Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yeah..... it's been awhile since I've been here.... in case you didn't notice?

Did you notice?

We have been very busy.

You know that CPR thing I'm doing? Well, I'm just about done. In fact, I already have some classes scheduled at the community college. I'm nervous as all get-out... but just as excited. This is truly an answer to prayer. That helps with the nerves. God didn't set all this up for me to fail.

The boys are starting their Christmas vacation.... just as my husband ends his vacation. I wish his vacation overlapped with the boys', but we take what we can get. He will, fortunately, be home Christmas Eve. It will be nice to have him home Christmas Day. He will work New Year's pay is decent.

I didn't get my candies done. :-( It makes me sad, as I LOVE to make my candies. By the time I had time, it was way too humid. The candies I make are caramels and things that need to set. High humidity prevents it setting. SO.... I baked bread.....about 40 loaves of bread. Those were the gifts to teachers. I'm not done with treats. I still have our neighbors to bake bread for.

Having the kids home for 2 weeks is going to be great. The thing is to keep them busy, while letting them relax, getting my stuff done, and enjoying the holidays AND each other. :-) There will be stories, and treats, and games, and movies. Here are some things I have planned right now: gingerbread houses, sugar cookies, clean, Christmas movies, go look at Christmas light, play games, donut breakfast, play at the park....not forgetting piano lessons, guitar lessons, and JBQ practice.

I have a "catty" to blog, but I need to wait a few days. Nothing really TOO catty, but enough that I need to keep it from certain people.

I will try to be back in a few days. I still have a lot of ideas....they are listed in a file, so I don't forget them.

Until then, know I'm praying for you. I'm praying for my friends, non-friends, ex-friends, a false profit, many following a false religion, and just people.

Later -

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Laurel Santiago said...

It's so good that you pray for people rather than condemning them. I have spent the last few years trying to keep a habit of "pray, don't confront". It's really life changing. You and your family are going to have a wonderful Christmas together.