Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday was DS #3's surgery.

We had a great build up. The other 3 boys were staying with friends and Mom and Dad were able to focus on #3. He LOVED all the attention from us and from others. He got to eat candy bar pancakes from Cafe Brazil and drink hot chocolate with whipped cream and syrup. He got ice cream and other fun treats through out the day.

We had to stop all that by midnight. We ate a late dinner.... about 9:00. And gave him some chocolate milk about 10. He fell asleep on his own, knowing that if he awoke in the night, he couldn't get anything to eat or drink. He did great!

We had to be at the "hotspital" by 6:45 a.m. We were met by one of our pastors..... I can't tell you how much easier it made things, just knowing that so many were praying for all of us and for the doctors.

Our pastor prayed with us just before we went in the back.

Vitals were taken and clothes were changed. DS #3 grinned most of the time. He was SO excited. At one point, he was offered a choice of two, hand-made blankets with a card attached. Such a comforting gesture from someone I don't even know.

About 7:30 or so, he drank some "goofy juice."

It probably took about 20 minutes to kick in, but once it did? LOL! He was so funny. We took 18 minutes of video... just talking to him while he was "under the influence." While he was waiting for the medicine to kick in (he was never fully convinced he could feel it) he got to choose a movie to watch.

His favorite part of the day, by far, was riding on the bed from one room to the other.

At 8:15, they wheeled him to the OR.... and I fought tears. I am SO thankful that I didn't see him put under. I hear it is hard, as a parent, to watch. They said he giggled all the way back.

The surgery lasted about 4-1/2 hours. We got phone call updates several times and could also see a monitor that had his name (in code) along with a symbol to show what phase of surgery he was in.

About 1:00, we were taken to the recovery room where our sweet angel was sleeping. We were truly amazed at how good the ear is already looking. We were expecting all sorts of things.... and thoroughly pleased with what we got.

We were in recovery room for..... gosh.... and hour maybe? There are chunks of time that I experienced, but not quite sure WHAT I experienced. During recovery, he got sick 1 time.... but it was only the "goofy juice" he threw up.

The bed ride to his room was not near as fun as the other 2. He did get sick again, but the same as last time... not a lot... just medicine. The nurses quickly gave him some meds for nausea.

A few times he would wake up. Smile. Talk for a minute. Cry. Fall asleep.

At some point, early evening, he did finally wake up. He was able to eat, and keep down, several crackers and juice.

We were blessed to have so many visitors. His JBQ coach came by during surgery. He brought a card made by his children. My parents came by and brought him a new DS game. His teacher came to see him. She was carrying cards made by all his classmates (those were SO fun to read, by the way), coloring books, toy dinosaurs, markers and crayons. She even brought me some love by way of Dr Pepper, chocolate bars and magazines. I heart this teacher!

We also were visited by our friends, and JBQ coordinators. They gave two new Transformers to DS #3. Mom, Dad and brothers got him a stuffed horse, some coloring books and crayons, a puzzle and a white board. This kid made out like a fat rat!!! He totally enjoyed his role as patient.

The night was restless, mainly because the accommodations were not the best for Mom. Yeah, there was a fold out bed.... much nicer than a short couch or a chair, but still.... between the "mattress," the horrible pillows, and listening for #3 to declare his need to tee-tee in a cup.... well..... I think I only got about 5 hours in 48.

This morning, #3 woke up chipper and ready for home. Right up there with a rolling bed, was the rolling chair. He really wanted to take one home. Once discharged, DH came to pick us up. I slept all the way home. DH took over in caring for the infirm as I snored in a REAL bed.

I have gotten about 3 hours more sleep since last night's stay.

Tonight, DH is taking DS #1 on a hunting trip. (No... he is not abandoning us. We talked about it and really, there is no need for so many to hover, and we HAD promised him this before the surgery was scheduled.) Also, DS #2 will be at a slumber party. So, really, it won't be much of a night with only 2 boys.

DS #3 will not be at school until Wednesday. Technically, he can return to school as early as Monday. However, he has a pain pump and a drainage tube that won't be removed until Tuesday. Tubes, pumps and 1st graders.... a dangerous combo, don't you think?

He is tender in his chest. His ear sometimes itches. The pain pump, along with Motrin, manages the discomfort quite nicely. He is so glad to be with his brothers again.

While proofing this, I realized that maybe you, the reader, don't really know what all happened during the surgery. Once he was put under, they opened up a small section below his rib cage... this is where the cartilage came from. There were 2 pieces, to my understanding, that were taken. Once out, the doctor sat and, using a template (see the previous post) sculpted the new ear.

There was an incision made and the cartilage was slipped under the skin to become his new ear. After 12 weeks, that skin will be split and the cartilage will be lifted away from the head. There will also be a skin graft.

I appreciate all the prayers of so many.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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Unknown said...

What an adorable trooper! I got tears reading this! I am so proud of your guys and so proud of the miracles that abound!