Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday mornings

I'm a stay at home mom. You would think that everyday kind of runs into the other. It doesn't. To me, Saturday is THE most stressful day of my week. Weird, huh?

I can't explain it. I think it's because we have church the next day. I love church, don't get me wrong. But, having to get all 5 or 6 of us spit-n-shined and out the door on time is a tremendous undertaking. I haven't been able to figure out why, nor have I been able to make it any easier.

We start off our Saturdays with morning cartoons. Is it weird that I enjoy this time? I think every parent does. But, I actually like to sit and watch with the kids. I either snooze or, if Backyardigans is on, actually watch. When the kidlets get antsy, it is usually time for lunch....which is the most stressful time of the day. I prepare whatever is to be eaten and get that taken care of. That is usually when I clean the kitchen.

Between playing outside, running errands, and supper, there really isn't a lot of time before bath time. UGH! Now I usually stagger the times between the 4, but on Saturday night, everyone gets bathed. So, that takes about an hour and a mop job and a load of towels. By the time we get everyone out, dried, lotioned, teeth brushed and in bed, it is time for the grown-ups to prepare for the morning.

It's pretty easy, for the most part. Just find 4 kid outfits and 2 adult outfits.....easy if the laundry is done. Most of you know my issue with laundry...we won't delve into it. SO, once clothes are picked out, I clean the kitchen one last time then finally settle into bed.

Doesn't sound bad, does it? You would think that Saturdays would be a bit more laid back. Oh well.....that's what you get for thinkin'.

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Anonymous said...

Just wait. One day your oldest will go stay the night with a friend(like mine did today) and your youngest will fall asleep on the couch (like mine did today) and oh, yeah,- you still have two more that will fight like crazy and will wake the other one up. I started out being encouraging, but don't think I got very far with it. Once again, I understand your pain!