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I wasn't exactly sure *how* I was going to write this. I have stories, but so many don't mean anything to anyone, but me and/or my hubby. So, what I think I will do is just post a bunch of pics and describe them.

Thanks for looking.

Crossing into Quebec

Quebec City

The Fortified City

Going down an elevator to the water.

YES! They DO celebrate Christmas in Quebec in July!

POUTINE....this is something that is a Canada thing... maybe even more in Quebec. It consists of french fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. Pretty good, if you are in that "junk food" frame of mind. I was.... I loved it!

We went to a fireworks competition. There were several countries participating, one a week for several weeks. Anyway, we saw Spain's entry.... it was great. The display was held at these falls... Montmorency Falls, I believe.

Nope, no idea who she is. I just thought she was a beautiful little girl.

If you've seen one fireworks display, you've seen them all, right? Though, I did hear a lot of "ooh la la." I didn't think people really said that. They do.

So, probably cooler than the fireworks was this presentation.... all in French, so I'm sad to say that I have NO clue what was said. BUT, they used the falls as a movie screen, of sorts.

We are now on P.E.I...... Prince Edward Island. I cannot describe the beauty. The pictures do it no justice. I want to move there. Now....

This field is actually a vibrant yellow. More yellow than a sunflower.... but not quite lemon-yellow. Anyway, we couldn't figure out what it was. Google is a great thing. It is canola. They grow corn, canola, and potatoes.... LOTS of potatoes.

So, I just had to take a picture of this, because honestly.... WHERE in the States have you seen such a snazzy Super 8?

Our room.... "Rose's Room" at our bed and breakfast: Elmwood Heritage Inn. There is the thought that this bed and breakfast is the inspiration for a house in "Anne of Green Gables." You know Anne's best friend, Diana? Well, her rich Aunt Josephine, in Charlottetown..... this is "her house." In the book, it is referred to as "Beechwood." These are Lucy Maud Montgomery's stomping grounds. So, it looks like this is it. Cool, huh?

You KNOW you gotta have raspberry cordial when you are on P.E.I.


Queen Anne's Lace.

Part of the North Shores.

Oh, my joy!


Yes.... this is what you think it is. We bought the newspaper the next day, on which this was on the front page. We were just leaving the area where I did the cartwheel. We were looking left and right, trying to take it all in. I look over and start hollering at my hubby.... "OH MY GOODNESS!!! THAT IS A TORNADO!!!" Well, fortunately, it didn't touch down, so *technically* it was a funnel cloud. But, seeing as how 99.9% of the people currently on the island have no knowledge of Tornado Alley.... well, nobody but the occupants of the red rented car were alarmed.

SO pretty!

Look. At. This!


So, this house, is the inspiration for Green Gables.... It is set up as a museum. You don't go into the rooms, but through the halls to see each room. This is Anne's room.

Green Gables. The window just above the door is Anne's room.... "Anne, with an 'e.'"

Yes, we went into the Haunted Wood. I wasn't "a-skeered."

Other unusual sightings on P.E.I. When we first saw it, in the distance, we thought it was a big cat... like a bobcat. Didn't take long to realize this pretty thing was a fox. It just crossed the road and didn't give us a snort..... until DH whistled.

These are the cliffs on the North Shore. DH kept bellowing, "The CLIFFS OF INSANITY!" Remember that from "The Princess Bride?" BAHAHAHAHA!

Yeah.... lobster at Subway.

This is the outside of Elmwood.... our bed and breakfast.

Aw..... the good ol' USA!

In Maine. So... since moving to PEI probably isn't realistic, considering DH's job, we could just move here. My dad tells me I am no yankee. And, I don't think I would slip into that. But, I LOVE THE NORTHEAST!

Now we are in Boston..... Sam Adams..... God rest his soul.

This bell was made by Paul Revere.

The Old North Church.... as in "One if by land, two if by sea," is my favorite historical sight in Boston.

Outside our hotel window in Boston..... ignore the smoke stacks to the left. The obelisk is the memorial at Bunker Hill.

Thanks for your patience in looking at these. This is probably 2% of my pictures. It was a WONDERFUL vacation. I am so blessed. The middle part of the vacay, my hubby only wanted to go on because I wanted to go. Prince Edward Island is a "bucket list" type of thing. SO glad I got to go.

I have said that I want to renew my vows on a beach in Hawaii on our 25th anniversary.... a mere 5 years away.

This trip changed my mind. I want to renew on the North Shore of Prince Edward Island!


Jan said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos! I love the north east too, but have not yet been to Quebec. It's on my bucket list too.

Sounds like a wonderful time was had.


Laurel Santiago said...

What an amazing vacation! I especially love the waterfall movie screen.

Mommy Spice said...

Oh Wow!!! I could relate to all things Anne of Green Gables...Anne with an e!! How was the Cherry Cordial??? I want to go there so bad. We looked at going for our honeymoon, but since we got married in December, it was out of the question. It's now on my bucket list!

Umm, if I even tried a cartwheel right now, I'd be in a hospital bed.

About The Beardslee's said...

I loved every single one of these pics!! Thanks so much for sharing. I wanna go visit the NE!!! :))

Great Blog My sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks LL for sharing your times up here :)