Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have been having a moment.... or 3....

I don't know. Not really in a funk, but been thinking about a lot of stuff.

I don't think I have been very good at mothering. Now, don't get me wrong. I think I'm a good mom, but I think I have been too lenient with my kids. I love to be able to give to my kids.... to let them have a bit of freedom. BUT, they still need to remain within the boundaries.

I can't say that this is happening with all my kids, but my younger kids, certainly. I don't even think that I'm giving in to their demands, per se. Considering all we are doing with the older kids, it is hard to be.... I don't know..... strict? Maybe? With my younger boys.

They are going to bed too late. They want.... no, they expect, to watch TV while in falling asleep... and THAT drives me crazy! There are other things, but this is what is on my brain, at the moment.

Another thing is the house is OUT. OF. CONTROL! I haven't been working from my "Spring Cleaning" list (all 5 pages of it). Granted, some of it is Spring Break. I'm out of my routine. I have never been a great housekeeper. I haven't been planning my meals. My grocery buying is jacked up. I'm having to run to the store 2-3 times per week... that is a budget killer, in case you are struggling with finances.

Plus, I have a lot of "extra" stuff going on that is eating at my schedule. *sigh*


I have made up my menu through Friday. (See sidebar, top left.)

I have made a Monday list (using some of my "Spring Cleaning" notes).

I have made my grocery list.... and will go to the store tomorrow.

I will TRY to limit what I do and how long I do it. I tend to work on tasks the way I eat.... one thing at a time. The laundry, ALONE, will take me 4 hours. SO, I will use my timer.

I know these are all simple solutions. I just don't utilize them.

I will have to work my butt off while the boys are at school, because my extra stuff is a bit overwhelming.

What are they?

2 piano lessons
1 guitar lesson
1 baseball practice
1 JBQ practice (with the team)
Nightly JBQ practice with the 3 boys (individually)
Edit several training manuals
Read a few books for my son
Sub in 6th grade Wed. afternoon
Help son put together his costume for his wax museum presentation
Meet with (and coach) DS #2's Battle of the Books team

All this is Monday - Wednesday. The GOOD thing is that DH will be home Wednesday. I just hope it is in time for either JBQ or baseball.

Finally, Friday and Saturday, we have our District JBQ Meet. My 3 oldest will be competing. DH will be judging (maybe).... at least traveling with a team..... and I will be quiz mastering.

It will be a fun week.

It will be a busy week.

Wow...... that was a rabbit trail..... sorry.


Alice C said...

You have quite a full plate indeed! Time bubbles- just remember time bubbles- they will be your friend.

Laurel Santiago said...

This post really touches me, because I have felt the exact same way since we've moved and experienced other families and their viewpoints. So here's the reality of the whole situation, and we'll compare notes.

My kids, much like yours, are so busy that their only real TV time is bedtime, and as long as they are willing to get up in the morning to do their chores and homeschooling, I'm happy.

We do our housekeeping each and every day, and each and every night, the house looks just like a tornado hit it. Do I slack off on homeschooling, my WAHM job, church, and other activities, or accept that I don't have time to be a perfectionist? Making money and keeping the girls active wins every time.

We don't have a hard and fast curfew, bedtime, or mealtimes.

Menus are planned, especially since I have special needs, but sometimes I forget to thaw out the meat, and new plans have to be made quickly.

I thought that things were going pretty smoothly, until I saw that other mothers of similar aged children are running a really tight ship. At first I felt badly about my parenting skills. However, my kids are sick less often, rarely have anxiety issues, aren't afraid to say "NO!", have extensive interests in things that most kids their ages have never heard of, and will get right in my face to tell me important things, no matter how busy I am, and no matter how sensitive the issue, because they aren't afraid that I'm going to punish them for every infraction.

You are an A+ mom in my book!

~LL~ said...

Alice..... yes.... the bubbles. Always, the bubbles. :-) It was nice talking to you today.

Lori - you are too sweet..... thanks. It does help to see/hear what others are doing.