Friday, December 10, 2010


  • Where does the time go?
  • I *thought* I had just blogged... it's been over a week.
  • Sorry.... to the 1 or 2 who keep up. :-)
  • Not a lot has changed.
  • That person and I still aren't talking.
  • I still love my kitchen.
  • DH is working on his bathroom now.
  • The walls are kind of a creamed coffee color and the trim and cabinets are DARK brown.
  • Once the bathroom is complete, that will leave 2 walls and the hallway untouched.
  • Wonder when I can convince DH to fix that. ;-)
  • I didn't make Christmas cards this year.
  • Still mailing them, though.
  • About 75 total.
  • Down by about 25-50.
  • JBQ party this Sunday.
  • Need 4 kid gifts for "white elephant" exchange.
  • And food.
  • Always, food.
  • My youngest has had fever all day.
  • And loves it.
  • He is acting OK.
  • Just tired.
  • And hot.
  • Oh, so hot.
  • My oldest is spending the night with grandparents.
  • The same grandparents that failed to call my 2nd son (yesterday) and wish him "Happy Birthday."
  • My kids have 3 sets of grand parents.
  • The ones with NO blood ties were the ones to get him a gift.
  • The OTHER grandparents... well it was posted on facebook that they were wishing him a "Happy Birthday."
  • Except they didn't.
  • Can they wish it if they didn't actually talk to him and say it?
  • Just sayin'.
  • I mean, one of them posted it as THEIR status.
  • Had I not seen it in my news feed, I wouldn't have known.
  • Needing to get stocking stuffers to "wrap up" Christmas shopping.
  • Got a new ornament with a Nativity on it.
  • Only thing is Mary has a "halo."
  • Mary, great as she was, shouldn't have a "halo."
  • But, it is neat because the ornament is hand-painted, one-of-a-kind.
  • Need to finish my cards.
  • Need to decide what candies/bread/cookies to make next week.
  • That is what I give to teachers as gifts.
  • More teachers this year means more time in the kitchen.
  • I can't believe Christmas is a mere 2 weeks away.
  • Have a great week!


Alicia @ said...

All sounds good LL, except fever and no bday wishes/gifts! That always amazes me. My close friend who used to watch Cayden while I worked, we call her Grandma Rose, no blood ties but does SOOO much for Cayden a for us still. She does cookie parties, playdates, takes him to fun events at church blood ties, yet is grandma to him and he is grandson to her. Love it.
Merry Christmas
PS..halo for Mary?!?

Kaira said...

Friend issues are so totally sucky. I've had similar junk this year and it took a lot out of me until I finally just walked away. That was the best decision, to just know that broken people do and say things that hurt and I had to just forgive and move on.

I did read an AMAZING book by Serena Woods that really helped me free myself of that junk. It's so, so good - I highly recommend it. You can buy it at