Saturday, January 26, 2008


OK, not exactly midnight. There is no point to this post for you, dear reader. It is only something that I thought to write about. It is just for me....not really for therapy or anything, just because.... (heh, those of you who wonder "is she crazy or something?" I'm about to answer that.)

So, last night, about 4:15, I am run out of my bed. We have a king-sized bed. Between my hubby's snores (that register on the Richter) and my 2 year old climbing into bed whining for his "blue 'Piderman' cup" I could not get comfortable, much less go to sleep. first stop was my oldest son's room. He has a queen-sized bed, usually sleeps straight on the bed, rarely kicks and never snores. On my way to his room, I peek in at all the other little monkeys to make sure they are all tucked and snug. I get in bed.....then it starts....

The mind starts racing. I don't know if EVERY mind is like this. I kind of hope not, cause that's just plain scary. But, my mind often speeds up when my body slows down. I can seldom shut it down, I just have to tune it out. Well, last night, I was up for about 1 hour looking for the brain's mute button. Meanwhile, here are some of the ramblings. (They might not make sense to you, nor will they have a logical progression, but what do you do?)

As soon as I lie down I think:
"Boy, these sheets are rough, like ds#1 said. Who knew that an 8 year old kid would notice the thread count quality of sheets. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep in here. I'm glad we got the new pillows, they are much better than those old, flimsy feather pillows we had...they were smelly, too. I'm glad DH go the Transformer curtains up. It is a lot darker in the room now. I wonder if ds sleeps better. I know that ds#3 and ds#2 seem to be sleeping better now that they have they have been separated at night. If I could only get ds#4 to stay in his bed. Hmmmm...don't know how to do that without keeping the entire family up for several nights. Oh well, this too, shall pass. I'm really glad that the curtains are finally up. It took us long enough. There is still so much to do to "move in." You would think we would have done more within the last 4 years. Oh well. Once we get that dresser out of here....boy that is going to be heavy. I don't even know how we will do it without scraping the flooring and lifting the carpet. Ooooo, we could get new carpet. I'm glad we didn't do it today. It's been raining and I wouldn't want to get my shoes wet. It would be nice if we got all this done before we have our party. Hopefully most are coming. Oooo, the colored plastic plates at Walmart sure would be cute. I wonder if hubby will let me get some. I wonder if they have margarita glasses? Maybe I should get real ones. I wonder if I could find a restaurant supply store. Rachel Ray says that that is the way to go. I really don't like Rachel Ray. She annoys me. I will have to Google a supply store. I need to ask my friend for her heavy duty blender. Hmmmm....I should make my list for my menu and what I need to buy. I wonder if it will be cold? Cold is good, but not wet...I want the guys OUTSIDE! I need to contact my babysitter with details. I wish my folks would babysit, but I know they won't, especially if we go see them next week. I am getting tired, I wish I could sleep. I wish ds #1 would put his legs down. He must be cold. His knees are BONY and sticking right into my ribs. I'm going. HA....I'm going to SkyBurger! It's 6:15. I wish I could sleep at night. I wonder if DS #2 will be asleep. His sheets are rough, too. His radio is turned up too high. He must get that from me, needing a radio on at night. Maybe I'll get 45 minutes of sleep. Thank goodness for playstation. I should really go to sleep. I am sure the day will be busy. *yawn* I want to bake a cake. I wonder what kind I should make. *yawn* What should I make for lunch tomorrow? *yawn* I probably should go to the store to make *yawn* sure I have enough stuff for next week. *yawn* I like the curtains in this *yawn*"

I think I will go take a nap.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Have I given myspace a fair shake? I'm not sure. I have written on this a few times. You can read about it here and here.

Well, we have FINALLY gotten high-speed. should know that. If you don't, just scroll down and read the previous post.

So, in celebration of said event, I decided to really dive into myspace and see what I could see. I mean, now that I can see pictures, that makes it a lot more interesting. Before, I didn't enjoy myspace because it would take a LONG time to get onto my own space...much less someone else's.

I have been "surfing" myspace a bit. I have been inviting stealing friends from my other friends. Frankly, I don't even know if I have done that right. I have questioned a few of these "friendships" that I have seen between some of my acquaintances. I mean, if you DON'T know them IRL, you can put up whatever face you want and it is relatively easy to maintain. BUT, if you know them IRL, it becomes a bit harder to carry off the facade that you might have going on. Sometimes, I want to scream (through my computer) "THIS PERSON HAS ANOTHER FACE!!!!" I wonder if person A knows how badly person B was talking about them.

