Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Today is a big day in our home. Today, my 2nd son graduates....from kindergarten. (But hey...it is still REALLY important.)

In honor of his promotion (ha...I assume he will be promoted) to 1st grade, I thought I could tell his story. A story of his arriving into this world.

Our 2nd son was a surprise...not an accident. In fact, he was only surprising in that he arrived about the time we had planned on conceiving him. God must have grand plans for him, as I was nursing AND on the pill when we found out about our son's existence.

This was our first indication as to how fertile I was and how potent my hubby was. LOL!

I was in my last year of college and I was supposed to have my "monthly notification" that nobody would be coming to live with us in the next year. I was only a few days "concerned" when I took a test that revealed a shocker....one of those Friday episodes of the soap operas type of shockers....you know...."TUNE IN TOMORROW WHEN SHE SAYS, 'Honey, you're gonna be a daddy...again.' "

Anyway, I took the test in a restroom, at the college, just minutes before a math class. I immediately decided to skip the class as the pink line appeared before the final "shhhhh" of the flush. I went to my friends' house and showed her the stick. Her quote was, "OH MY GOODNESS! Now I have to give you back all of your maternity clothes." (that is not why I went, but it did take care of that)

She agreed to babysit my then 10 month old (you read right....TEN MONTHS OLD) while I broke the news to my hubby.

Hubby came to my friends' home and my buddy began playing with my TEN MONTH OLD son. I invited DH to come look at some books I had purchased at a book fair. (Now you need to know that at this time, we were PO......not poor, not even poo....we were PO! I had been given no more than $20 to spend on books.) As we looked at the books, I told DH, "There is something else I need to tell you." In his mind, he thought I had put some books on credit card...little did he know that that would have been the cheaper event. :D

I pulled out a stick. I showed it to him. The first words out of his mouth were, "Is that yours?" Funny, I know, but when you are totally blind-sided with a pregnancy...well....you don't think too clearly.

I assured him that I had not just picked it up. He asked if I was sure. I pulled out the 2 others that I had taken in the 2 hour window from my finding out to his arrival.

He stood there for a minute (not to collect his thoughts, but to regain his balance as he very nearly passed out.) He then gave me a hug and said, "We're having another baby."


Telling family was interesting. We were asked by his grandfather if we knew that there was such a thing as recreational sex...that we didn't necessarily have to procreate. LOL! "THANKS, GRANDPA!"

Others were as surprised as we were...especially considering that we had waited 7 years before we even tried to have our first. But happiness abounded as we all prepared for another cute bundle of baby.

The pregnancy went well. I was induced because we wanted to be sure my hubby was home. (He just happened to be living in Puerto Rico at the time...he is a pilot, remember?)

The induction went well. Though after they broke my water, I asked for drugs.....I don't care what people say, you DO forget the pain. (I had delivered number 1 with no "good vibes" so I felt like Superwoman...thought I could do it again....whatEVER...I'm an idiot.)

Anyway, his arrival was not as smooth as my first. I didn't know, as it was happening, but I later found out that the cord was around his neck. For every push, he was pulled back. My doctor was TREMENDOUS. He never let on the gravity of the situation. He was able to work the cord so that baby was delivered and I didn't tear or need to be cut. (Very important...I assure you.)

When my sweet baby finally popped out, they did not put him on my tummy. They put him under the bright lights. My mother and my hubby immediately jumped into action. DH stayed with the baby and my mother distracted me...asked about names and how I felt. Shortly after the baby was out the staff had to call a "Code Blue" on him as he wasn't breathing like he should.

It was a very short, and extremely frightening situation to witness. Thankfully, he began to pink up very soon. He is now a cute boy of 6 that has finished kindergarten.

To my son,

I am SO glad you are my son. You are perfect and beautiful and I'm so very proud of you. You have a heart and an empathy that cannot be taught, nor can it be learned. I pray for your continued health. I know that God will use you one day. I only pray that I can be a positive part of that.



Mommy Spice said...

AWWWWW, what a sweet post. I just want to pick him up and give him a big squeeze, however, that might scare the pewaddly out of him. Happy Graduation!!

Chelsie said...

Thanks for sharing. That was a very sweet story. And similar to our own story! :)