nicholas Nickleby
Bleak House
Anna Karenina

and, that is all.....for now.

If you still read, please leave me a comment (on my blog)

See you SOON!

P.S. I am not proofing this tonight. Please forgive the grammatical and spelling errors.