Ooooooh.....THAT is a tangent. I'm so sorry. Back to the topic at hand.

So anyway, I have been browsing and surfacing myspace. I don't just look for people. I don't peak at strangers' profiles. I don't look to MEET new people...just to say "hola" to the peeps I already know.

"What's the problem," you ask?


I'm serious! I just happened to accidentally get a picture up on my profile. Cool, right? My 2 1/2 year old son (pictured in the photo) is just 18 months old in that. I JUST learned how to put my "mood" up. I put up "cranky." It's a good thing, too....because I don't know if I'll remember how to do it tomorrow...and THAT will make me the "mood" stands.

I SOMEHOW changed the look of my page (the part that I work on) and THAT freaks me out a bit because it's new....I don't like new. I DO know how to leave comments and messages and check them. I don't know. I need my friend Lesli to come visit....we can let our (collective) EIGHT BOYS play together.....hmmmm...that would be interesting: two 30-something moms from Podunk, TX with (altogether) two 8 year olds, one 7 year old, three 4 year olds, one 2 year old and 1 one year old. Pizza would CERTAINLY be ordered, as well as a 10 pound bag of chocolate, velcro, rope, duct tape, Midol, Dr Pepper (with Sonic ice), and ear plugs.

Maybe not....GET A SITTER, GIRLFRIEND...then come on out.

I'm done rambling for tonight. BYE!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I know that you, my dear reader will not be near as excited as I am. Perhaps you were YEARS ago when the world peeked its head out of the SLOW techno. age.

Well, we are finally peeking!

We FINALLY got high-speed. And not only that...but it is totally wireless! WOOT!

I know, I know...I'm a bit slow with such a celebration. I mean 99.9% of my readership has high-speed. Shoot, even my hubby, when he reads this blog, gets to enjoy the speed of "click-n-view" in quick succession.

Not me! Nope! I've missed out on videos, pictures, and websites that take a coon's age to download. Heck, you know all those "we got elfed" links going around over Christmas? I only saw one and that was when I went to my b/f's house and asked if I could see it from her computer.

Now, I don't want you to think that my dh is some cheap stick-in-the-mud. (Though ds#1 DID call him a "cheapskate" the other day. Gotta love a kid who likes to try out new vocabulary.) No, he has tried many times to get high-speed hooked up here. Despite the fact that we can pert near spit into the city limits of a metropolitan area, we have been a bit bass-ackwards in this.

No longer do I have to log in....go check on the kids...sign in....go get a on email...go get my slippers...put in my password...go get me a coke on inbox...put in a on the first section of a show...delete said message because it has pictures or videos. NOSIREEBOB!!!! I CAN WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW IF I WANT!!!

SO...send me them videos! WHOOPEE!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Thanks to my great cyber-friend, Claudia, for giving me this:

Pretty cool, as I've never gotten a blog award. As she said, it is pretty neat that from my little piece of earth, I can "reach out" and connect to her little piece of earth. Thanks, Claudia!

Not being one to hog the award for myself. (like I could do that anyway) I gave a bit of thought to whom I should pass this on. All of the blogs I read I consider the authors to be friends, either IRL or cyber. However, one stands out and deserves this from me, probably more than the others.

This person has been my friend for most of my life. We met in 3rd grade, but starting in 4th grade, we were in the same class. We have some fun memories (some of which I might blog on someday). Fun stuff that makes me smile to think back. I was always rather shy, but I bonded with her in a big way. She was and ever will be, my friend. THANKS GIRL.

SO...who is this? You can find her at: With a Touch of Glitter. Pop on over and give her a wave!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


OK...I had something happen over the holidays that is so sad to me. And looking back, I'm frustrated that I am sad, because it is something that I questioned doing to begin with.

I'm talking about Santa Claus. Yes, the jolly fat man who looks darn good in red and wouldn't be near as sexy without his beard. The same man who bravely takes on international flights on nothing but a sleigh with wait....9 reindeer (that email reports say must be female...despite their names...because they have antlers at Christmas time and males don't...or some such "who cares" nonsense). The same man who amazingly is able to fit through a small hole in a roof and make fireplaces appear where none were to begin with. The same man who is able to haul AND deliver enough toys to provide to all the good little girls and boys all over the world. (I really have to thank Disney and their movie "The Santa Clause" as it REALLY cleared up a lot of questions I had regarding this REALLY old fart who flies around and breaks into homes stealing cookies and milk.)


