Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I assume you go through the same thing. Just when I think things are calm or settled, I turn around. It's the same for groceries and supplies. Just when I clear out the closet, or sort through clothes, and take that deep breath of relief at a job well done, I do laundry and see holes in undies, dingy socks.... whatever.

Today, I decided to get those items that we need. Boy, do they add up. First, we are having a SUPER cold front coming the end of this week. Those of you in these parts, I think you are aware of it and, hopefully, ready. Those of you up north, this is nothing to you. This is just normal. We are supposed to be in the low teens... 2 days where we don't get out of the 20's. For us... that is MAJOR.

Your normal winter gear is not my normal winter gear. My winter gear consists of a jacket with a hood. There usually aren't mittens, hats, scarves, snow boots, parkas or anything. We don't have a winter wardrobe and a summer wardrobe. Our winter wardrobe IS our summer wardrobe... with a wind breaker over it, or jeans instead of capris.

MAN, did I run down a bunny trail.

All that to say I went and bought hats and gloves for all the boys. Since I don't know about recess for them (I have a friend WAY up north who says that recess is only cancelled if the temps go below zero... WHAT??? The only zero we see in temps is following a number.) I had to actually LOOK for hats and gloves... I didn't know where they would be.

SO, 4 hats and gloves. I will be subbing soon, so I got some for me, too. My 2nd son has started to wear under shirts because.... because.... I think it's because he has a friend who does it. Rather than have him wear a blue Sponge Bob t-shirt under his uniform shirt, I got him some undershirts. My honey needed some, too. His had the deodorant "glaze" on the pits... how do you wash that out? Really? I'm asking! If you know, let ME know. My washing techniques do not break through that.

I also decided that I needed a new coat. This is where I stand on coats/jackets (before today.) I have a NICE duster... gets worn a few times every few years... it's too heavy. I have a fleece. Everything else belongs to my hubby. Every time I decide to get a jacket I decide it's not worth the money. I would MUCH rather spend the money on something else... like a kitchen gadget. :)

Well, I went to the grocery store and had to buy a BUNCH of stuff. There are so many different types of things we buy during school for lunches and stuff. The good thing (that I will quickly point out to my hubby when he looks at the price of it all :-/) is that we are WELL STOCKED!

Now that all that is done, I have to find places for it. If something horrible happened and we were home-bound for a week... or 2... or even 3, I could make it. That is a great feeling.

I guess I should go now. I need to finish putting stuff away, go get the kids, put some laundry away, take my oldest to guitar lessons, feed the kids, put fresh sheets on the bed, dust, vacuum, get the kids showered/bathed and in bed... then by that time, hopefully, DH will be home.

Y'all have a good one!


Catey said...

Glad you found what you needed! (although I did chuckle b/c I was so excited that temps were UP to the double digits last week, I went out for a run!)
So did you get you a new coat??

Marie said...

LOL! We've got the same weather here and right now we are f-reezin!
I've moved around a bit but always in the warmer climes. I never really understood summer/winter wardrobe until I reached adulthood.

Mommy Spice said...

I know what you mean about the deodorant pit crunch. I can't get rid of it either. D.S. got new undershirts for Christmas.

As prepared as we thought we were for the cold...our pipes froze and burst..outside. So, we've been without water all weekend. I go back to work tomorrow without any laundry done, dishes piled up for 3 days and such. Ugh!! So frustrating. D.S. is supposed to have it fixed sometime today...hopefully.