Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Has your computer ever crashed? It is a PAIN IN THE BUTT! Or a PITB in computer lingo.

Last Monday night, my computer crashed. I'm not going to get into the technology of it all. Frankly, I have NO IDEA what happened. What I DO know is that I could not get the computer turned on...much less online.

We took the computer to the Geek Squad on Tuesday. They called on Wednesday to say the the computer had to be totally restored. They ran a backup (I haven't checked yet to see what, if anything, was saved.) and restored the darn thing. I picked it up on Friday.

Now, in my defense, I'm not a computer guru, nerd, expert or any other adjective that would lead one to believe I know a thing about these "new-fangled gadgets." What I do know is that the green wire gets plugged into the green hole and so on.

I did all this on Friday, all the while talking to my hubby on the phone....he was in New Jersey or some "NEW" state. I did everything he said to do...I even ad-libbed a bit...to no avail. Just today am I FINALLY able to get on.

So here's the clincher....I don't really NEED my computer. The sad part is is that I felt like I was going to fall over with a coronary the entire time I couldn't get online. I don't spend hour upon hour on the internet...I really don't. No...really, I don't. BUT, I do have my "peeps" that I feel I have to keep in touch with. Do I have their numbers listed somewhere? SURE I DO!!!! What kind of bozo do you think I am? It just so happens that it is safely tucked into a file ON THE COMPUTER!

I was completely paralyzed, socially. Sure, I talked to my local friends, but so many who are "out there," (no pun intended) didn't know where I was. Ha...sadly, they probably didn't care.

So, if you missed me...please let me know. I need to feel the love. I missed all of you.



Anonymous said...

LL I missed you! Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering where you've been girlie! I've been out alot myself though so I thought I was just missin' ya'! I feel your pain about being without a computer. It stinks!! Glad you're back on.

mrskuhl said...

Of COURSE WE MISSED YOU. WE CARED!!!! I have had my laptop crash recently and thank goodness I could borrow one from work. I don't know how I would be computer-less. I FEEL your pain AND MISSED YOU!!!