Thursday, December 31, 2009


OK... let me just start off with this:


Now that that is out of the way, I can continue. I have lots to say, I think. Don't know if I'll get it all out today, or not. We'll see. I have an entry "written" in my noggin, but I need to filter it lest I offend some. Some folk... I really don't give a rat's butt if I offend you, but there are some that I DO care about and would not intentionally offend.

One thing I would like to just vent about: JAPANESE SPAM! I guess. I have been getting comments - 2 or 3 a day - that are Asian. WTHck~ Whatever. It's just irritating.

Blogs - if you don't like what you read, I really don't care. I had a person leave an ugly comment on one of my posts the other day. Nope... don't go looking for it. I didn't let it through. If it makes me sad or mad, but makes me think, I'll post it and continue the conversation. If I feel it was just ugly (and I felt this one was) then I don't publish it. It was THAT that led to the post that I need to filter. It's about friends and words. No doubt, somebody will be offended. *sigh*

Coupons - I am SO behind. BUT, I'm going to start anew this weekend. I have a cyber-friend... she is a coupon goddess. She has informed me that there will be 5.... count 'em folks, FIVE coupon inserts on the 3rd. Gettin' me a double edition and gonna clip like there's no tomorrow.... on Monday. HA!

Blogs, again.... really? Do you really care what I read? Back in the day, when my track record for tickin' people off was REALLY good, I got someone interested in a blog that I read. (That is present tense... not past-tense.) Anyway, this woman is a bit, um, different. She, by all appearances, talks herself up a bit. Her religious views always seem to take a beating. I chose to read her blog because of some of her housekeeping/organizational stuff. Granted, there are other, more "Martha-esque" people that I could read, but the woman IS a Christian and I just like some of her writings. Well.... my friend discovered all sorts of stuff that she (the blogger) had seemingly kept secret. That is fine, to me. I mean, it is her blog. If she chooses to portray herself in a certain light, I don't really care. I then had some folks get upset with me for even reading her blog... and made comments saying such things. WHAT? It is totally your choice to click on the blogs I have listed on my sidebar. And, it is my choice to put them there in the first place. *Please note... this is all water under the bridge. I only bring this up because of what I am now seeing on other blogs.*

OK... backing up... don't want to post my other entry too soon. FILTER!!!

I thought about kind of reviewing the year. Is it "Year In Review?" Or "Year-End Review?" Either way, that is what I'm doing. THEN, I might post on some of my goals... because I only do that 3 or 4 times a year, huh?

I had wanted to read, I think, 32 books this year. I read 40. WOW! I will list my faves. (Please note that I will not list the books from the Twilight series or the Harry Potter series, since these were all rereads.) I enjoyed all of them, but I really liked the Tracie Perterson's books: "Summer of the Midnight Sun," "Under the Northern Lights" and "Whispers of Winter." I really enjoy period novels and Amish fiction... which brings me to my next favorites: "The Storekeeper's Daughter" by Wanda Brunstetter. I really LOVE Beverly Lewis, but didn't care for the "Courtship of Nellie Fisher" series. Don't get me wrong. It was good, but there are a few of her other series that I like much more.

For this year, I will set the goal at 40 books.

My grandfather died in February. It was really sad, but it was time. He was saved. I don't worry about where he went. Now, he is just waiting for the rest of his family to join him.

Church is great. JBQ is going really well. I know, I know... I STILL need to post on JBQ. It is such a cool program. I am constantly impressed with what these kids learn and already know. My oldest knows so much. And, my 2nd and 3rd? Right behind him. My oldest got his Master Seal this past October and will be going for his Impossible Award by the end of summer. I will get into details of how to get those later. My 2nd son has his 20 point Seal and will be going for his 30 point and Master Seals sometime in 2010. My youngest, who competes as a Pee Wee for this year, will probably go for his 10 point seal in the next 12 months.

Another goal.... I want to eventually get my Master Seal. I have my 10 point seal, but haven't studied because I coach a team and haven't taken the time to learn the next question set. (I had to know 288 questions for my first seal. I need to learn another 192 questions for the 20 point seal.) Eventually, I will know all 576 questions (like my oldest) and get my Master Seal. If it is important enough for me to push into my children, then I need to practice what I preach and learn it for myself. I do know a LOT of them, but don't have the quotes verbatim and there are still several that I need to brush up on.

I finally got on the list to sub at our school. And when I say "finally" it's because they got my application on September 21.... and didn't get me approved until the Thursday before Christmas Eve. Yep.... you read that right. I won't even get into my thoughts and feelings on that bit of news. It frustrates me beyond belief! My goal, for the rest of this school year, is to sub 5-10 days a month. That is easy enough, as long as DH is in town. I don't want to pay for daycare. The amount of money they pay for a sub.... let me clarify... for a sub who is a certified teacher... is horrible. $70 a day. That's it. That is roughly 1/3 a teacher's daily rate. I know I should get less than a full-day's worth, but to get what some regular Joe off the street gets? OK... I'll "babysit" for $70 a day. (Sadly, I pay my sitters much more than that for my 4 cherubs. We had a sitter last night while we went to the TSO concert.... From 5 until 11:30 cost us $80 and $30 worth of pizza.) BUT, I digress.

