Wednesday, January 05, 2011


In light of recent events... well, I just thought of the unfairness of it all. My blog entries, my facebook statuses.... some of them have been under fire. I have been accused of being judgmental, intolerant, unChristian, hypocritical.... so many things that the accuser is guilty of doing.

What is intolerant and judgmental from my mouth is freedom of speech from theirs.

I have discovered true friendship (or the absence of) by people's reactions.

Have you for once considered the possibility that the reason you get your back up about something is that you are being convicted? That maybe, you need to dig a bit deeper?

As I'm accused of not being Christian..... being admonished and told "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?".... let me tell you what he would do:
  • He would tell you that HIS way is the ONLY way.
  • He would tell you that there is only one way to the Father.... through Him.
  • He would tell you that if you don't accept His gift of salvation, ask forgiveness, believe that he was raised from the dead and accept Him into your heart that you will go to hell.
  • He would tell you that he, who is without sin, to cast the first stone.
Not my words, friends..... THE WORD.


Lana said...

preach my sistah!

Anonymous said...

Preach it Sister!!! I truly believe that when people do get all upset about things that they are being convicted and God is trying to get their attention. They should sit down, be quiet and just listen to that small voice inside their heart. They need to let God take over and not try to control everything themselves but that seldom ever does happen it seems like. When we as Christians try to live Godly lives and don't agree with the world view of things, we are being unChristian or intolerant of others. You can not please everyone, so you just try your best to please God and let him take care of the rest. :)

So WWJD.....well in my opinion he would speak in a loving Christian way, tell it like it is and move on.

Stef Hack

Unknown said...

Excellent LL!