Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So, I did a google for "cornucopia" for my last blog. (scroll down to see the beauty of the "horn o' plenty" I got.)

Anyway, SOMEHOW, I got this with it. Following are a few excerpts of the several posts I read:

"Many people have tried to stop or limit the use of particle accelerators for fear of the destruction of earth and possibly the universe which would be predicted to happen within seconds."

"1. Black holes are possible at energies <10TeV
2. An extremely finely tuned collision to create a gravitationally bound black hole
3. No Hawking radiation
4. The black hole colliding with many many many times more particles than the average weakly interacting object (like a neutrino) would in order for the Earth to be destroyed by the black hole before the Sun dies in 5 billion years."

"If there is no Hawking evaporation then if a black hole was to be created it would start going to the center of earth, in the process slowing down due to the interaction of matter, it would then rest at the gravitation center of earth, where more mini black holes could combine. The pressure on the black holes would then make them get larger. This would be similar to the neutron starts except much slower growth rate."

I have, in the past, thought myself relatively intelligent.

Do YOU know what they are talking about?

Me, neither....but I'm fairly alarmed. :O


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Anonymous said...

Ah come on LL! Why are you pretending? We had this exact conversation just last week.