The HMNB. I like the idea of a Home Management Notebook. I really do. I suck at keeping up with it. I have a wonderful notebook full of dividers and ideas. I brush the dust off of it every now and then and move it from the bedroom to the table.... to the bar.... back to the bedroom. LOL! I determine to use it a bit more this year.

Cooking - it is no secret, my love for cooking. A lot of people say that I should write a cookbook. That is a dream. Maybe in a few years, but now? No.... not yet.

Been trying to sell bread. I do OK for just starting. I'm not sure how much my heart is into it. I have a few faithful ladies, whom I love to bake for. But, when I just baked, and showed up with it... well that was TONS of fun. Now that people order and expect "x y z" on such-and-such day? That feels..... different.

Housekeeping - surely you know, by now, that I am a HORRIBLE housekeeper. But I really want... no, I really NEED to change that. There is a chance that I may have to go back to work next year. I don't want to... not yet. I want at least one more year. (Note to Honey... I said, "at least." I might LOVE IT, having the kids in school and being able to be the Uber-volunteer/housekeeper.) Anyway, I want at least one more year because I want to be room-mom for my youngest. And I think/hope that if I can get my cr@p together, I might convince said-Honey to let me stay home.

I never wanted to work, anyway. Really. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE teaching. I truly, truly do. But, with all the cr@p going on in the world, and having all my kids out and about, I want to be able to be all up in their biz at any given moment of the day. I don't want a predictable schedule. I don't want to NOT want to cook because I just got off work, have no clean undies, and have papers to grade. I would rather cut back on my budget... WAY back. I would rather substitute teach full-time, just so I can say, "Nope... not today... I'm going on a field trip." I don't want to worry about getting a sub when one of the kids is sick. Just my feelings.

Myself - heh.... WHERE. DO I. BEGIN?! I'm fat. I'm frumpy. My house is out of control. I think that one of the only things I'm doing right is JBQ. "Train up a child in the way he should go. When he is grown, he will not depart from it." *sigh* At least I got that going on. Now, I know some of you are about to hit the comment button. Please... I'm not looking for the cyber-hug, build up that says "You are doing the best you can. You are busy with 4 boys. Your hubby is gone a lot. I don't know how you do it. I couldn't"

Well, No.... I'm NOT doing the best I can. I could and should do much better. I appreciate the hug. Go ahead... I'll take it ;) I AM busy with 4 boys. My hubby IS gone a lot. You don't know how I do it, because that is not your life. Some of you have 4 kids... you know what that is like. Some of you, your hubby is gone a lot.... you know what that is like. Some of you "couldn't" because you don't have to. It's amazing what necessity pulls from you. I am busy with what I choose to be busy with. My priorities are jacked-up.

I'm trying. I am improving... I think. Laundry is not the issue it used to be. There are a few theories. One is that the older 2 boys do their own laundry. Just that little bit has made a huge difference. I also think that I just don't see it like I used to. Now, I'm like "Whatever! It's clean."

I do better at keeping my bar and table cleaned off. Not that it is always cleaned off... I just take more afternoons to do that.

Ok.... I'm pooped. I'm sure there must be SOME way to end this a bit less abruptly, but I can't think of any. I think I'll turn the tube on "the ball" and at 11:00, when it drops in NYC, then I'll wish the 3 boys at home a Happy New Year and call it a night.

Blessings to all who have stuck with me and still read.

PS... If you would like to see Making a Happy Home Monday reappear (maybe once a month) please let me know. I'm debating, as this helped me to get some stuff done. If not, I won't be offended.... you will just be partially responsible for my having to go back to work because my hubby sees that I STILL suck at keeping house. LOL!!!!



Anonymous said...

LL I think your dumping and crap is probably like a lot of other people's!! I could go on and on about some things too!!

Remember, you are loved and thought of often here in CA!!!!

Catey said...

You crack me up woman! : ) I wish you the best in all your endeavors, and that your heart may be happy no matter which path you choose.

And if you resurrect MHHM, you know I'm in with you!

~LL~ said...

Oh, Miss Paula and Catey... 2 of my 3 most faithful. LOL!

Thank you for the well-wishes from both of you. (Y'all need to check out each other's blogs.)

Catey, I'm thinking of resurrecting MHHM, but less often than weekly.

Hey... if you can meet the standard, then lower it and you see almost instant success. LOL~~~~

Unknown said...

You crack me up LL. I hope that 2010 is wonderful for you!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year LL, thanks for all your love and support, I hope I can be as good a cyber friend to you as you've been to me!!!!

Anonymous said...

OH and I received your family Christmas card the other day, THANK YOU! You don't haffta publish this, just in case someone says "WHERE'S MY CARD LL?! HUH?" teehee kiddin

Miss May said...

I liked your MHHM--always looked forward to it. And I always read you, just hardly ever comment. Blog for yourself, not your audience. Love you!

LRFK said...

FYI - if you are paying a babysitter that much, i will babysit for you!!! WOW!!!!

~LL~ said...

Les - we generally do about $12.50/hour for all 4.

LRFK said...

Again, I will babysit for you all! I pay $5 an hour for all four!