Friday, November 13, 2009


You can use that phrase for so many things huh?

One day closer to "New Moon," which I will be seeing the midnight showing... well, not MIDnight, but 12:02 a.m.

One day closer to our big trip. I will get into more detail later, but we leave on December 4th.

One day closer to Thanksgiving. Two weeks from YESTERDAY!!!!

One day closer to Christmas. You KNEW I would bring that up, huh?

One day closer to the Rapture. This should have some of you more alarmed than anything. Are you ready?

BUT, I'm not preaching (today).

No, I'm talking about the holidays. :)

A few days ago, I put my tree and Nativities up. YES I DID!!! And yes, I know it's not Thanksgiving yet. I really don't care. In the words of Buddy the Elf, we should "treat everyday like Christmas." I don't have the outside decorated yet... YET. DH didn't have time. However, he is about to have 8 days off. So, sometime between "New Moon," the Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast, a JBQ meet and Thanksgiving itself, he will have the outside lights up!

I started thinking about that... treating everyday like Christmas, and you know what? We really should, religiously speaking, of course. I mean, the gift of Jesus is THE BEST GIFT EVER!!!! We should celebrate his birth, life, death and resurrection EVERY DAY! I know I try to.

BUT, as I said earlier, I'm not preaching (today). No, I wanted to show you some stuff I have been working on.

Some of my Nativities... I collect them.

This is a music box that plays "O, Little Town of Bethlehem."

One of my students from WAY back gave this to me.

From my in-laws. This was probably the 3rd Nativity.

Don't know if you can see on the bottom of the cloaks, but these are scriptures dealing with Jesus' birth.

This is a new Nativity/Advent Calendar that DH bought for me this year.

This was a Secret Santa gift from a coworker a few years ago. It's actually a pop-up book that you open up and tie. It looks like a star. See? And each "face" is a portion of the events of Jesus' birth.

This one is from my mother a few years ago. Really pretty.

Fontanini ornament with the Nativity.

Another ornament.

The mantle. The stockings have our names on them, so they have been edited out. Of course, I had to protect everyone's identity. So eager was I that I even edited out "Mom" and "Dad" before I realized you probably couldn't find us based on that info. LOL!

Another new Nativity scene for this year. Thank you, Honey!

My first of 3 new Nativities for this year. Isn't this gorgeous? I LOVE IT!

This is a Nativity snow globe from my in-laws. You can't tell, but the bottom rotates when the music box is wound. It's really neat!

Don't know where/when I got this. It is actually a fountain, but I don't activate that part of it.

This is a tiny Nativity, but I think it is SO cute!

Another Fontanini Nativity from my other in-laws.

I bought this a few years ago. It is really tall. I love the way the cloak has the scene.

The tree. You can't see the lights because of the flash. And I have to have the flash because I don't know how to stand still enough to keep the picture from being blurry.

Santa's little helpers. My oldest set up the timer on his camera and took this by himself. I don't even know how to do this.

One of my favorite CDs being played right now. This is a 2 CD set with the oldies. It is really fun.

Cards. (Forced smile, here.) The mess today is worse than when I took the picture. I'm facing insanity. I know! I know! I'm facing a whole 'nother level of insanity!

So, that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed!

Talk to you soon!!!

Want to share a "Christmas Joke." Brought to you by my four year old son.






Yes, folks. That is funny in this house!


Maura said...

Love all of your nativities! I have a Fontanini set from our wedding which I added pieces every year. Now it is getting overwhelming!

Kaira said...

You always make me laugh - you are nativity crazy!

Anonymous said...

I have a Fontanini set as well - gets added to every year or so...

We don't put out the baby Jesus -until Christmas day. And the Wise Men travel everywhere throughout the house until Christmas becomes a sort of hide and seek for everyone. If you find move them. They have hitched rides in backpacks and lunch boxes too. And there is nothing like finding Balthasar and his friends in your purse.

Love the nativities. Is your card a stamp?


~LL~ said...

Ly, I LOVE that idea of the Wise Men traversing through the house (or the school, as the case may be. :) ) Might have to *borrow* that tradition... and use the resin Nativity. ;)

Yes, the cards are stamped. I *did* use a few scrapbook supplies... as I already had some and they are NEVER used. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love your nativities LL. I've got quite a few too, but none out yet!