No, the last day of school, before Christmas break, my 8 year old son got in the FTU and had a different answer to my daily question. I asked, "How was your day?" His reply? "It was the worst day ever!"

Hmmmmm....not one to take that comment lightly, I poked and prodded and soon learned that he was laughed at by his friends because he was talking about Santa Claus. I was immediately mad at those kids, sad for my son and unsure with myself in how to handle the situation.

As a Christian, I have faced criticism from some regarding the fact that I let my kiddos believe in S.C. I have been told that once my kids discover the lie then they will no longer believe in God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. If I lied about a fat man in red, then I simply must be lying about our Savior thus lying about our salvation.

Well, I did question, within myself, the wisdom of this. I would always (quite defensively, I'm ashamed to admit) state that if this was causing so much damage, then God would surely convict me of my transgression. I would further state that I, too, believed in Santa as a child and I turned out fine. (Despite my twitch and periodic bouts of bed-wetting.) really...that had to bring a chuckle. I DON'T TWITCH!!! LOL)

BUT, when my dear son brought this up, I started to worry. What if these people were right all along? What if buying into this childhood fantasy really paved the road to hell? What if...what if...what if?

My son already knew the truth about the tooth fairy. He found out because he SAW the tooth fairy at school, then after school, saw her getting into her car, carrying her costume and slipping behind the wheel of said car with an ad pasted on the side about her "Fairy-ing" services.

We never did the Easter Bunny (simply because we couldn't stand to deface our most important religious celebration with some stupid pastel colored rabbit that delivers eggs, jelly beans and chocolates.....) if THAT isn't ironic, I don't know what is, but we won't go further, OK?

NO, I called my son in for a private conversation. I said, "Do you remember what we talked about with the tooth fairy?" He did. I told him that Santa was like that. I told him that it was a fun make-believe story that parents told their kids. I told him that it was very common for kids to hear about Santa. I then told him that it wasn't his place to tell his brothers OR his friends.

I asked if he was angry with us. He assured me he wasn't. I told him that Santa was make-believe, but there was something that we learned about, that we couldn't see, but we TOTALLY believed in with every fiber of our being. I asked if he knew what I was talking about. He said, "Jesus." I said, "That's right, baby."

He kind of had a look...not really of disbelief, but of revelation. I think at his age, it starts to work out on its own. I mean can a man of that size, do what he did for the whole world?

Kind of an ironic ending, huh? Think about THAT one!

God bless you all. And whether you "do" Santa or not...I hope you AND your family ALWAYS remember that JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!! Keep Christmas in your hearts, always. Don't celebrate Jesus 2 days a year. Our eternal salvation demands SO MUCH MORE!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS...AGAIN I did this once before...about a year ago to be exact. You can read the entry here.

I always wonder about the resolutions. My question remains: why is it that we wait until January 1st to RESOLVE to make a positive change? It seems to me that most would be willing to change during the year if they felt they would have support. And I would hazard a guess that support would be there...if needed.

However, pride, fear of failure, laziness...whatever...keeps us holding on to these bad habits for as long as we can (without being criticized.) January 1st just seems like the time when it is accepted to stop, midstream, and totally change.

If I were to suddenly become vegetarian...say on...July 24...people would wonder why. I'm sure it would be met with a fair amount of criticism. But, if I were to tell people that, come January 1st, I am going to practice vegetarianism (is that even a word?) then I am sure I would be supported. Oh I'm babbling.

So, without further ado, here are my resolutions.

First off, upon review of my previous resolutions..well, I think they are pretty darn good. So, those stay the same (since I didn't seem to be too successful in them.) I think the secret maybe to IMPROVE, not make a total change. LOL! (on a side note...I HAVE lost 10 pounds...just once. that means that I will be down to my goal by 2011 :0 )

So, reread last year's resolutions and then add these:

Cut out a majority of white sugar and white flour.

Cut down on my Dr Pepper obsession. (eventually I would like to give them sad)

Read through the Bible this year. (Our church is trying to do this...won't you join us?)

Ummmm....I am already tired. With the 11 or so from last year, and the 3 new one's this year...I'm gonna be busy.

Y'all have a Happy New Year. May God richly bless you!