Monday, November 20, 2006

Good Housekeeping

Quick....what was your first thought when you read the title of this entry? If I were to stumble across something entitled "Good Housekeeping," I'm sure I would plunk down in my seat and commence reading...I love hints on organization making things run smoothly. It is no secret that I adore Martha Stewart. I want to BE her. There is one MAJOR problem, though. I SUCK at housekeeping.

OK. I apologize for my somewhat harsh statement using a semi-ugly word. But, it's true. You could ask DH. He knows. He will never say. He is so good to me and is always an encouragement. The sad fact is what I know and what he knows. I do suck at housekeeping.

It's quite sad when you've given yourself enough airs to think you are good at something. Really....what, in your life, do people comment or compliment about? What is something you do that others can't seem to get a handle on? When deep down, you are laughing....ok, maybe crying..."ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU ARE SAYING?"

I have, in the past, convinced myself that I'm a good housewife. I have 4 gorgeous boys who are relatively clean. (They don't stink...I don't think...I mean, I don't smell them.) My hubby is gone a lot. I make it to church WITH all my kids...and everyone is dressed. I cook when I'm supposed to. I LOVE to cook for others. And I'm kind of good at it. I've even done a lecture on couponing (which I'm good at when I work at it) and I have lectured on the Proverbs 31 woman and striving for an organized and well-kept home. THAT, my friends, is where the sick joke lies.

When I first told DH that I was going to lecture on the housekeeping stuff, he chuckled and asked, "Why you?" It's a fair question...though I feigned shock and contempt for his lack of enthusiasm and faith in my abilities. My talk had a literal "do as I say, not as I do" approach.

I just can't seem to get it together. I think it's the onset of adult ADD. (please note the sarcastic tone) I don't want to do housework when kids are home...I want to play. And if my dear hubby is in town, I want to hang out with him the whole time. Because of my desire for family time, the quality of the household has dwindled to an embarrassing low. We have an unmapped mountain range in our bedroom....seriously. My babysitters could attest to the fact...but we pay them good money, so hopefully, they won't.

So with this admission comes the goal of getting things in control this week. The holidays are just around the corner. I'll have company. I can't stand to spend another 10 minutes per day looking for clean undies and socks. I don't want to have to keep the doors shut and hope that the wrong person doesn't happen to open the wrong door.

I pray everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Good food, good fellowship, good fun and clean toilets.


Mommy Spice said...

I consider myself a Tidy Housekeeper "wannabe." I try... really I do. Sometimes I have it all looking pretty good.. but I can never seem to keep the whole house clean at once. We just got home from visiting family for the holidays. My house is a mess right now, and I'm so tired of moving nonstop, I just don't care. So, sometimes my house looks really nice, and sometimes it doesn't. We lived next door to our best friends for 7 years. The wife always kept, and still keeps, a perfect home. I could not keep up, although I tried. Now that we live miles apart... I don't work so hard to "keep up with the Jones'."

Anonymous said...

Well it's no secret I share you affinity for Martha. I own 8 of her books...haven't bought the new "housekeeping" manual yet. I've decided to concentrate on my other gifts! ;} My sister called me...she said she found the perfect door mat... "Welcome..this house was clean yesterday...sorry you missed it."