Monday, April 28, 2008


Today we attended a wedding. It was unlike any wedding I have ever been to.

The groom is a pilot friend of DH's. Well, not really a friend in the "let's go hang out" sense of the word. However, they have flown together a few times. This man is 40 and Hungarian...born in Argentina. He moved to Bolivia in high school. His parents have since relocated to Hungary. His bride is Slovakian.

This man lived a bachelor life....nice car, nice house, good job. One day, while on vacation somewhere "over there" he met her. I am guessing love at first sight, as they first laid eyes on each other at THE very end of December 2007 or beginning of January 2008 and as of today, they are married.

Seeing as how both of their families are NOT in Texas, their wedding was small. So small, in fact, that there were only a total of 13 people present: the bride, the groom, the pastor, best man, maid of honor, 4 guests, 2 coordinators, harpist and photographer.

As we sat to witness the vows, I was struck by how simple and beautiful the wedding was. As the pastor began to officiate, I was surprised to see the bride gazing into her future husband's eyes.....eyes that were closed tight. It seemed like a really long time that his eyes were squeezed shut. Steadfastly, the bride continued to listen and look. Gently, the pastor handed her a tissue, which she gently pressed into his palm. The pastor continued as the groom dried his eyes, smiled and began to admire his bride.

I thought back to my own wedding. Were we that in love? Were we that happy? Were we that nervous? YES! But I do think the old saying: "Love is wasted on the young" could possibly be true.

My hubby and I were 20 when we married. I had my dream wedding. I had a LOT more people than 13 attend. I had more than that in my bridal party alone. My hubby didn't cry. I didn't have to hand him a tissue. I don't know that it was love at first sight. Most first graders don't fall in love. But I know what we have, and I know what we feel. And I know it will last "till death do us part."

To my new friends, may you find the joy and happiness that my husband and I have. May you have God in your hearts and in your marriage. Congratulations.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet simple wedding. I get my video out every now and then and we watch it, I didn't cry but hubby did when he sang to me, I was trying to be strong I guess that is why I didn't cry (or I just didn't want the makeup to run LOL) We will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary and it just seems like I married the man of my dreams.

Anonymous said...

How very special it was that you were able to share in their day! It sounds very sweet.

Thanks for being a visitor on my blog!

Oh, I have read a lot of the books on your list over there------>

Mommy Spice said...

Awwww, I love stories like that. I LOVE weddings that you just know are "meant to be."

D.S. cried throughout most of our wedding. Not great sobs, but steady tears. I was WIRED! So, no tears for me, just pure exhileration!!

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PS - I love being able to put a face with your letters, LL!

Theresa said...

ME too! We got married when we were 20! Yes, I think love is wasted on the young. I cried the entire time and Dh did once. We will celebrate 14 yrs this year- amazing. We are more in love now, I think. I loved him then, but I feel like I love him more with each passing year.