Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have often threatened to be "THAT Mom."

You know who she is. You may have even been her from time to time. I'm thinking of the readers whom I know of....YOU have definitely been "THAT Mom" before.

You remember? She is the one that is in your face...well, maybe not YOURS, but whomever might need to be told to "step off." She hovers at the school....just showing up to make sure that things are done the way she thinks is right. She has no problem pushing her agenda when it comes to her child.

The problem comes in knowing when to be "THAT Mom" or when NOT to be. You see, "THAT Mom" can bring some definite good. (As long as she keeps her cool.)

Well, "THAT Mom" showed up at soccer today.

I thought I was going to have to kick her butt.


First off, it is just a game...the kids are under 8.

Secondly, it is a TEAM SPORT! You know the whole "Together Everyone Achieves More" saying? ain't about your kid lady.

Thirdly, I paid a decent chunk of change to have my son coached by a COACH! (Go figure.) If I wanted a blond female yelling at my son from the sideline, I would have pushed your fat-tushie out of the way and done it myself.

Finally, SHUT-UP!


You are driving me insane. I'm about to have to become "THAT Mom" just to make sure YOU step off.

Know when to use it, lady!

Know when to use it.

You don't use it in the face of a 7 year old child.

And you certainly don't use it in front of me!

There ain't room for 2 of us!

Have a nice day.


Unknown said...

ROFLMBFAO!!!!!!!! I spit my coffee...there ain't room for 2 of us!!!!!!!! HOOT!

LRFK said...

Wow! B had one coach like that and we left after the season It s 5U basketball. We have never been on a team like that again. Good luck!

Jamey said...

she sounds like a dream! more like a nightmare! someone needs to take her down a notch. Maybe you can talk to the coach about it before you strangle her.:0) I love the picture with the megaphone!

Alicia @ said...

You are so funny LL!! I know "THAT mom" and it drives me absolutely NUTS when these parents are yelling and hollering at the sideline....for goodness sakes they are KIDS, just let them have fun!!! Ugh...these parents urk me to no end!! Okay enough said! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that one :)