Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The next several days will be busy with preparations for our vacation. Our last family vacation was in June of 2004. We went to Destin, FL for 8 LONG days. It would have been nice, except we left our baby. We thought the trip would be too hard on him. Ends up it was a LOT harder on me and I vowed to never just leave my kids behind.

That being said, in the middle of the vacation guess what I'm doing? I'm flying clear across the country sans kids. The thing I swore I would never do, I'm doing for FOUR WHOLE DAYS! I feel better about it, though. Daddy will be staying with them AND he will have help from the boys' grandparents. Otherwise, NO WAY!

Yes, on Friday we are leaving for the LOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGG drive from north Texas to California. There will be a few "sanity" stops between. We'll actually take until Tuesday to get there. We're just going to mosey across the country. It'll be fun, but I suspect after being gone for 18 days that we'll need a vacation!

Preparations are slow going.....due to me and my lack of interest. Oh I definitely want to BE on vacation, I just don't want to GO on vacation. I don't want to pack, clean, predict the meds needed, predict the toys and books wanted, predict the accidents that call for more wipies, bandages or an extra pair of clothes.

My hubby, the pilot, has no problem packing. In fact, he's already done his. He left his able bodied side-kick.....me.....to do everything else. Notice I said able BODIED, not minded. LOL! I only hope he lands LATE on Friday...that will give me time to put everything off until Thursday night and get it all done.

Seeing as how I have SO much to do for our trip, I'd better go. I have a library book to finish!

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